Harley Davidson Street 500 Problems: Top 6 Issues to Know

Despite being a superb bike, the Harley Davidson 500 doesn’t feel the way it should. Issues like a faulty clutch, defective exhaust pipes and brakes, hazy mirrors, etc. are frequent user complaints.

These reported complaints can sometimes be a result of manufacturing flaws or mechanical failures developed over time after using the bike for a while. 

No worries, we will discuss these relevant issues and give a suitable resolution. Let’s go ahead!

Harley Davidson Street 500 Problems
Harley Davidson Street 500 Problems

Troubleshooting And Fix For Harley Davidson 500 Problems

As stated the problems in the Harley Davidson 500 are mainly due to defective design features and mechanical failures. 

You can fix some of these problems, while the other issues require mechanic consultation.

Below, we are adding some troubleshooting techniques for your problems with the Harley Davidson Street 500. Let’s check it out!

1. Defective Brakes

Defective Brakes
Defective Brakes

Braking has been an issue with the Harley Davidson Street 500 model for a long time. This problem typically results from corroding caliper pistons. 

It eventually results in the components getting worn out and raises the safety concerns of these bikes to a great extent. 

If you prefer a solution from a professional, it will cost you $50-100. But trying DIY fixes can shrink costs below $20. That said, here’s the fix you can try for this particular model:

  • Step 1: Change DOT 4 Brake Fluid
  • Step 2: Clean the ABS Hydraulic Unit
  • Step 3: Re-Install Hydraulic Unit 
  • Step 4: Test The Brakes

2. Faulty Exhaust Pipes

Malfunctioning exhaust pipes are a result of manufacturing defects in the exhaust system. As a result, pipes often get superheated.

The defect here is primarily due to the adjustment, which can be caused due to design flaws. 

Here, the ultimate solution can be replacing forward control. It will cost you around $85-120. To fix this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Disconnect All Brake Linkages
  • Step 2: Inspect New Control
  • Step 3: Inspect Footpegs and Shift Levers

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3. Clutch Issues

Clutch Issues
Clutch Issues

Apart from doing what’s required, the clutch in Street 500 releases a type of gas bubble. This gas bubble is detrimental to the total clutch system and will affect the engine in the long run.

As an initial measure, you may disconnect the clutch from the engine. But it isn’t a long-term solution. 

The problem with the clutch is probably a manufacturing defect, and the dealer will likely give the solution if your bike is still under warranty. Or else you would require an immediate mechanic’s consultation.

That said, for a clutch replacement, you’ll need something between $400-1000. But for smaller repair jobs, it’s below $200.

4. No Rear Reflectors

There are some Harley Davidson Street 500 models that come without rear reflectors. 

It is a massive issue, making it difficult for motorcycle riders to view the low light conditions well.

In addition, no rear reflectors have legal implications. Almost in all states, no rear reflectors means violation of the traffic rules, which come with penalties. 

The fix depends on whether your bike is under the warranty period. If it is, the manufacturer will install it, and you won’t need to bear any costs. 

Otherwise, you will incur parts and mechanic costs separately, which are $20 and $10-$15, respectively.

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5. Loose Fuel Pump Seal

Low fuel levels are apparent when the fuel pump seal is loose on your Harley Davidson Street 500. 

This problem has hazardous effects; you will only sometimes get its indication through the fuel indicator.

You can solve it with simple steps if you want something other than a technician. Those steps are listed below:

  • Step 1: Loosen Bolts And Screws
  • Step 2: Take Out The Sealant
  • Step 3: Reattach Sealant
  • Step 4: Tighten All Screws And Bolts

6. Faulty Front Tire

The defects in the Street 500 model’s front tire lead to risky riding on wet and muddy surfaces. 

As a rider, you won’t get the expected performance on smooth pavement. Sometimes the faulty installation of the tire can also be the reason.

Here, the only solution is to replace the front tires. It will cost you around $50-$80. The steps for replacement are as follows:

  • Step 1: Remove The Valve And Separate Tire Bead
  • Step 2: Remove Tire From Rim
  • Step 3: Clean Rim
  • Step 4: Apply Lube And Add New Tire
  • Step 5: Reinstall Valve Stem Core

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Tips To Prevent Harley Davidson Street 500 Problems

Avoiding the problems associated with Harley-Davidson bikes is always better than dealing with them. 

Below here are some tips that you can follow to prevent problems with the Street 500 model:

  • Inspect the bike frame or rails for any possible cracks, and if found, replace them immediately 
  • Check whether the bike comes with rear reflectors 
  • Try mainly riding on the smooth roads
  • Replace the corroding calipers before the break fails 
  • Always check the oil levels

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Should You Buy A Used Harley Davidson Street 500?

If you are a fan of traditional Harley bikes, we won’t recommend you go for the Street 500. It has a lot of issues that you have to deal with. 

However, if you want an entry-level bike in an affordable segment, you can go for it. Here are a few reasons for buying a used Harley Street 500: 

  • Durable and rigid framing makes the bike long-lasting 
  • High retention of the resell value 
  • The opportunity of customizing the bike further with the aftermarket parts 
  • The suitable engine that can handle rough and tough conditions 
  • Has less chance of having problems compared to the brand-new models

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Problems with the Harley Davidson Street 500 may confuse you about many things. Here we have discussed some of the most asked queries to help you understand the issue. 

Why Did Harley Davidson Stop Making The Street 500?

The manufacturers discontinued the Harley Davidson Street 500 due to bad user reviews and low market demand. Faults and defects in the different parts eventually played a significant role in decreasing demand. 

How Many Miles Can A Harley 500 Engine Last?

A Harley Street 500 engine can last for 40000-50000 miles irrespective of any issues. It is the average range for most Harley models, and most of those can be even higher.

What Is The Fuel Consumption Of The Harley-Davidson Street 500?

The fuel economy of the Harley-Davidson Street 500 is around 27-28 km per liter. This range may fluctuate depending on the engine condition of the bike.

Final Thoughts

You won’t experience all the Harley Davidson 500 problems simultaneously. 

Consider yourself lucky if you face a few of these issues and properly maintain your bike.

Lastly, we have provided suitable fixes for a few of the problems. Ensure you go to a good technician for the issues you can’t solve.

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