Triumph Tiger 955i Problems: Know Causes and Solutions

Although Triumph Tiger 955i is said to be a dual sports motorbike, riders found difficulties tackling these issues. 

Feeling stiff and harder gear shifting is a common problem with the Triumph Tiger 955i. Along with that users have reports of the blown head gasket causing low performance. Besides, battery charging issues and starting problems have also been identified in colder regions. 

Hence, If you are planning to get a widely used Triumph Tiger 955i for yourself, it is better to check on the issues and know how to troubleshoot.

Triumph Tiger 955i Problems: Know Causes and Solutions

Troubleshooting And Fixing Triumph Tiger 955i Problems

Getting a bike that is currently discontinued and already older than a decade always comes with some major issues to be solved beforehand. Here are some common 955i problems to be addressed:

1-Blown Up Head Gasket

When your Triumph Tiger 955i head gasket is severely damaged or ruptured, the engine will first run at low revs for 20 to 30 seconds before dying. Besides, you will observe fluctuations from low to high revs while the engine is idling. 

It means the head gasket in the engine head is failing to retain the immense pressure, and heat produced inside the engine cannot be contained by the engine head gasket. 

The most frequent reasons for overheating are a lack of coolant, coolant leakage from the engine, coolant burning, or a failing cooling system.  

Besides, you might face problems due to poor maintenance procedures, such as avoiding scheduled engine oil changes or using coolant. 

Lastly, aging, internal wear, and tear are common ways to blow up the head gasket.

The only way to get over this problem is to swap the head gasket with a new one. Since the procedure includes ripping off the engine head and replacing the gasket, it costs around $1000 or more.

Blown Up Head Gasket
Blown Up Head Gasket

2- Battery Charging Issues

A common problem reported by Triumph Tiger 955i users is that their battery cannot hold a charge, although the initial voltage reading acts nominally. 

You might have noticed a symptom of the engine dying after idling for about 10-15 minutes. But afterward, you cannot crank the engine due to a lower voltage.

The common cause of such a situation is that the battery is dead due to aging and requires replacement. 

Run a load test for confirmation, and if your battery fails to pass the test, then it requires a replacement. 

Otherwise, the problem could be with the alternator, RR, or the wiring being too old and corroded.

It is recommended to get your bike to a certified mechanic to run tests on the alternator and regulator and change the wiring if needed.

Battery Charging
Battery Charging

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Stiff Gear, Clutch & Rough Engine Problems

If your Triumph Tiger 955i odometer shows over 20k miles, the most common issues you will notice are hard-to-find neutrals, tough-to-pull clutch, and higher engine vibration. 

These are some major symptoms of engine failure. First, check your oil level by keeping your bike on the main stand and idling for a while. 

It would be usual to find the oil level lower than the optimal mark. This means the oil pressure has been lower the whole time.

Next, check for dirt, debris, or other foreign objects after draining the oil into a pan. Change the oil with a compatible grade and keep an eye on the dipstick so that you do not overfill with oil. 

After that, inspect the spark plugs on each cylinder for rich, lean, or optimal conditions. If required, change the spark plugs if the plug gaps are too low. 

Lastly, consult a mechanic to adjust the clutch and gear, flush the radiator, and perform all fluid changes for a nominal riding experience.

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Build Quality & Bad Assembly Issues

Many users have reported problems with the gear lever, weak wheel spokes, clutch assembly, etc while riding offroad. 

Some riders also complained about the rims being cracked simply by riding on a road with gravel. 

Besides, the heavy weight of the bike makes it less competent for riding off-road. Thus, if you wish to take your Triumph Tiger 955i on a rough journey, check out some facts beforehand to avoid accidents. 

Run a thorough inspection of the bolts of gear levers, clutch adjustment, loose wheel rims and spokes, rear end, and swingarms.

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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems On Triumph Tiger 955i

Like every other motorcycle in the world, there is a minimal maintenance schedule that you must follow to avoid major problems in the future. 

Here are some tips on how you can keep your Triumph Tiger 955i up and running for a good amount of time.

  • Regularly inspect engine oil levels, coolant, brake, and clutch fluids.
  • Change the oil after a certain period.
  • Change air filters, oil filters, and spark plugs when required.
  • Check tire pressure and maintain optimum tire pressure while riding.
  • Keep an eye on the bolts, assembly of the gear levers, clutch, wheel, brakes, bushings, etc.
  • Do not leave the vehicle abandoned in a cold region, as it may damage the battery’s health.

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Should You Buy a Used Triumph Tiger 955i?

You can still buy a used Triumph Tiger 955i, provided the vehicle has been ridden and maintained properly by the previous owner. 

Since the bike has been discontinued for a while, it would be difficult to get the spare parts readily available. 

Hence, check out the following listings before getting a used Triumph Tiger 955i to ensure your investment doesn’t go in vain.

  • Inspect the engine condition, leakages, smoothness, and disturbing sounds thoroughly.
  • Observe the clutch assembly, gearbox, and drivetrain to ensure proper power delivery.
  • Check out the coolant routing and all fluid levels, including engine oil, brake fluids, etc.
  • Check out the battery health, electrical connections, rectifiers, alternator, fuses, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Go through the following answers to questions from Triumph Tiger 955i users to understand more about the vehicle and its problems.

What Is The Range Of The Triumph Tiger 955i?

With a full tank (24 L), you can easily get a range of 320 km, or 200 miles, at a stretch. However, the range can vary depending on the rider’s efficiency, weight load, etc.

Is The Triumph Tiger 955i Reliable?

The Triumph Tiger 955i comes with a powerful and reliable engine. Besides, users have rated the bike decently for long time usage. Most riders have also claimed that the bike rides smoothly for over 72k miles with regular maintenance.

How Long Will A Triumph Tiger Last?

Tiger Triumph comes with powerful and high build quality engines that can serve for up to 100k miles on average. However, with proper maintenance, the longevity can be extended even more.

Final Words

The Triumph Tiger 955i model is discontinued, and you can only get a used one nowadays. 

Similar to bikes from different brands, some issues need to be addressed before getting one. It is better to consult an experienced mechanic to check out the bike. 

Most importantly, inspect the engine, gearbox, and electrical conditions and go for the body afterward before buying one.

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