BW Biker Bar Problems [Troubleshooting And Fix]

You might experience issues like loose clamping bars, rust on the clamp, damage on the bike frame, shaky mounted bolts, and installation difficulty. Plus, incompatibility in the case of some motorbikes might be another observable problem.

Regarding hauling motorbikes, the BW biker bar is a reliable option. But, same as any other biker bar, the BM biker bar is nothing beyond complexity. Nevertheless, knowing the causes of the problems and ways to fix them simplifies your job.

BW Biker Bar Problems

Troubleshooting and Fix for 6 Common BW Biker Bar Problems

You are not supposed to face any issues if you can install the biker bar properly. In addition, you might not have to deal with any major problems if you are a bit careful about its maintenance. 

B&W Trailer Hitches make it more convenient for owners to haul motorbikes without stripes. But let’s know your potential problems with BM biker bars. 

1- Loose Clamp

This can happen not because there are faults in the biker bar of BW. Instead, if you don’t perform the task correctly, a loose clamp can occur. 

The clamping bar plays a crucial role in holding your bike, attracting the mounted bar to your trailer or carrier. 

The manufacturer always recommends connecting the clamp to the motorbike tightly. 

Plus, you need to place the clamping bar under the forward part of your motorbike and then tighten it until the lock washer flattens out. 

After you are done with attaching the clamping bar, you need to tighten an additional quarter and turn it off. 

This will help your motorbike to stay in a stable condition. Remember that the clapping bar does not interfere with the brake lines, floorboard, and other parts. 

2- Rust on the Clamping Bar

Yes, this can happen as you use the biker bar for an extended period. You might notice additional rust on the clamping bar. 

And this is not unlikely to occur as the clamping bar is made of metal. You will most probably notice some scrapes at the initial stages. 

Keeping the clamping bar clean and dry requires you to use it for a long time without experiencing any dust. 

In addition, make sure you don’t forcefully attempt to attach the clamping bar to your motorbike.

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3- Damage on Motor Bike Frame

According to a good number of users, BW biker bars may cause stress on the frame of their Harley Davidson motorbike. 

But, similar to the issue of loose clamping bars, this can happen due to installation faults. 

When the biker bar is not aligned correctly, it can cause stress on the frame of your motorbike. 

In addition, you need to make sure your Harley Davidson motorbike is factory painted. Otherwise, there will be stress on the frame due to the biker bar.

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4- Shaky Mounted Bolts

The biker bars’ bolts help them stay attached to the trailer. But, over time, the bolts become loose and can cause the motorbike to wobble when hauling. And this is not something you want any day. Now why does this happen? 

The greater possibility is you can’t mount the biker bar properly. In addition, it might also happen that the trailer floor is not suitable for the biker bar. 

The trailer floor should be any ¾” plywood floor. Besides, the bolts can become loose if you take your trailer off-road.

So, installing the biker bar properly on the trailer floor makes all the sense. 

You should check the owner’s manual to perform the task comprehensively. You can watch this video to install the biker bar on your trailer.

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5- Not Suitable for All Motorbike 

You can use the B&W biker bar with any random motorbikes you want. According to B&W Trailer Hitches, you should use the biker bars with Harley Davidson motorbikes with factory-painted frames. 

However, you can also check whether your motorbike (except your Harley Davidson) suits the B&W biker bar. 

For this, you need to send the photos of your motorbike to B&W Trailer Hitches and check this file

It is essential to match the BW biker bar requirements, like a specific length of clearance between the motor and transmission, etc.

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How Do You Avoid Issues With the B&W Biker Bar?

The B&W biker bar is not prone to significant problems. But, due to lack of maintenance, owners often experience issues with the BW biker bar. Here you can follow the tips to avoid the problem of BW biker bars. 

  • Ensure you follow the proper installation process while setting up the B&W biker bar.
  • Secure the clamping bar underneath the bike properly. (Horizontal portion of your motorbike’s frame)
  • Make sure the clamping bar is fully engaged to the latches of the mounted bar. 
  • Re-check the stability of the bar once the installation is finished. 
  • Inspect the BW biker bar regularly and resolve issues if they exist. 
  • Ensure you carefully remove the clamping bar from the latches when hauling your motorbike.                                        

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Frequently Asked Questions 

People who want to purchase a B&W biker bar or own one often ask several questions about the bike tie-down system. And we think it’s a better place to answer some of the questions. 

Is Buying A Used B&W Biker Bar Worth It?

Yes, you can with the used B&W biker bar. But before making a purchase, you should determine whether the biker bar suits your motorbike and trailer. Additionally, you need also to consider the condition of the B&W biker bar. 

When Should You Replace The B&W Biker Bar?

You should replace your BMW bike when it is highly damaged or broken. Moreover, you must determine whether the biker bar is secure enough to hold your motorbike. If not, then you need to think of a replacement. 

What Should I Do If I Have A Problem With My B&W Biker Bar?

First, you must ensure the clamping bars are tightly secure. Next, you need to check the mounted bolts of your BM biker bar. Besides you should also contact your dealers if any issue occurs after a few days of purchasing. 


Most of the BW biker problems occur due to inappropriate installation. So, you have to make sure you follow the exact installation process. You can surely contact your dealers to assist you in performing the task. 

If any issues arise with your B&W biker bar, you should temporarily stop hauling your motorbike with the help of this.

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