4 Common BMW R1100s Problems And Their Fixes

The common problems with BMW R1100s include cylinder leaks after 3000 miles, when fuel can start to leak, pivot bearings going bad frequently, that can cause problems with rear suspension, and spline failure, that can lead poor power transfer

Even though the BMW R1000s is pretty old when you are considering buying it in 2023, the raw power and aggressive looks still make it a crowd pleaser for motorheads. 

You need to be aware of the strategies to deal with the issues you will face. Keep reading to find out more!

4 Common BMW R1100s Problems And Their Fixes

Troubleshooting and Fix For BMW R1100s problems

BMW R1100s are quite reliable, sporty touring motorcycles, but like any other bike, they can still suffer from some issues. 

Down below, we will talk about some of the most common issues reported by users. We will also discuss how you can fix these issues.

1. Slave Cylinder Leaking after 3000 miles

On BMW R1100a bikes, the hydraulic clutch system includes the clutch slave cylinder. 

In order for the clutch release function to operate, it must receive hydraulic pressure from the clutch master cylinder.

Many users have reported that the clutch slave cylinder starts to leak after 3,000 miles of riding. This leaking issue can be quite severe, and you will need to replace the clutch with a new one. 

The replacement cost for a new clutch slave cylinder can be between $151-$218 which also includes the labor cost.

2. Intermittent firing issue on the right cylinder

In the right cylinder, there can be a problem with irregular firing. While the right cylinder repeatedly fails to ignite, the left cylinder operates as intended. As a result, the right side of the engine performs poorly and lacks power.

There can be many reasons for intermittent firing on the right cylinder, and you will need to check all the components of the electrical system and the fuel system. 

But, according to most users, the most common reason for this is jammed wires. Using a compression gauge, which only costs around $18, you can check for this. 

In order to determine whether the compression values are identical on both sides, compare them while the throttle is closed and open. If the issue is jammed cables, simply loosen the cables.

3. Pivot Bearings go bad every 20-35K miles

It is reported by users of BMW R1100s that the pivot bearings usually go bad after every 20-35K miles on the 1999 model. 

The front forks and swingarm of the rear suspension are able to move and bend smoothly because of the pivot bearings. 

Pivot bearings can go bad for many reasons, like insufficient lubrication, exposure to dirt and contaminants, carrying excessive loads, and aggressive riding style.

Technically, you should replace the pivot bearings on your bike every year. When the pivot bearings go bad, you will need to replace them. The replacement cost can be between $130-$150. 

4. Spline Failure

Spline failure is not a very common issue on the BMW R1100s, but it can still happen. 

The splined drive shaft joins and transmits torque to a matching drivetrain part that cannot be connected directly.

The most common reason for BMW bike spline failure is an alignment issue between the transmission input shaft and the crankshaft.

If there is an alignment problem between the transmission input shaft and the crankshaft, it should be corrected to ensure proper engagement of the spline interface. 

Additionally, you can also modify the spinal components for better results. Use appropriately constructed and hardened longer spline parts, such as an extended input shaft and clutch hub. 

To increase the spline interface’s endurance, these components should be compatible in terms of their construction materials and surface finishes.

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Tips To Prevent Problems On BMW R1100s

Bikes are sure to suffer from issues after some years of usage, and it’s the same for every bike, not just BMW R1100s. 

But you can still follow a few tips that can help with frequent problems on your bike.

  • If you notice any irregular noise on the engine, immediately visit a service center, as riding it with the noise can damage the engine further.
  • Always keep oil in the engine to prevent air pockets
  • Regularly check the oil and air filters and replace them if needed.
  • Always use high quality engine oil as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Maintain correct tension, lubrication, and cleanliness for the drive chain. 

Should You Buy Used BMW R1100s?

It is impossible to get a new BMW R1100s at this time, as the bike was discontinued back in 2005. So, if you wish to own this bike, you will need to look for a used one. 

This bike is a beast when it comes to performance, and BMW has always been ahead of its competitors. 

Even though there are some complaints about this bike, it still isn’t a deal breaker. It is among the top choices for collectors and bike users.

The BMW R1100s delivers solid performance and the engine is still quite powerful. 

But since it is an old bike, look for any repair history, replaced components, and mileage before choosing one to buy.

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The BMW R1100s was one of the most popular sport touring bikes of this time; however, there are some issues with it. So, our FAQs below will help you understand this more easily.

How Reliable Is The BMW R1100s

The BMW R1110s continued from 1999 to 2005 and are considered one of the most reliable touring bikes out there. It comes with a great suspension system, which offers a smoother and faster riding experience even on the worst of roads.

Why Did The Headlight Come On In My BMW R1100s?

If you notice that the headlight on your BMW R1100s is coming on no matter where the key is, it is probably due to a faulty ignition switch. The only solution to this issue is a replacement ignition switch.

Why Is My BMW R1100s Experiencing ABS Module Failure?

The major portion of ABS problems are caused by contaminated sensors with metal shavings or other contaminants. When a sensor wire is damaged, errors also occur and there is little to no consistency. It is suggested that an experienced technician conduct the ABS system’s diagnosis.

How Often Should We Change Engine Oil In BMW R1100s Bike

Usually, BMW recommends having your oil changed every 6,000 to 7,500 miles, or once a year, whichever comes first. However, it could be required to replace the oil more regularly if you ride in more challenging situations or in extremely hot or cold weather.

Final Words

When it comes to buying older models of bikes, you should always be concerned about the common issues they can face. The BMW R1100s is a very reliable bike which provides top notch performance. 

However, it is important that you do regular maintenance on the bike according to manufacturer recommendations to ensure longevity of engine and other components.

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