5 Common Roadsmith Trike Problems And Ways To Fix Them

When it comes to common Roadsmith trike problems, excessive vibration is one of the most common. Additionally, you might experience poor handling, shock failure, imbalanced tires, inappropriate braking, a damaged frame, and more with the Roadsmith trike. 

Converting a motorcycle into a trike is always a joy. Roadsmith is the name that comes to mind when purchasing a trike conversion kit. But, like any trike conversion kit, some Roadsmith trike problems might irritate you. 

So you might want to go through the rest of the passage to deal with Roadsmith trike issues.

Roadsmith Trike Problems

5 Common Roadsmith Trike Problems 

Roadsmith is one of the trustworthy trike conversion kit-selling companies. And the company offers conversion kits without compromising quality or comfort. 

But, users often share some problems with the Roadsmith trike kits. Let’s have a look!

1- Excessive Vibration

This is the most common problem with trikes. And in the case of the Roadsmith trike, the scenario remains the same. 

According to many users, excessive vibration causes them trouble. This mostly happens due to the misalignment of the conversion kits. 

If you don’t purchase the appropriate trike kits for your motorcycle from Roadsmith, the problem can occur. 

In addition, this can also happen due to inappropriate installation. Or, sometimes, the suspension might go bad and cause vibration. You need to check whether all the kits are correctly installed. 

If there are no issues with the installation, then you should check whether any components like the wing guard, parking brake, or running board are misplaced.

Sometimes, gears become loose and can cause excessive vibration. You need to tighten the gears and other components to resolve the issue.

2- Poor Handling

There are multiple causes behind the poor handling of the Roadsmith trike. And this happens primarily due to damaged or miss-aligned suspensions. 

Many users reported this issue on several forum sites related to the Roadsmith trike. In addition, chances are there is sagging between the kit and the bike. 

And for this reason, the Roadsmith trike becomes much more challenging to handle. Besides lower tire pressure, worn-out bearings can also cause the problem.

First, you should check the suspension. If the suspension goes bad, you should replace it. 

Then, check the tire pressure and keep it at the right level. Make sure the bearings are also functioning fine.

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3- Inappropriate Braking 

There is a greater possibility of facing poor braking problems with the Roadsmith trike. 

Users on the internet claim that they find the brake pedal a bit short. And that’s why they experience poor braking on their Roadsmith trike. 

Additionally, clogged brake lines can also cause poor braking. This can happen if you don’t clean the brake line for a while. 

Sometimes, you might put in incorrect brake fluid, which can cause the issue. First, you need to check the brake pedal. 

And if it falls short, you need to replace it. Besides, make sure you keep the brake line clean. And don’t forget to change the brake fluid at regular intervals. 

Plus, you need to look at the brake adjustment on your Roadsmith trike. If the adjustment is wrong, you need to re-adjust the brake system. And here, you can check out this video on how to replace the brake fluid. 

4- Shock Failure

The issue of shock failure can occur for many reasons. Sometimes, this can happen if the shock becomes severely corroded or damaged. 

Plus, if you overload the tire to an extreme level, the shock absorber can be broken. You need to inspect the shock absorber of your Roadsmith trike carefully. 

If it seems dirty or corroded, you should clean it. But, you need to replace the shock absorber when it is broken or damaged.

5- Damaged Frame

A few Roadsmith trike owners claim they see damaged frames after purchasing the conversion kits. 

You may not face the issue in most cases unless you ensure there is no major crash or contact with the trike. 

Solutions: If you notice the damaged frame in the early days of buying the Roadsmith conversion kits, contact the dealer. 

On the other hand, you need to repair the damaged frame if it hits something and makes this happen.

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Maintenance Tips to Prevent Problems on Roadsmith Trike

You are not supposed to face any issues with your Roadsmith trike if you are careful about its maintenance. 

Plus, Roadsmith has awe-inspiring customer support. And you should contact customer support in any case. 

Here are some of the key factors you should keep in mind when maintaining your Roadsmith trike; 

  • Make sure you clean your Roadsmith trike regularly to avoid corrosion.
  • Replace the brake fluid regularly. 
  • Ensure you maintain the right tire pressure (follow the manufacturer’s recommendation). 
  • Don’t put excessive weight on your trike.
  • Avoid rough driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though Roadsmith is a renowned company, people still have many questions about Roadsmith trikes, their problems, and their safety. We have picked out some questions and answers here!

What Is The Tire Pressure For A Roadsmith Trike?

The tire pressure of the Roadsmith trike depends on the specific model. The ideal tire pressure for the Roadsmith trike is around 26-45 psi. You can check the exact tire pressure in the user’s manual. 

Is A Trike Easier To Ride Than A Motorcycle?

Yes, a trike is a lot easier to ride than a motorcycle. This is because you can have more balance with the trike than a motorcycle due to the additional wheel. Plus, the trike is easier to turn. 

Are Roadsmith Trike Bikes Safe?

Even if the Roadsmith trikes have some common problems, they are safe. You can combine comfort and stability with the Roadsmith trike. And thanks to a bunch of quality kits for making this happen. 

Final Words

Whenever you notice any issues with your Roadsmith trike, you shouldn’t delay figuring them out. Otherwise, you may have to bear a costly repair cost. 

Additionally, while choosing the conversion kits, make sure you choose the right one that fits your motorcycle. 

Besides, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations while replacing any components. In the case of maintenance, you should do the same.

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