6 Common BMW R Nine T Problems [Troubleshooting and Fix]

BMW R Nine T is a reliable and modern bike choice with fast and flexible response. By the looks of it, it gives off a retro vibe but has an entirely stable performance with its air cooled engine. However, like most automobiles, this one also deals with a few problems.

Engine fuel burning, suspension adjustment issues, and braking issues caused by the swingarm are some of the BMW R NineT’s problems. Bikers have also complained about tube tires and uncomfortable seats of this bike. 

Let’s take a look at how you can troubleshoot and fix these very problems on a BMW R NineT. 

6 Common BMW R Nine T Problems Troubleshooting and Fix

Troubleshooting and Fix For BMW R NineT Problems 

Since the BMW R NineT uses a retro engine, it deals with burning oil issues. 

The electronics and suspensions have also been noted to cause trouble in the past, according to the users. There could be some problems with the brake system and steering, too.

Let’s take a look at all the possible problems that can show up on a BMW R NineT and their solutions.

1. Engine Burns Oil

One of the most common issues noted among the users of this bike is the burning of the oil. The engine of this bike tends to use up the engine oil quite quickly. 

Especially in the first 10k-20k miles, the oil keeps burning at an alarming rate. The more you thrash the bike engine, the more oil burns at a similar rate.

The only thing you can do about this is keep filling up the engine oil. Make sure the oil never gets below 75% of its original level. So, check the oil level after driving every 500 miles. 

Slowly, after about 10,000 miles, the oil burning will be reduced by a long shot. Don’t overfill the tank with oil, as it might blow the seal. 

2. Non Adjustable Suspension Affecting The Ride

The front suspension of the R nineT is made up of coil springs and gas shock absorbers. But it also boasts a solid axle and a rear suspension with disc brakes. 

Riders are unable to fine-tune the settings to fit their weight, and road conditions due to the non-adjustable suspension. The suspension is either too soft or too rigid all the time.

If the suspension is softer than required, the bike is unbalanced and loses stability. It creates issues during braking, ground clearance, and going over bumps. 

On the other hand, too stiff suspension takes all of the bumps and transfers them to the rider. It is very uncomfortable and exhausting for anyone riding.

To fix this issue, replace the suspension with a custom fit one. There are a lot of customizable suspension options on the market. You can go for aftermarket suspensions according to your ride preferences, quality, and budget. 

3. Loose Swingarm Pivot Pin Bolts cause Braking Issues

The motorcycle sports braided lines on Brembo four-piston radial calipers. Radial brakes are available on higher-end models. 

The suspension is connected to the swingarm with a main pivot bolt to the braking system.

If this bolt is loose, the swingarm starts wobbling and moving during the ride. This directly affects the braking system, as it won’t be possible to avoid collision with a loose swingarm. 

The pin bolt can come loose because of wrong torque applied to it while installment or continuous vibrations. It will make rattling noises as an indicator.

Try to tighten the pivot pin bolts using a screwdriver. The best course of action will be to take the bike to a mechanic. They will remove the pin bolts, clean them up and apply the correct torque while installing them. This will solve the issue quite nicely.

4. ABS Sensor and speedometer Failure

Many bikers have reported having problems with the ABS sensor failing on them. This failure naturally disables the ABS sensor and loses traction control. It also renders the speedometer and odometer useless. 

The wiring loom to the headlights has also occasionally failed because the wires would flow while driving. 

Wiring issues cause the headlights to flicker and sometimes turn off completely. 

Without any display or backlight on the speedometer, the safety of the bike is compromised. Locating the wiring issue and fixing it usually solves this problem. 

If the ABS sensor still refuses to work, you might need to replace it for the best result. Very rarely, the speedometer unit also needs replacement if the wires are fine.

5. Uncomfortable Thin Bike Seats

The BMW R NineT sports a slim, simplistic seat that complements the bike’s retro look. However, the biker’s comfort and convenience are compromised by the outdated seat design. 

This seat design makes long distance rides painful and exhausting. The seat is too narrow and thin to also have storage inside.

You can easily browse the aftermarket to get a more comfortable and custom fitted seat for your bike. 

A thick, comfortable bike seat can be found for just $500 on the market. Seek an expert’s help to complete the replacement after the purchase. 

6. Tubes In The Tire Creates Inconvenience

Spooked wheels are one of the best options for a retro look. But they need tubes inside their tires to work. If you lose too much tire pressure, fixing the tire is very troubling. 

As the BMW R NineT is missing a center shock stand, fixing the tube tire is troubling. It needs more tools and expertise and can’t be fixed with just normal tire kits. 

Fixing the tube tire will be a little expensive and time consuming. Any repair shop will do the fixing for about $40-$100. 

Keep an eye on your tire pressure regularly afterwards so that you don’t have to go through it again. If possible, you can also install tubeless tires in the bike if it is within your budget.

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Tips To Prevent Problems on BMW R NineT

As we are all aware, prevention is definitely better than cure. The same goes for the BMW R NineT too. Preventive maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid problems with your bike. 

Build up a scheduled maintenance routine to follow through on a regular basis. Include the following tips in your routine:

  • Open the fuel tank and check if the fuel level is at the appropriate level before going for long rides.
  • Change the fuel regularly, especially after getting a tire change or after 10k miles.
  • After 12k miles, get the valve clearance checked.
  • Lubricate the transmission shafts after driving for around 40k miles.
  • Change the transmission oil after 24k miles completely.
  • Know the correct torque specs while installing the pin bolt and tighten it periodically.
  • Keep the tires inflated to the correct tire pressure to avoid damage.
  • Set the engine map according to your suitable riding conditions. 

Should You Buy Used BMW R NineT?

It is absolutely worth it to buy a used BMW R NineT. The performance and quality of the bike can be top notch and you get to spend less money on it this way. Buying a used bike after a few months can make the price drop a lot. 

You only need to check if some of the following components of the bike are performing well before making the purchase. 

  • Engine performance 
  • Fuel burning rate of the bike 
  • Driving mileage
  • Headlights and speedometer should work fine
  • No wiring issues
  • Health of tire and seat

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] 

It is natural to have more questions about the BMW R NineT if you’re planning to buy it very soon. We’ve tried to answer some of your possible inquiries. 

How Reliable Is The BMW R NineT?

BMW R NineT is considered a very reliable ride among users. In terms of ride quality, engine performance, build quality, and value for reliability, this bike got over 4.5 stars. 

What Engine Is In The BMW R NineT?

BMW R NineT sports 1,170 cc air cooled flat twin engine. The engine provides 109 hp or 7250 rpm of power. The engine torque is between 4000-5000 rpm with an admirable speed range.

What Are The Pros Of The BMW R NineT?

BMW R NineT is a classic, stylish bike with a variety of customizable options. It has a powerful engine with smooth response and a track record of performance. It’s reliable, durable, and fun to ride. 

Final Words

Apart from some little problems, the BMW R NineT gives amazing service. Proper awareness and the preventive measures mentioned here can really help minimize the possibility of any issues arising. 

The retro look and design of the bike, with its air cooled engine, make it a very unique motorcycle in the market. It has been loved by users who don’t need to do extreme stunts with their bike on a regular basis.

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