Honda Silverwing 600 Problems and Fix- With Advanced Tips

In the first generation of the Honda Silverwing 600, problems lie with the fuel pump and engine cooling system. Whereas in the second generation of this bike, the primary problem is a faulty clutch and issues with electrical components.

Other most common Honda Silverwing 600 problems are battery draining, gear shifting and clutch slippage, error in speedometer reading, etc.

By following some preventive measures and tips you can eliminate almost all of the common problems. But you must know the issues in detail first. So, let’s begin to explore it all.

Troubleshooting and Fix Honda Silverwing 600 problems

Owners of the Honda Silverwing 600 have so many complaints about this bike. Not all of those are such to be concerned about though, some of the most severe problems are discussed below.

1- Fuel pump problem

Fuel pump problem
Fuel pump problem

The purpose of a fuel pump is to pump the fuel (Gasoline) from the fuel tank to the engine compartment. Sometimes in Silverwing 600, the fuel pump stops working properly. Then either of the two problems can arise,

  • The engine won’t get enough power. As a result, you may notice power loss or lack of acceleration while driving. Because the engine is not getting enough fuel.
  • Often, the engine won’t even start. This basically happens during the cold seasons. It also results from the fuel pump problem.

For troubleshooting this problem, a professional mechanic is recommended. Since the fuel is pressurized, it can cause a blast if not handled with proper tools and methods.

Replacing the fuel pump is the optimum solution for this problem. Of course, you can repair the old one, but eventually, it’ll fall again. So, buying a new one is wiser.

Changing a fuel pump for Honda Silverwing 600 can charge you about $30 to $50.

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2- Loose Handlebar issue

 Loose Handlebar issue
Loose Handlebar issue

This is one of the most serious problems of the Honda Silverwing 600, especially for 2002-’03 models. Honda has to recall about 5000 bikes to fix this issue. 

What happens is, due to vibration, the handlebar screws begin to loosen. Due to the excessive clearance, the handlebar displaces its position which may lead to a crash.

While driving, you can easily observe this problem. The handlebar will come out a little and the rigid feeling while controlling the bike will be absent.

Tightening the screws of the handlebar may solve the problem instantly, but in the long run, it should be fixed by a technician. 

If the vibration damages any screw thread, replacing the handlebar may be necessary.

The price of a handlebar can vary with different models from $40 to $120.

3- Battery draining

Battery draining
Battery draining

Battery drain means the battery is losing energy without letting you know. On the Honda Silverwing 600, battery drain can happen for multiple reasons. Also, there are ways you can identify it.

  • The rear light, which is located under the seat, can malfunction frequently. It should be ON while the compartment under the seat is open and remain OFF while the seat is closed. But due to a malfunction, the light remains ON even after closing the seat. And it results in power draining.
  • Continuous draining of the battery can damage the battery itself.

Check the seat compartment to see whether it is closed properly or not to troubleshoot this problem.

Many owners have suggested replacing the rear light with an LED to reduce battery drain. And of course, if the battery is damaged, replacing it is the only option.

Changing the battery and replacing the lights can cost $80 and $30, respectively.

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4- Tire deflation Due to corrosion

The rim gets corroded over time. Corrosion can lead to leaks in the tire or the wheel rim. If this occurs, the tire’s air pressure will drop significantly. This will cause under-inflated tires.

Anomaly in riding experience, bumping on roads, and low tire pressure are indications of deflated tires, To identify the exact location of corrosion, a thorough check is necessary.

After locating the corrosion, it should be removed properly. Then you can use power coating to neutralize the leakage and save it from further leaking. 

The cost of this fix depends on the type of coating, leakage, and many other factors. It is important to discuss this with the mechanic before getting service.

5- Fuel tank leakage

For the Honda Silverwing 600, leakage in the fuel tank is another dangerous problem, for which Honda had to recall and fix many of their products. 

Undoubtedly, it decreases the overall efficiency and performance of the bike. Moreover, it can cause a blast if the tank is exposed to any source of fire.

The reason behind this problem can be excessive vibration. This is basically a design problem, and the strength of the material should be improved to overcome it.

Honda has improved its design several times. But to get rid of the problem instantly, you can locate and fill the leakage or replace it with a new fuel tank. The fuel tank can cost approximately $120 or more.

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Tips To Prevent Honda Silverwing 600 Problems

Some advanced tips for preventing Honda Silver Wing 600 problems are mentioned here.

  • Clean the fuel pump, air filter, fuel tank, and wheel rim regularly to ignore corrosion issues.
  • Use high-quality fuel for optimum performance.
  • For battery-draining issues, you can remove the light when it’s not necessary.
  • Keep the nuts and bolts tight to reduce loosening possibility.

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Should You Buy a Used Honda Silverwing 600?

In short, yes. But before buying an old Honda Silverwing 600 bike, you should check some of the parameters to make sure that the bike is still worthy. 

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right Silverwing for you.

  • The total mileage of a used bike is very important to know before buying. Generally, the Silverwing 600 model has a performance reputation even after 100,000 miles. But according to the overall condition, the performance can vary. So, make sure to check the mileage.
  • This bike comes with a 16 L fuel tank which can run your bike for 160 miles. But for a used bike, it can be lower. So, ask the previous owner about the fuel economy of the bike.
  • As we’ve seen earlier, the Silverwing 600 model has a battery-draining issue. So, check whether the battery is in good condition or you’ll need to replace it. Rethink your budget if you decide to replace the battery.
  • Last but not least, never decide to buy a bike without giving it a test ride. If everything seems okay for you, it can be a great deal to buy a used Honda Silverwing 600. 


There are a lot of queries in the Silverwing 600 forum about its performance and issues. Among them, let’s see some of the most frequently asked questions.

What Is The Top Speed Of The Honda Silverwing 600?

The top speed of the Honda Silverwing 600 is 112 mph. Well, this range can vary depending on the quality of the road, fuel, and engine conditions. 

How Much Horsepower Does A Silver Wing 600 Have?

A Honda Silver Wing 600 engine is capable of producing 49.62 horsepower, which is equivalent to 36.2 KW at 7000 RPM and 54 Nm, or 38.8 ft-lb at 5500 RPM.

Does A Honda Silver Wing Have A Reverse?

No. Unfortunately, the Honda Silver Wing 600 model doesn’t feature reverse. GPS, and other facilities are also absent. Except for the reverse, most features can be obtained through third-party options.

Final Words

Some of the other minor problems with the Honda Silverwing 600 include the wrong speedometer reading and cold starting issues, which can be fixed easily. Some issues are factory-based and you can’t solve them yourself. In that case, contact a local technician or dealer to get the best solution.

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