5 Most Common Michelin Commander 3 Problems And Solutions

Michelin Commander 3 users often complain about the tire’s short lifespan and excessive vibration on the road. The tires also pick up nails and catch on road imperfections. 

Most of the michelin commander 3 problems result from manufacturing flaws. However, proper maintenance and some small repairs can help you get the most out of this tire.  

5 Most Common Michelin Commander 3 Problems And Solutions

Troubleshooting And Fix For Michelin Commander 3 Problems

As stated, most of the problems arise from design flaws. For instance, it can be quite uncomfortable during long rides. 

And it has questionable tread depth. However, with a few simple adjustments, the Michelin 3 tire can give excellent service. 

1. Poor Tread Quality

The tread quality of the Michelin Commander 3 tire is poor. It has less tread depth than other tires. 

As a result, the tires become unusable in a short time. Many riders report that they didn’t even make it past 5,000 miles. 

The Michelin Commander 3 has a 100% silica compound. This makes the tire soft, which might be why it wears out quickly on dry, rough roads. Plus, the tire has a light tread depth to begin with. 

Driving with a worn-out tire is risky. So, check the tread depth of your Michelin Commander 3 regularly. 

Look for the Michelin Man figure in the grooves. That is the location of the tread depth indicator on these tires. 

You can also do a simple penny test. Insert the penny with its head down into the tire groove. Your tire has worn out if the head or the space above is visible. 

The legal minimum depth for a tire tread is 1.6mm. However, you should change tires when the tread has worn down to 3mm. The purchase and installation of a new Michelin tire can cost around $200-400.

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2. Uncomfortable Rides

A large number of users complain that the tire makes their rides uncomfortable. 

The front tire constantly vibrates and hums. It can cause the biker pain and headaches. Not to mention, they would have great difficulty focusing on the road. 

Most expert users agree that there is some kind of design flaw with the Michelin 3 front tires. The deformity causes the tire to vibrate during speeding. 

If you have been sold a faulty tire, you can contact the dealer from whom you got it. Michelin has a three years warranty from the day of purchase. Plus, there is a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. 

A design flaw will be evident from the first day you use the tire. So, make your warranty claim as soon as you identify it. Just make sure the problem is caused by any misalignment of inflation issues.

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3. Prone To Punctures

Many users are frustrated with how often the Michelin Commander 3 gets punctured. The reason behind this is the tire’s tendency to pick up nails and similar sharp objects from the road. 

The soft rubber material of the tire might be responsible for this. Experts also blame the thread pattern for this tendency. 

You can use a sealant product to mend the punctures. It’s a liquid and fills in punctures that are 4mm or less. 

When applying a sealant product, position the puncture properly. It should be facing upward. Meanwhile, the valve should be below it. 

Connect the sealant bottle and compressor with the valve. Inflate your tire to the right pressure. Usually, a liter of sealant product costs around $10-20. 

You can also switch to Michelin tires that have the Selfseal technology. These tires have pre installed sealant in them. So the punctures heal as soon as they appear.

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4. Tramlining Tendency

Michelin had designed this tire to be super responsive to the road. They intended to give the rider more directional control. 

Sadly, it turned out to be the opposite. The super responsiveness makes the tires tramline. As a result, the rider can lose control of direction. 

Remember how the tire has poor tread depth? Well, the treads also have wide gaps between them. In addition, the material has a silica compound. All these give the tire a sensitive grip. 

It could have worked as planned if the roads were always in ideal condition. But, in reality, they are full of cracks, grooves, and other imperfections. 

The super responsive Michelin Commander 3 tires catch onto these ruts. Thus, it can suddenly change your direction when you are speeding through the highway. 

The solution here is to be more alert and careful while driving. Otherwise, a replacement is your best option.

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5. Tire Cupping

All tires wear out eventually. The damage usually shows a continuous pattern. However, in Michelin Commander 3, the tread wears out in random patches. The condition is known as cupping. 

Cupping makes the tire uneven. It also reduces the tire’s ability to maintain proper contact with the road. 

As a result, your braking and handling suffer. Your bike will wobble at times. A cupped tire can also make your ride feel bumpy.

Here too, the material and tread design are to blame. Also, frequent punctures result in pressure loss. Therefore, the tires become unbalanced. This further contributes to the patchy wear.

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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems on michelin commander 3

The Michelin Commander 3 is prone to early wear. However, proper maintenance can help you extend the life of your tire. Here are a few tips- 

  • Always keep the tires properly inflated. An ideal pressure is 36 psi for the front and 40 psi for the rear tire. 
  • Rotate the tires every 5000-6000 miles 
  • Balance both tires regularly and especially after installing new ones.
  • Align the tires every 10,000 miles. 
  • Try to avoid rough surfaces and road imperfections as much as possible. 


The above discussion satisfies most queries about the Michelin Commander 3 troubleshooting. Here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to know.

Why Does My Bike Vibrate (The Tires Are In Good Condition)?

So, you have checked the tires, and they are fine. Still, the bike vibrates. It looks like a mechanical problem. Check the alignment of your wheel. And ensure the wheel bearings are not rusty. 

Which Michelin Tires Have Better Tread Quality?

According to user reviews, the Michelin CrossClimate, Pilot Sport, and Defender tires have better tread quality. These tires were designed for rough roads and challenging weather conditions. 

Name Some Quality Sealant Products For Michelin Commander.

No Tube Tire Sealant is a good option. It is non-corrosive. Plus, the product is environmentally-friendly. You can also use spray sealants like Fix-A-Flat. It heals punctures and inflates your tire simultaneously. 

Final Words 

The Michelin Commander 3’s problems often result from the tire’s specific design. However, the manufacturer had only the best intentions for the user. 

With a little maintenance and careful driving, you might enjoy one of the best rides with these tires.

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