Know How To Troubleshoot Yamaha Majesty 400 Problems

Some common problems Yamaha Majesty 400 shows include a sudden drop in performance, starting issues, spring clutch issues, and hollow exhaust sound. Many owners also encounter other issues than the ones mentioned.

Thus, if you are planning to get a brand new or used Yamaha Majesty 400, it is imperative to run a thorough quality check. You can also fix minor issues and enjoy riding the scooter right away. 

Let’s dig in to learn in depth about the major Yamaha Majesty 400 problems and their fixes.

Yamaha Majesty 400 Problems

Troubleshooting And Fixing Yamaha Majesty 400 Problems

Here are some common problems with the Yamaha Majesty 400 encountered by riders. 

Check these out if your vehicle is experiencing the same problem and requires addressing before taking it to the dealership for repair.

1- Muffler Sounds Hollow

If your Yamaha Majesty 400 muffler sounds hollow and lacks the usual bass, something is wrong with the fuel line. 

A common symptom you will notice is a lack of acceleration and speed, even at high RPMs. There could be a single or multiple causes for such problems.

Firstly, check out the spark plug after running the engine for a while. Inspect the gap between the electrodes and carbon deposits at the tip. Clean the plug tip and adjust the gap before putting it back in. 

Next, go for the exhaust to know if there’s any restriction in the flow. You might need to disassemble the exhaust and clean up the excess fouling and carbonization.

Afterward, you need to clean up the carburetor or the fuel injection system that might have restricted fresh oxygen supply, resulting in lean fuel combustion. 

Install a new air filter for rich fuel combustion that will lower the hollow sound from the exhaust muffler.

Most likely, all these attempts would solve the problem. But if it is not so, then the issue would lie within the electrical system. 

It is recommended to consult a certified mechanic, who might charge around $75-$100 an hour to find and solve the problems within the CDI unit, ignition coil, etc.

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2-Starting Problems

A lot of Yamaha Majesty 400s have been reported to have starting issues during ignition. Especially owners of the models between 2005 and 2008 faced difficulties starting the engine. 

There had been no response from the engine during ignition except for some clicking noise.

Two major causes for such instances could be the starter coil, fuel relay, or solenoid, and the fuel pump. It is safe to approach the cheaper causes, such as bad and corroded battery connections. Be sure to check out the battery’s health as well.

Afterward, you might need to inspect the ignition coils and relays for physical damage. 

A bad starter coil might drain the battery, failing to provide a sufficient amount of cranking power for ignition. You need to replace the ignition coil with a new one to solve this. 

A throttle body along with the coil would cost you around $400. If the problem persists, check the fuel relay and fuel pump for damage. 

Replace the parts if needed. Local dealerships might charge you around $75-$100 per hour for diagnosis and part replacement.

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3- Spring Clutch Issues

Many users of the Yamaha Majesty 400 have reported wearing out the clutch springs. 

If your Yamaha Majesty 400 comes with a similar problem, you’ll observe difficulties riding at different speeds and in different road conditions.

Slow acceleration, and difficulty gaining speed are some common symptoms of this issue as well. 

Moreover, you’ll hear weird noises during the engagement inside the CVT. After popping out the cover, you will notice a metal clunking noise coming from behind the CVT belt. 

Moreover, the CVT belt will show irregular movement while the engine runs. To solve this, all you need to do is replace the clutch spring from inside the transmission case. 

You will get the spring for about $50 or less. For better results, it is better to replace the older clutch shoes with new ones if your Majesty 400 has run quite a lot of miles on the road.

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4-Rear Shock Absorber Noise

Riding on bumpy roads for a long time can cause your Yamaha Majesty 400 shock absorbers to weaken. 

The rubber bushings and strings down the two shock absorbers wear out with time and cause a slight vibration and noise while accelerating and riding down rough surfaces.

One of the common causes of this problem is riding extensively with loads and pillions in the back. This type of issue was found more often in earlier models, as in 2004 and 2005.

Before jumping to more expensive fixes, let’s start with the basics. It is better to spray the rubber bushings with rubber specific lubes or soapy water. 

However, it is a very temporary fix and can last only till the next monsoon. It’s better to use lithium grease for a long-lasting impact.

Next, change the O-ring in between the rubber bushings. This will help seal the gap perfectly and eliminate the squeaking noise coming from the rear shock absorbers.

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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems On Yamaha Majesty 400

Like other vehicles, if you follow some basic maintenance schedules, you can easily avoid problems arising with your Yamaha Majesty 400.

  • Avoid riding off-road.
  • Adjust the shock absorbers depending on the weight of the loads before riding.
  • Perform oil, fluid, and coolant changes regularly.
  • Replace the air filter and oil filter regularly.
  • Go easy on throttling as the scooter is based on the CVT system.

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Should You Buy A Used Yamaha Majesty 400?

If you want a practically usable scooter for daily use with fair mileage and quality performance, you should get used to a Yamaha Majesty 400. Here are some facts that make a used Yamaha Majesty 400 worth buying.

  • Powerful engine and CVT system
  • Good mileage
  • Quick acceleration and good top speed for freeways
  • Lots of under saddle space, glove compartment, etc
  • Low maintenance cost

However, before getting a used Yamaha Majesty 400, you must perform a thorough inspection. It is better to consult a mechanic before getting one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these FAQs from Yamaha Majesty users to learn more about the Yamaha Majesty 400 issues they experienced.

Why Does The Yamaha Majesty 400 Have Lower Fuel Economy?

There could be plenty of reasons for the bad fuel economy of your Yamaha Majesty 400. Heavily used air filters, low tire pressure, dirty fuel injector, a bad spark plug, etc. can lower the fuel economy.

Does Yamaha Still Make The Majesty 400?

The Yamaha Majesty came for commercial sales in 2005 and continued until 2014. Currently, Yamaha is not producing the Majesty 400 model in the USA. However, it was released in 2015 for the rest of the world.

Final Words

Yamaha Majesty 400 is one of the best scooters from Yamaha, with minimal issues that are easily solvable at a cheap rate. 

Hence, if you are planning to get a used one for yourself, it is better to cross-check the unit with the problem discussed above. 

Once the problem is fixed, you can enjoy your scooter to its utmost potential.

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