5 Known Janus Motorcycle Problems And Their Solutions

Janus motorcycles run into issues, like plastic made steering and a lower fuel capacity. These are considered design flaws. They also suffer from a problematic gearbox that causes jerky gear shifts, weak brakes, and many other common issues.

Janus Motorcycles isn’t famous like other big manufacturers like Honda or Harley, so there’s always a bit of confusion when people buy them. Thus, it is important for you to be aware of the common issues these motorcycles can encounter and learn how to resolve them.

Janus Motorcycle Problems And Their Solutions

Troubleshooting And Fix For Janus Motorcycle Problems

Any motorcycle will have some issues, not just Janus motorcycles, but as a user, you must have a proper idea about these problems and solutions before you buy one.

1. Less Fuel Capacity

One of the biggest complaints about Janus motorcycles is that they have very little fuel capacity. Compared to tanks featured in other brand models, the tank on this motorcycle is significantly narrower, lighter, and lacks the needed depth. 

As a result, it is unable to offer enough fuel capacity for a continuous trip of 100 miles. So you will need more frequent refills during long rides. 

Well, you need to keep something in mind, these bikes are made following vintage classic design and are not made for long rides or tours. Thus, you have to sacrifice this if you wish to own one.

However, you have another option; you can carry an extra gas can when traveling, and this will help you with instant refills when you run out of fuel during rides.

2. Problematic Gearbox

Another common issue that Janus Motorcycles encounter is malfunctioning gearboxes. 

Owners frequently report problems with the gearbox or one of its components, which results in awkward and jerky gear changing. 

As a result, it is frequently observed that gear shifting is difficult at times and not as smooth as intended.

While some improvements can be observed after the break-in period, the performance is still not up to par. So, it can be annoying, especially for experienced riders.

As this is a design flaw, there isn’t much you can do; however, to make things a tad better, you can try to fine tune the clutch adjustment. Also, always make sure to lubricate it properly and change the clutch if needed.

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3. Weak Braking System

The braking system on Janus bikes is a common problem. Many owners have expressed complaints about the poor performance of their brakes, which requires frequent replacements or maintenance. 

The main cause of this issue is the use of inferior brake pads, which have a tendency to wear out exceptionally rapidly, frequently within 1000 miles or even less.

In order to fix this recurring problem, the brake pads should be changed as part of routine maintenance. 

However, using brake pads from reputed brands instead of the standard Janus ones is our recommended solution.

Keep in mind, no matter how many times you change your brake pads, if you keep using Janus, it will keep creating the same issue.

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4. Steering Made from plastic

We also do not like the steering system in the Janus motorcycles, these are not of the best quality and are prone to breaking down frequently. 

Plastic components are frequently used in the construction of these systems, which might lead to decreased performance and reliability over time.

Additionally, the stability and maneuverability of the motorcycle may suffer from worn-out or damaged steering system components, so it is critical to remedy any problems as soon as possible.

So, the best choice is to replace the steering system with a more robust and durable one, and you can find plenty of different options on the market. 

5. Weak Engine

The engine is not designed for heavy performance; instead, it’s mostly meant for relaxing rides along the roads or countryside. Thus, you can’t really expect much from the Janus engine.

Even though the engine displacement of their most popular model, the Halcyon 450, is 450 cc. Whereas any similar bikes with such displacement should have a minimum of 40-60 HP.

So, if you are looking for a performance oriented bike, then you can be disappointed.

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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems On Janus Motorcycle

Most of the common problems faced by Janus motorcycles are due to design flaws, so extra modification is the only solution. 

However, to ensure better performance from your bike, you can follow these tips below.

  • If you are going on long routes where you are less likely to find fuel refilling stops, you should carry spare gas cans.
  • Always check oil and fuel levels and make sure they are at the recommended level.
  • Replace the factory brake pads with aftermarket ones. 
  • Always have a professional mechanic perform the throttle adjustment, as it can be difficult to do it yourself.
  • Before changing the suspension, be sure to verify the torque limits to prevent damage. Excessive tightening of suspension screws can cause damage to the motorcycle and its parts.

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Should You Buy Used Janus Motorcycles?

Janus motorcycles aren’t for everyone, and it depends mostly on your personal preferences and choices. So, should you really buy a used Janus motorcycle? No, it is not recommended to buy a used Janus, and there are few reasons for that.

You can get better performance for same money

The engine displacement of even the most popular Janus is the same as other mid-sized bikes, but the power is still very low compared to other brands. Additionally, you can get a much better bike with improved performance for a similar price.

Low acceleration at high gears

Low acceleration is another reason you might want to avoid buying used Janus motorcycles. It slows and doesn’t accelerate well, especially in the fourth and fifth gears, where you want the vehicle to offer the most speed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a used Janus motorcycle can be a confusing decision, as you will need to think about all the factors involved. FAQs below will give you a better idea about this bike.

Are Janus Motorcycles Suitable For Everyone?

Janus motorcycles are not performance oriented bikes, they’re rather built on classic design. So bikes ride Janus mostly for its appearance, feel, and style. Thus, if you are looking for high speed and acceleration, this is not for you.

How Frequently Do Janus Motorcycle Owners Need To Replace Brake Pads?

Generally, with proper maintenance and care, brake pads tend to last over 20,000 miles. However, with Janus motorcycles, this time is much shorter and with this,you will need to replace the brake pads every 1000 miles or less.

Are There Any Warranties On Janus Motorcycles?

Depending on the series, different Janus motorcycles have different warranty coverage. A 4-year, unlimited-mileage fender-to-fender warranty is included with the 250 series motorcycles. The 450 series bikes, on the other hand, come with a 2-year fender-to-fender unlimited mileage warranty.

Final Words

Janus motorcycles are made in a small manufacturing plant in the USA with classic design, but they do come with some issues. 

Despite these issues, Janus can be a great bike for riders who want a vintage looking bike for slow riding around the countryside.

However, if you buy a used one, you should always check the bike well and properly investigate any accident history and mileage.

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