Kawasaki W650 Problems: Four Common Issues And Their Fixes

The Kawasaki W650 motorcycle was made between 1999 and 2007, and buying a motorcycle made between 1999-2007 in today’s era can be confusing, considering the problems

The common problems with the Kawasaki W650 include problematic starting, which requires several attempts to start the bike. There can also be issues with frequent clutch slips, resulting in a loss of power, a blocked carburetor, and many other issues.

Keep reading to learn more about them.

Kawasaki W650 Problems

Troubleshooting And Fix For Common Kawasaki W650 Problems

If you search for one of the most popular vintage retro styles bikes, Kawasaki W650 will be high on the list.  The first thing you need to know is about the common problems your motorcycle can face and how you can fix them.

1. Problematic Starting –

One of the main complaints about the Kawasaki W650 is the problematic starting of the engine. 

This is mostly due to faulty starter and is mostly found on 1999-2001 models. When starting your motorcycle, the motor had a tendency to either fail to ignite or turn over slowly. 

These can be quite annoying for any biker and you need to perform several attempts to start your motorcycle. 

Many reasons can cause starting issues like worn out clutch and damaged spark plugs. 

You should also check other components of your starter motor, as these can also be the reason for starting issues.

So, you should replace these components and replace them if necessary, and this should fix the starting problems in W650.

2. Frequent Clutch Slips –

Another common problem that W650 riders often encountered was clutch slippage or failure to engage properly. 

Clutch slips are a very common issue on almost all bikes, but they are more frequent on this bike. 

This problem typically results from clutch basket damage or worn clutch plates. When this occurs, the clutch will feel as though it is slipping, and you will notice an abrupt loss of power. 

To fix this, start by looking for any damage, tearing, or faulty threading in the clutch cable. 

So, if you notice any damage or problems with the cable, you should replace it. In addition, adjust the clutch cable in accordance with the manual’s instructions.

Moreover, check the clutch plates and clutch basket for any damages. If you see any damage, you will also need to replace them.

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3. Carburetor gets blocked –

One of the critical issues with the Kawasaki W650 is a clogged carburetor, which happens if the motorcycle is not used for a long time. 

Carburetors are in charge of giving the engine the correct quantity of fuel and air mixture for efficient combustion. 

The fuel inside the carburetor of a W650 can evaporate when the vehicle is left idle for a long time, leaving behind residues and sediments that block the tiny jets and channels. It can result in poor performance or a failed start for the motorcycle.

So, to fix this issue, you will need to clean your carburetor properly, removing any blockages. Sometimes you also need to replace the carburetor, which can be expensive. 


4. Difficulty in shifting gears –

The owners of 2002-2004 models of the Kawasaki W650 reported one problematic issue with this bike, which is that they face difficulty smoothly shifting gears. 

Additionally, many users also complain about odd sounds like grinding. A broken gearbox or worn-out shift forks are frequently identified as the underlying causes of these problems.

The first thing you should do is check the shift forks and replace them if needed. Moreover, you should also inspect the gearbox, and you may need to replace it as well. 

These fixes will help you achieve a smoother and more pleasurable riding experience in the long run.

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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems On Kawasaki W650

There can be many serious issues with your Kawasaki W650, so to make sure your motorcycle runs smoothly, you need to follow a few maintenance tips. 

  • If you want to store your bike for a long time, make sure to empty your fuel tank.
  • Regularly check the tire pressure and make sure the tread depth is adequate.
  • Check the spark plugs on a regular basis and replace them to avoid bigger issues.
  • Change the seals and gaskets on the fuel tank to prevent any fuel leaks.

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Should You Buy Used Kawasaki W650

The W650 was one of the most popular bikes from Kawasaki, and it continued from 1999-2007. So, it is impossible to find a new one, and if you wish to get one, the only option is to get a used one. Technically speaking, getting a used W650 can be a great choice.

Good value for money

W650 is a retro design bike which has a special position in every biker’s heart. Thus, getting a used one for a cheap price can prove to be a good value for money considering performance, design, and looks.

Easy Availability of parts 

Even though this is an old motorcycle model, due to its huge popularity, the parts are easily available on the market. Additionally, you will also find aftermarket parts that will enable you to make more modifications to your motorcycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Owning a classic motorcycle like W650 can make your collection even more exclusive, and you will have a unique piece in your grasp. But, before doing so, you must know about the common issues it faces. Keep reading our FAQs to learn more 

Why Is My Kawasaki W650 Experiencing Clutch Slip?

Particularly when the engine is cold or when rapidly releasing the clutch from a stop at a green light, the clutch frequently slides. Repeated clutch slips can be caused by worn clutch plates or a defective clutch basket.

How To Prevent Carburetor Issues On My Kawasaki W650?

The carburetor of the Kawasaki W650 gets blocked when you usually leave the bike idle for a long time. So, to prevent any blockages in the carburetor, it’s important to empty the fuel tank when storing it. Also, clean the carburetor regularly. 

Are Kawasaki W650s Reliable?

Generally speaking, the Kawasaki W650 is regarded as a dependable motorcycle. Many owners have had years of trouble-free riding because of the high quality engineering that went into its design and construction. However, just like other motorcycles, it can still face some minor problems.

Final Words

If you are looking for a classic retro style bike that is reliable and performance oriented then the Kawasaki W650 can be a good choice for you. 

However, do check with your local market about replacement parts availability before buying a used, old model W650. As it is a relatively old bike, your local neighborhood may not have the parts.

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