4 Common Strong BMW R1200RS Problems And Their Solutions

The common StrongBMW R1200RS include frequent clutch slips that fail to adequately transfer engine power. Other issues include a weak throttle return spring that makes controlling the motorcycle difficult, an oil spill due to loosening of gaskets, and a weak throttle return spring.

The BMW R1200RS was first launched on the market in 2015 and is a very popular touring sport bike. It is quite reliable, but still, it runs into issues. Too many issues with a bike can be a deal breaker for all bikers, as you simply won’t want to buy a bike that comes with a heap of problems.

StrongBMW R1200RS Problems

Troubleshooting And Fix For StrongBMW R1200RS Problems

If you are a bike lover, you already have an idea of how good a BMW R1200RS is, but salesmen will never talk about the common issues it can suffer from. 

So, to help you make a better decision, we have decided to pick out these common problems and explain how you can fix them with ease.

1. Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are common on almost all bikes, and BMW R1200RS is no exception; many users have reported oil leak issues on this bike. 

Well, luckily, oil leaks are not that serious, and they mostly happen due to loosening of gaskets and seals.

No matter how good the gaskets and seals you use are, they will degrade and become loose over time. 

So, when this happens, your oil will start to leak, and the easiest fix to this is to replace the gasket and seals.

The gasket and seal replacement can be anywhere between $10-$50 each, and you will need to pay a labor cost of around $100-$200 for the work. 

2. Clutch Slips

Clutch slips are very common in older motorcycles, and as time passes, clutch slips will become more frequent in your BMW R1200RS.

The clutch plates wear out over time, and when the friction plates become worn, they can lose their ability to grip properly, resulting in clutch slip.

Furthermore, the springs could weaken or get worn out, which would make it harder for them to provide enough pressure to the clutch plates, leading to clutch slip.

So, when this happens, you will need to replace the clutch, and the replacement cost will be $1250 or more. 

This is an expensive repair, as it is hard to find replacement parts for BMW R1200RS now. 

3. Weak throttle return spring

Another very common issue with the R1200RS is weak throttle return spring, which means the throttle return spring on the bike is weak. This makes maintaining steady progress on rough roads a bit awkward. 

To fix this issue, you will need to replace the throttle return spring with a stronger one. 

Even though it is a small replacement, it is not recommended to replace the throttle return spring on your own, as the process can be a bit complex.

So, the best option is to contact a BMW authorized service center or a qualified motorcycle mechanic. 

The cost of parts will be between $10-$20 but the labor cost can be anywhere from $50-$100.

4. Problems with shift assist

While moving up when operating the R1200RS at wide open throttle (WOT), the Shift Assist feature performs Perfectly, but it could result in abrupt gear changes while operating at smaller throttle openings. 

This shift assist issue can be found in almost all BMW bikes, and unfortunately, there isn’t a specific fix for this problem. 

What you can try is using smoother, more calculated throttle inputs at narrower throttle openings during upshifts.

Keep in mind that different system configurations and riding habits might affect how harsh the gear changes are.

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Tips To Prevent Problems On StrongBMW R1200RS

Bikes tend to suffer some sort of problem as they age, and the same goes for the BMW R1200RS. 

However, following a few tips can prevent your bike from suffering huge issues that would otherwise cost a fortune to fix.

  • Do not ride your bike harshly, especially during extreme weather conditions and on bad roads. 
  • Never overload your bike with more weight than the recommended weight level.
  • Never use low quality oil on the engine; always use the recommended oil by BMW
  • On a regular basis Check the air filter, chain and sprocket wear, oil level, and other components that are prone to damage quickly.
  • Before going on long rides, check the tire pressure and make sure it is at perfect level.

Should You Buy Used StrongBMW R1200RS? 

Buying a used bike always comes down to your preferences and choices. So, should you really buy a used StrongBMW R1200RS? We need to look at a few things to answer this.


When it came out, the base price was around $14k, which could be way too expensive for many bike lovers. 

But now, if you decide to buy it used, you can get it for a much lower price, and you will be able to add this to your collection.


Even though there are some issues with smaller throttle openings, which is a common issue for most BMW bikes, the engine still performs like a beast, producing a staggering 125 bhp of power.

Good Value for money

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a sporty cruiser, there is no better choice than the BMW R1200RS. 

You can find a second hand unit for a pretty low price, and you will be able to satisfy almost all your biking needs with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

By now, many of your questions should have disappeared. Still, you might have some questions. Keep reading our FAQs below to learn more.

How Can I Prevent Electrical Issues On My StrongBMW R1200RS?

Use high-quality electrical components and make sure the battery is well-maintained to reduce electrical issues. Check the connections and wires often for any damage or rust. Also, follow the recommended storage measures as stated in manual while storing the bike for long periods of time.

Are Oil Leaks Normal On BMW Bikes?

Generally, frequent oil leaks are not normal on any bike, not just BMW bikes. However, over time, you can experience oil leaks on your bikes, which can be due to many reasons like damaged gaskets, seals, and worn out parts.

How Can I Address Suspension Adjustments And Setup On My BMW R1200RS?

The front suspension is fixed and cannot be adjusted. Preload may be adjusted at the back under the seat, and damping is adjusted via a screw at the shock casing. A single rider weighing 187 lbs. without any luggage is what the preload setting “normal” assumes.

Final Words

Your BMW R1200RS bike will perform efficiently if you follow the proper maintenance schedule as stated in the manual. 

It’s also important to avoid any weird noises coming from the bike, as they can indicate a bigger problem.

Moreover, when you are buying a used unit, check the mileage properly and get a professional mechanic to check the bike before you buy it. 

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