5 Common Can Am Ryker Problems and Their Solutions

The Can Am Ryker faces some common problems, like starting issues due to a dead battery or faulty starter relays. It can also suffer from overheating due to the abrupt position of the exhaust pipes, an issue with the radius rod, clunking noise, and leaking fluid from the reservoir.

While this three-wheeled motorcycle is really visually appealing, before buying it, you must have a proper idea of these issues and how you can solve them. Keep reading to find out more!

Am Ryker Problems
Am Ryker Problems

Troubleshooting and Fix For Can Am Ryker Problems 

The Can Am Ryker is such a bike that it will surely catch the attention of anyone who passes by it. 

It offers solid performance and is powered by either a 600cc or 900cc Rotax engine. Despite its goodwill and performance, let’s explore a few of its downsides.

1. Starting Issues

One of the main issues with Can Am Ryker is the starting issue; it can either start after a few tries or it won’t start at all. Both of these scenarios are quite annoying for bikers.

Starting issues can happen for many reasons, like dead battery where the battery cannot provide necessary charge to start the motorcycle. 

It can also happen due to faulty relays, damaged starter motor, or faulty fuel injectors.

The fix will depend on which component is causing the trouble, and for that, you will need to give it a full checkup. First, make sure the battery is okay. If not, you will need to replace it.

If the battery is fully charged and your bike has sufficient fuel in it, push the brake pedal firmly while moving the throttle forward and see whether the bike starts or not. 

If it doesn’t, tap the starter with a stick and check again, but if it still fails, you will need to check other components. 

Begin by checking the relays, starter motor, and injectors and replacing them if needed. The replacement cost will vary depending on which part needs replacement.

2. Overheating

It is common for bikes to produce a bit of heat when operated for long hours, but excessive heat is never normal and indicates an internal issue. 

We have investigated the issue thoroughly and found that the overheating issue is mostly due to the position of the exhaust pipe. 

It is positioned horizontally, and when air is blown through it, heat is produced. To solve this problem, wrap the exhaust pipe with a header wrap, which should cost between $10 and $30. 

You can also get a heat shield for your exhaust system, which can cost around $10-$30. With this shield, up to 70% of the radiant heat from exhaust pipes can be reduced.

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3. Clunking Noise

When accelerating the Can Am Ryker, many users reported a sudden metallic clunking noise. This noise starts during the breaking period and never goes away.

This clunking noise happens due to slack in the drive train because of the unusual transmission system, which stays loose until 1800 rpm. So after this point, the slack engages and makes a clunking noise.

Sadly, there is no fixed solution for it, and you will need to adapt to this as it doesn’t cause any damage or problems to your bike. 

Riders with more experience learn to regulate the throttle to lessen the slack and avoid the clunking sound. So, as you ride the Can Am more, you can control this noise with time.

4. Leaking fluid from antifreeze reservoir

Usually, fluids never leak out of antifreeze reservoirs, but it can happen on your Can Am Ryker, and this can be quite dangerous. 

These fluids are quite hazardous, and if they get into the wires of your bike, it can seriously damage the circuits.

Fixing this will require inspecting the reservoir very carefully and looking for all the leaks. You should also replace the radiator cap for extra assurance. 

However, if it still continues to leak after gluing, then you should replace the whole reservoir, and the problem should be fixed. The reservoir is pretty cheap, and you can find one for between $30-$50.

5. Issues with Radius Rod

There have been huge complaints about the radius rod of the Can Am Ryker, and there are few issues with it. First of all, they are not as long lasting as other brands. 

Moreover, with the Can-Am Ryker’s regular radius rods, it is impossible to see any sharp edges that might cause damage while driving because the wheels are hidden.

So, this can lead to serious damage to your wheels after driving on harsh or rough roads. 

There is only one solution to this problem, which is to replace the standard rods with a different one, which can cost between $563-$895.

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Tips To Prevent Problems On Can Am Ryker

Can Am Ryker can be a fantastic motorcycle to ride, but it is prone to some serious problems due to its complex design and electronics. 

So, following these quick tips below will help you prevent many of the common Can Am Ryker problems.

  • Replace the standard Can Am Ryker radius rod, as it makes it difficult to see the tires when driving it.
  • Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.
  • If you notice any problems, it is better to visit a professional service center, as the internals of this motorcycle are quite complex.
  • Practice smooth throttle control to reduce stress on the drivetrain and minimize the clunking noise during acceleration,
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the break-in period of your Can Am Ryker.

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Should You Buy Used Can Am Ryker?

The Can Am Ryker is an excellent three wheeled utility vehicle, and it comes with solid and heavy duty performance. However, when buying a used unit, it depends on many factors.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of a used Can Am Ryker can be expensive, as parts may not be available everywhere. 

Additionally, not all mechanics may have a proper idea about the internals. So, overall, the maintenance cost increases.

Value for money

Can Am Ryker is not a cheap motorcycle by any means, the latest 2023 model starts over $25k. 

But, you can find used units for much lower prices, which can be a good value for the money.

Maintenance history

Examine the maintenance logs to confirm that the Ryker has been maintained and serviced as required. 

Purchasing a pre-owned unit is unquestionably a smart move if it has been regularly maintained and has minimal mileage.


Upgrades can make the bike a better performing unit, especially changing the stock radius rod with a better one, which will definitely be helpful. 

Hence, if you find a modified used unit, you can save a lot of money and still enjoy better performance.

Frequently Asked Question

Can Am Ryker is not like your regular bikes, so being concerned about the problems it can face is pretty normal. Keep reading our FAQs below to learn more about this.

Is Am Ryker Reliable?

The Can Am Ryker is known for its overall reliability, with many owners reporting trouble-free experiences and covering thousands of miles without major repairs. However, like any vehicle, regular maintenance is essential to keep your motorcycle running smoothly and ensure long-term reliability. 

What Causes Limp Mode In Can Am Ryker?

When you are riding  the bike and your foot is on the throttle and the brake at the same time, your bike enters limp mode. When this occurs, your display will show the V.S.S. reading before shutting down. 

Are Rykers Suitable For Off Roads?

Since they have a lower ground clearance than most off-road vehicles, Rykers are primarily made for on-road use. Therefore, it is advised to travel on paved roads with concrete or asphalt surfaces when operating a 3-wheel motorcycle like this.

Final Words

If you do not like traditional two wheeled motorcycles, then the Can Am Ryker is for you. It comes with three wheels but can still compete with any traditional bike in terms of performance and speed. 

However, it is also prone to some problems, but proper maintenance and care can help you prevent most of these issues.

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