Harley Davidson Bulb Replacement Chart [An Extensive Guide!]

The Harley Davidson bulb replacement chart is a reference guide that provides information about the different types of bulbs used in Davidson.

When the bikes require bulb replacement, you have to buy the correct type of it based on the make and model of the bike. You can find the correct bulb size in your owner’s manual. 

But if you have lost track of it, we’re here to help. We have put our heads together to provide our visitors with a Harley Davidson bulb replacement chart at ease. So as to know it all, stay tuned!

Bulb Replacement Chart Of Harley Davidson

Finding the correct size bulb can be a headache at the time of replacement. But a bulb replacement chart can resolve the difficulty in a cinch. 

Here, today’s chart included headlamp, tail and stop lamp, turn signal lamp, passing lamp, license plate lamp, and fender tip lamp replacement chart of the Harley Davidson. Take a look


Harley Davidson Part Number [Early Models and Late Models] 

Description of the lampFXST/B/D/SFLSTC/F/S
Position lamp (HDI)53438- 9253438- 92
High beam or Low beam67697- 8167713- 86

Tail And Stop lamp 

Description of the lampHarley Davidson Part number[Early models]Harley Davidson Part number[Late models]
Stop lamp 68168- 89A68167- 88
Tail lamp 68168- 89A68167- 88
Stop lamp [HDI] 68169- 90A68167- 88
Tail lamp [HDI] 68169- 90A68167- 88

[Note: Harley Davidson 2003 early models have bayonet mount bulb type whereas late 2003 has wedge mount bulb type excluding Softail Deuce.]

Turn Signal Lamp 

Description of the lampHarley Davidson Part number[Early models]Harley Davidson Part number[Late models]
Running or front 68168- 89A68168- 89A
Rear 68572- 64B68572- 64B
Front [HDI] 68163- 8468163- 84
Rear [HDI] 68163- 8468163- 84

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Passing Lamp 

Description of the lampHarley Davidson Part number[Early models]Harley Davidson Part number[Late models]
FLSTS or FLSTC68674- 69A 68674- 69A
Fog lamp (HDI)68847- 98 68847- 98

License Plate Lamp 

Description of the lampHarley Davidson Part number[Early models]Harley Davidson Part number[Late models]
FXSTD53436- 9753436- 97
FLSTS [HDI]53436- 9753436- 97
FLSTS52441- 9552441- 95

Fender Tip Lamp 

Description of the lampHarley Davidson Part number[Early models]Harley Davidson Part number[Late models]
FLSTS52441- 9552441- 95
FLSTC53439- 7953439- 79

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How To Replace The Bulb Of My Harley Davidson?

We think, accomplishing the maintenance of your own Harley Davidson bike is the most rewarding part of being a biker or motorcyclist, right? 

That being said, here, we will highlight the steps for replacing the bulb of the Harley Davidson to help you out. Let’s have a look. 

Tools required 

  • New bulbs 
  • Phillips screwdriver 
  • Gloves 

Step 1: Get Your Bike Balanced 

While replacing any bulbs of the Harley Davidson, ensure to put your bike on a flat surface held by the kickstand. 

You need to prevent the bike from falling down when you are working on it. 

Step 2: Loosen Up The Screws 

Next, loosen up and remove the required screws and bolts from the covers of the bulb. You can refer to your owner’s manual while doing so. 

After removing the screws, place them in a secure place so as not to lose any of them. You can use paper or cloth to keep them safe. 

Step 3: Remove The Old, and Install The New Bulb

Now remove the coupling barriers or the covers of the bulbs and gain access to the defective bulb. 

Disconnect the old bulb and get the correct type of new bulb for your Harley Davidson. Insert the new one in its place properly. 

Step 4: Reconnect In Reverse Order

Reconnect the coupling barrier or the cover of the bulb. 

Tighten up screws and bolts securely so that they don’t become loose over time. Now test your new replacement bulbs. You are all done! 

Pretty easy, right?

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Tips To Follow While Replacing The Bulbs Of Harley Davidson

As you have seen, replacing the bulbs of the Harley Davidson is not a herculean task to crack down on. 

Still here are a few tips for the replacement process that can make the task go on smoothly. Therefore, let’s check it out. 

  • While replacing the bulbs of your Harley Davidson, check the fuses as well. It is because due to a blown fuse, the bulbs will not work even after replacement. 
  • Inspect the connections and see whether they are properly connected. Ensure there is no gap or barrier between the connections. 
  • Refer to your owner’s manual for your Harley Davidson bikes so as to purchase the correct bulb according to the make and model. 
  • Incidentally, keep yourself always prepared not to suffer when suddenly the bulbs leave the luck. That said, you can always have spare bulbs and tools to carry.

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Regarding the Harley Davidson bulb replacement, we will here cover some of the questions that the bikers mostly searched for. So to get a better idea, keep reading.

Can I Replace The Bulb On My Harley Davidson Myself?

Well, yes, you can easily replace the bulbs on the Harley Davidson. To be more exact, we can say, replacing the bulbs on the Harley Davidson is not such a hard task that you cannot handle it or need an expert’s assistance. 

What To Consider While Buying A Headlight For My Harley Davidson?

Well, when buying a headlight bulb for your Harley Davidson, the first thing that you need to consider is the bulb’s construction. More than that, you ought to ensure the headlight bulb is compatible and the correct type for the make and model of your Davidson. 

Can I Upgrade The Harley Headlight To LED?

Luckily, you can upgrade the Harley Davidson headlight to LED. Actually, just with a plug and connection, you can upgrade your headlight to a 5 3/4″ LED light easily. In spite of that, you should ensure the lights are not too bright for the other drivers on the road.

Are Bulbs Necessary While Driving Harley Davidson Bikes?

No doubt, bulbs like headlamps or rear lamps are a mandatory component while driving your Harley Davidson bike on the road. It is due to the fact that the bulbs play a crucial role in critical situations like rainy weather or in the dark. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Bulbs On The Harley Davidson?

Typically, the bulbs of the Harley Davidson will not cost you much. The bulbs themselves can cost as little as $15 or a little bit more. In case you have LED or HID bulbs for your Harley, you can expect to cost more, for instance about $100 or more per bulb. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, we have almost reached the end of our discussion! We earnestly hope you have got all the points of Harley Davidson bulb replacement easily. 

While you are on the road, riding with your Harley Davidson for a beautiful night tour or a dark rainy season, bulbs are the companion we think help you very most. 

So, whenever the bulbs of your bike reach their lifetime, replace them in no time so as not to compromise your road safety.

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