5 Common Honda Talon Problems And Their Solutions

The common problems faced by the Honda Talon include issues with the transmission, like a weak transmission, the rear suspension being too stiff, and more. There are also a few other problems with engine failure, which was due to a design flaw, lack of acceleration, especially when it gets stuck.

One of the most popular sports UTV from Honda is also one of their best sellers. However, despite its immense popularity, there are many complaints about it. Thus, before getting one, you must have a proper idea about these common issues. 

Honda Talon Problems

Troubleshooting And Fixing Honda Talon Problems 

The Honda Talon is a popular side-by-side (SxS) vehicle known for its off-road capabilities and versatility. 

So, just like any other vehicle, it can also suffer from some issues that you need to look at before deciding whether to buy it or not.

1. Transmission and suspension Problems

The transmission is known to be weak and prone to failing after a few thousand miles. 

Additionally, Honda Talon’s are known to have serious transmission problems, and most users have complained that the rear suspension is way too stiff.

Moreover, many users have complained about facing problems when shifting gears from high to low. 

If your setup is too soft, a single mistake turn at high speeds might be quite deadly, while a setup that is too stiff could give you back aches for a week after you ride difficult terrain.

This is a factory issue, and you will need to make some modifications to solve it. You will need to align the shift dogs and cables to fix these issues; you might also need to replace the shift dogs. 

Additionally, it is advised to get new rear suspension springs for your Honda Talon if the old ones are worn out. You can also replace the shift gate with deeper slots for hard shifting.

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2. Lack of Acceleration

Another common problem faced by Honda Talon users is lack of acceleration. 

When you drive on normal roads and areas, you shouldn’t feel any acceleration issues, but whenever the Talon gets stuck in mud, the acceleration starts to slow down.

The issue generally appears as an abrupt pause in acceleration followed by a retracting feeling, as though the vehicle is trying to slow down. To fix this issue, you will need to check a few different components.

First of all, make sure your battery is properly charged and working perfectly, if not, you will need to replace it. 

Secondly, check the air filters, as they become clogged regularly; replace them if needed. 

Lastly, check the spark plugs, as lagged acceleration can also be caused by clogged spark plug wires. 

So you will need to change the spark plugs to make sure they are receiving the proper amount of power.

3. Engine Failures

Engine failure is a serious and regrettable problem that can happen with several Honda Talon models. 

A stray bolt that was unintentionally left in the intake during the factory assembly of the vehicle is one of the known causes of engine failure. 

This could lead to serious accidents, such as the engine locking up and being trapped. 

A stray bolt has the ability to seriously harm the engine’s internals by shearing off the cam gear.

So, if you are having frequent engine failures, it is not solvable, and you will need to visit a dealership for a complete engine replacement, which can be costly. 

However, if you have any warranty left, you can get the replacement done for free.

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4. Weak Front U-Pop Joints

Weak front U-Pop joints are another faulty design in the Honda Talon that can cause some serious issues for the users. 

There is a huge complaint about the U-Pop joints on Honda Talon, and many users reported that they can randomly fall off at any time.

U-joint failures could happen on nearly any landscape, leaving riders scrambling for solutions to bring their UTV back to safety. It appears to be a manufacturing fault or mechanical issue on the part of the manufacturer.

Luckily, for Talon users, Honda offers a free replacement of the U-Pop joint if your UTV is still under warranty. But, sadly, if the warranty period is over, you will need to do the replacement yourself.

5. Cooling Fans blow air outside

The main aim of any cooling fan is to blow air inside to cool the engine, but with Honda Talon, this got reversed. Thus, due to design flaws, many Talon models have fans that blow air outside. 

It turns out that the cables for the standard cooling fans were mistakenly flipped, which resulted in the fans blowing outward. 

Due to the fans turning in the wrong direction, the radiator cannot get sufficient air to cool it down, which might result in engine overheating. 

The fix is quite easy, and you can do it yourself without spending any extra bucks on it. 

Begin the process by taking off the hood, inspecting the fan connections, and checking if the wiring is done reversely. 

Simply reverse the fan connections by following the proper circuit diagram, which you can find in your manual. The fan should now be blowing air inside.

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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems On Honda Talon

Even though there are some design flaws with the Honda Talon, the overall performance outweighs all the issues. 

To prevent any major issues and get the best performance from your Honda Talon, follow these tips below.

  • Always keep an eye on the coolant level and add it whenever needed.
  • Check and replace the spark plugs if you are having troubles starting the engine
  • Your Talon’s tires support it and must take the brunt of the rough terrain. So, always check them and keep the appropriate pressure on them. 
  • Change the air filters regularly rather than cleaning and reusing them.
  • Always maintain proper lubrication on all the moving parts.

Should You Buy a Used Honda Talon?

Honda Talon is a great UTV that comes with a powerful engine that produces enough power to take on any rough terrain. Additionally, the design is a classy one that will be liked by any rider. 

But, should you really buy a used one? Getting a used one will definitely be a good choice, and there are many reasons for it.

Taken care of the design flaws

As you already know, the Honda Talon has some design flaws, so it can be expected that anyone who has used it previously has already fixed the issues. So, if you get a used one, you do not have to go to the trouble of fixing these issues yourself.

Value for money

The market value for Honda Talons is not very cheap, so if you can get a used one for a lower price, it can be a great value for money considering the performance and reliability.

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Before buying any vehicle, it is important to know about the common problems it can face and their solutions. So, to get a better idea of the Honda Talon, our FAQs will help you.

What Is The Recall On The Honda Talon?

Due to a possible engine failure, Honda is recalling certain Talon models from 2019 to 2021. The business claims that a band clamp on a car’s intakes can come free and slide into the engine, seriously damaging it. 

What Should I Do If My Honda Talo Overheats?

If you notice your Honda Talon is overheating, turn off the engine and let it cool down. Then check the coolant level and refill it if needed, You should also check the radiator and clean it if needed. 

Why Does My Honda Talon Have Excessive Vibrations?

If the tire pressure on your Talon is not at recommended levels or is uneven, you can feel excessive vibrations when driving it. Additionally, vibrations can also come from the engine when the spark plugs get damaged.

Final Words

Honda Talon has goodwill in the UTV market among users; however, it has some design flaws that can be deal breakers for many. But, luckily, a little bit of modification can help you get out of these issues.

So, if you ask us, it’s definitely worth it to buy a used Talon currently, however, it’s important to properly check any accident history, maintenance schedule before buying it.

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