Kawasaki Concours 1000 Problems: 7 Issues With Fixes 

The Kawasaki Concours 1000, also known as the GTR1000 is one of the iconic touring bikes from Kawasaki. Though it was discontinued in 2006, it still holds an affectionate place in the heart of moto enthusiasts, albeit with some issues. 

The Concours 1000 suffers from some typical problems like carburetor and electrical system issues, brake troubles, cooling system faults, and others. These problems aren’t all that serious and can be easily diagnosed and repaired. Here’s how. 

Troubleshooting and Fix for Kawasaki Concours 1000 problems 

Kawasaki Concours 1000 is a pretty old model. So almost two decades after its last release, it won’t be surprising if the bike is showing issues which was otherwise absent before. Here’s some of the main ones. 

1 – Carburetor Issues

Carburetor Issues
Carburetor Issues

One of the common issues with the Kawasaki Concours 1000 is the carburetor problems. The most common ones are clogged jets and inconsistent fuel delivery. 

In extreme cases, the carburetor can get completely blocked resulting in no fuel delivery at all. 

Common signs of this problem include staggered start, jittery acceleration, and more fuel burning than usual. The quick fix to this problem is to regularly maintain and clean the carburetor. 

The cost of cleaning can range between 100 to 300 USD with replacement cost being around 500 to 800 USD. 

2 – Brake Failure

The brake system on the Concours 1000 may fail due to general wear and tear. There are several telltale signs of brake issues on the Concours 1000. 

The most notable issue is the spongy brake and uneven wear on the brake pad. Sometimes, the brake fluids may leak from the fuel line as well. 

The best way to prolong the brakes is to take good care, regular maintenance, and avoid hard braking.

But in any case, replacing the brake pads on the Concours 1000 will cost around 100 to 200 USD. The brake lines may cost much more depending on the specific issues.

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3 – Electrical Issues

The common electrical problems that occur in the Concours 1000 are faulty wiring, malfunctioning switches, and blown fuses. 

In any of these, the bike will either fail to start or it won’t be safe to ride on. If not fixed at the earliest, these issues may cause secondary damage to other electrical components of the bike.

Troubleshooting the exact issue on the Concours 1000 will require professional intervention. The cost of minor electrical repairs will set you back around 100 to 300 USD. 

But if the issue is related to a wiring harness or component replacement, then the cost would go up significantly. 

4 – Cooling System Issues

Sometimes the cooling system of the Concours 1000 may give up and cause the bike to get overheated. 

Prolonged overheat can easily compromise internal wiring or the engine itself. The common issue regarding the cooling system is the failure of the radiator, the thermostat, or the water pump. 

Since the Concours 1000 uses a liquid-cooled engine, issues with the cooling system should be addressed as soon as possible. 

Depending on the complexity of the failure, the cost of repair may range between 200 to 500 USD or more.

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5 – Clutch Issues

Clutch Issues
Clutch Issues

The main issue with the clutch on the Concours 1000 is the clutch slipping. This is caused by either the clutch cable or the clutch plates. 

The most common way to identify this exact problem is when you’ll notice that there are issues with gear shifting or loss of acceleration. 

In most cases, you will not have to replace the clutch plates. Get a professional mechanic to inspect and adjust the clutch cables and clutch plates. That should solve the problem. 

However, if the clutch plates require replacement, you can do that for around 300 to 800 USD depending on the grade. 

6 – Suspension and Steering

There have been reports of the suspension wearing out over time. The general wear and tear on the suspension affect the steering on the bike as well. 

This is notable on the steering head bearings or inadequate damping. It is possible to avoid these problems with regular maintenance of the suspension. 

But in any case, if the suspension and steering fail, the cost of replacement will range between 100 to 500 USD depending on the scale of replacement. 

7 – Aging Components 

This is more like a miscellaneous issue with the Concours 1000. The last Concours 1000 came out in 2006 making it a relatively old model. 

So over the years, it is not uncommon that components will fall victim to corrosion or rust and deteriorating seals. 

The best way to fix these problems is to conduct thorough diagnostics of the bike in a garage or at the dealership.

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Tips To Prevent Kawasaki Concours 1000 Problems

There’s no guarantee that your Concours 1000 will not fail. Because it is a machine after all. 

Regardless, here are some tips that you can follow to ensure the delay of problem onset as long as possible. 

  • Maintain the carburetor well
  • Change the engine oil regularly 
  • Ensure the brake pads and the brake oils are new
  • Regularly inspect the coolant system for any leaks 
  • Reinforce the electrical wirings and connectors now and then 
  •  Check the clutch plates and clutch wiring for any wear and tear
  • Regularly inspect the components for any damage

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Should You Buy Used Kawasaki Concours 1000?

Whether you should buy a used Kawasaki Concours 1000 will depend on several factors. 

It is difficult for us to decide whether you should absolutely buy the Concours 1000 or not. 

Rather consider the following points for yourself to decide whether you should buy a used Concours 1000 or not. 


Buying a used Concours 1000 will certainly be cost-effective compared to buying a new one. 

The last Concours 1000 was released in 2006 so due to market depreciation, the Concours 1000 should be available at a much lower price than its initial price. 

Maintenance Cost 

Being a relatively old bike, the maintenance cost of the Concours 1000 will be much higher than any other similarly priced bike. This should also be considered as a long-term cost burden. 

Availability of Parts 

Again being an older model bike, you may not find the parts to be readily available. 

Some parts may be completely out of the market or you will have to use parts from a similar-spec bike. In any case, the experience won’t be very pleasant. 

To sum it up, if you want a touring bike experience, then definitely go for the Concours 1000. But also be aware of the cost and headache that might come with it.

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The problems associated with the Concours 1000 are something that are present more or less on every bike. Regardless, here are some common questions regarding the bike. 

Does The Kawasaki Concours 1000 Have ABS? 

Not all Kawasaki Concours 1000 models have ABS. the early iterations didn’t come with ABS and the later editions had ABS as a premium upgrade. You will need to check before purchasing whether your model has ABS or not. 

Is It A Good Bike For Beginners? 

The Kawasaki Concours 1000 is a large and heavy touring bike. As a result, it isn’t particularly suitable for beginner riders. Rather it is best suited for experienced riders.  

What Are The Competitor Bikes Of The Concours 1000?

The main competitor of the Kawasaki Concours 1000 bikes is sport-touring spec bikes. These include the Yamaha FJR1300, BMW R1200RT, and Honda ST1300.

Final Words 

The Kawasaki Concours 1000 is a generational bike for sports touring enthusiasts. 

Though it has been discontinued for well over a decade, the appeal and fan following of the bike remain. 

It is still seen for sale in second-hand markets and often comes in great condition. 

However, the aging bike may show some wear and tear for its age. If you face any of these problems mentioned above, get your bike fixed as soon as possible for greater longevity.

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