5 Common Honda NT700V Problems And Solutions

The Honda NT700V can suffer from a few common problems like damaged water pump seals, which can lead to leakage of coolants in your motorcycle, weak pannier latches that can lead to Inadequate attachment, Coolant leakage from the clamp; poor fuel economy; and more.

The Honda NT700V is a fantastic looking motorcycle, and it looks great on paper. But real life experience with this is a bit different. So before you buy it, you must consider the common problems it faces and how to fix them. 

Honda NT700V Problems

Troubleshooting And Fix For Honda NT700V Problems

The Honda NT700V, a popular touring motorcycle in the Honda Deauville series and is known for its compact size and powerful V-Twin engine. 

However, in the long run, it’s going to suffer from some problems. Luckily, none of these problems are deal breakers and are easily fixable.

1. Damaged Water Pump Seals

The water pump seals on the NT700V are not of the best quality, and they wear down very fast, causing leaks in the water pump. 

Many coolants include silicate particles in them that are intended to clean the coolant pipes by eliminating layers of hard substances. 

These particles, however, have the potential to unintentionally harm the ceramic surfaces of engines. 

So, as the ceramic surfaces deteriorate, it can cause the water pump seals to fail, allowing coolant to leak from the pump.

The fix to this is to only use engine coolant recommended by Honda and avoid using coolant from any other brand. 

However, if you notice that the seals have already been damaged, you will need to replace the seals or replace the entire water pump in some cases.

2. Poor fuel economy

One of the biggest complaints among users of Honda NT700V is the poor fuel economy of this bike. It comes with a fuel capacity of 19.5 liters, which is less for a mid sized touring bike. 

According to Honda, you can expect a mileage of 50 mpg, which is less compared to similar bikes from other brands. So you will need more frequent stops to refill the bike. 

Sadly, there is no fix for this issue, and this is the way that this bike is designed to perform, so you will need to go along with it.

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3. Weak Pannier Latches

One common complaint among Honda NT700V owners is the pannier latches, which are sometimes considered to be weak. 

These latches are in charge of firmly fastening the pannier cases to the motorcycle’s frame.

So, these weak latches can lead to problems such as inadequate attachment, difficulty opening or closing the panniers, and even potential detachment while riding. 

Even though the problem might seem very big, you can do a bit of DIY to fix it yourself. 

You can either replace the latches with OEM ones easily available on the market or use a special type of rivet that holds the latches in place.

4. Coolant leakage from Hose Clamp

Coolant can leak from the hose clamp. When the coolant leaks from the hose clamp in your NT700V bike, it can cause serious damage to the engine as well as pipes. 

If you notice any green stains on the engine case or pipes on the right side, then it indicates that the coolant is leaking from the hose clamp of your Honda. 

According to users, this happens due to faulty hose clamps, but it mostly happens due to ignorance. 

The break in period for the Honda NT700V is around 300-350 miles, and you should go for an inspection of your bike after that. 

One responsible way to properly break in a new motorcycle is to tighten the coolant hose clamp seals. 

So, doing this can ensure that the coolant doesn’t leak from the hose clamp. However, if you have missed this, you will need to replace the hose clamp, as repairing the clamp will keep on causing leak issues. 

5. Problematic Spark Plug Covers

In December 2010, Honda issued a Technical Service Bulletin to rectify an issue with deteriorating spark plug covers on the NT700V motorcycles. 

So according to them, the spark plug covers were prone to failure when exposed to high temperatures, particularly those exceeding 90 degrees.

This could lead to issues like engine misfiring, engine stalling, and refusing to start even after several attempts. 

However, Honda recalled the bikes and offered customers the chance to visit the nearest dealership for free repairs on this issue.

But, if you still notice any similar symptoms, it’s probably due to spark plug covers, and you will need to replace them.

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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Problems On Honda NT700V

Following proper maintenance tips can help prevent problems on your Honda NT700V and ensure your bike is running smoothly without any issues. 

So, inspecting your bike regularly can assist you in always keeping it in top condition.

  • As Honda NT700V is prone to coolant leaks, always look for green spots and try to find the root of the leak to fix it as soon as possible. 
  • Always maintain proper tire pressure level on both wheels to avoid any accidents
  • Only use the engine coolant as suggested by the manufacturer.
  • Replace the battery every 5-7 years to ensure optimal performance on your bike.

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Should You Buy a Used Honda NT700V?

If you are looking for a mid sized touring bike, then getting a used Honda NT700V is a good choice. Whether or not buying a used bike is a good choice for you also depends on your budget and preferences.


Getting a used Honda NT700V will cost much less than buying a brand new one, which can save you a lot of money. 

You can use this extra money to make some modifications to the bike that can make it stand out in the crowd, or you can just drive the bike as it is.

Difficult to find a brand new one

Even if you have the budget to buy a brand new NT700V, at this moment it will be quite difficult to find one as the bike was discontinued after 2013. So, if you want to get one for your collection, you need to get a used one.

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Properly Maintained

Usually, people who buy these types of bikes maintain their units very well. Thus, if you buy a used one that has low mileage and proper maintenance history, it’s a win-win situation for you. You are getting the signature performance of the NT700V at a much lower price.


Honda NT700V is a popular mid-sized touring bike among bikers, but it can be a confusing decision as it is quite an old bike. So, keep reading our FAQs below to get a better idea.

Does All Honda NT700V Have A Failing Spark Plug Issue?

Not all Honda NT700V motorcycles experience the issue of failing spark plug covers. Honda released a bulletin in 2010 saying all bikes produced at that time had failing spark plug issues. However, bikes produced after that time shouldn’t have this problem.

Is The Honda NT700V Reliable?

Even though there are minor issues with the Honda NT700V, it is still regarded as a reliable motorcycle. It is renowned for its reliable performance, powerful V-Twin engine, shaft-drive and strong build quality. 

How Long Does The Honda NT700V Last?

The typical lifespan of a properly-kept Honda motorcycle is 150,000 miles, significantly above the industry average of 100,000 miles. Moreover, because of its low rev-ceiling and even reduced compression, the NT700V’s V-twin engine should survive forever. 

Final Words

If you are on a low budget and looking for a touring bike, the Honda NT700V is a good choice. Although there are few commonly known problems with it, they are all fixable.

Moreover, if you decide to buy a used bike, make sure to check the bike properly for any accident history and also find one with low mileage.

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