What Is Harley Davidson Stage 1: Everything You Need To Know

Harley Davidson bikes can be customized the way you want, and using the stage 1 kits is one such customization option. It increases engine power, performance, and appearance as well. 

Harley offers four stages of modification which includes stage 1-4; each provides additional upgrades. However stage 1 is the easiest one to go with since it doesn’t require you to disassemble the engine. 

So, let us jump into our main discussion today without wasting any more time. Keep on reading!!

What Is Stage 1 Upgrade on Harley Davidson Bikes

Harley Davidson provides many OEM upgrade kits to modify your bike in your preferred way. 

It offers upgradation kits from the Stage 1-4 which comes with the official name of Screamin’ Eagle Stage Kits.

There are many various definitions and interpretations of what a Stage 1 is, but usually it involves recalibrating the air intake and exhaust systems to increase airflow. 

It is done frequently with the use of aftermarket components that are better suited to do so.

The cheapest and easiest way to increase power of your bike is by allowing more air and fuel to flow freely through the exhaust system.

So with the stage 1 upgrade, you will modify the air filter, fuel metering system, and exhaust system of your Harley Davidson. As a result, the bike’s overall power and performance will greatly increase.

This is because your bike will breathe more freely, which in turn increases power.

Included Parts  

Stage 1 upgrade kits usually comes with 4 parts which includes

  • Air filter
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • ECM Tuner
  • Carburettor rejetting

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What Are The Benefits of Stage 1 upgrade in Harley Davidson

If you are a bike lover, you already know the thrill of increasing engine power in your bike. 

When you perform Stage 1 upgrade on your Harley Davidson bike, it will increase the overall performance of the bike.

Increased response in throttle

If you choose the stage 1 upgrade for your Harley, the throttle response will be noticeably increased. 

This is really helpful as your bike will seem more responsive and your bike will rev faster than before.

Crisp and Raw louder sound

As the exhaust system will be upgraded the gas can move out more freely which will result in louder and raw, crisp sound for which Harley Davidson is famous for. 

More power to the engine

An improved exhaust system and air filter in your Harley can significantly increase the flow of air into the engine. 

The upgrade includes a remap of the ECM, which helps to adjust the fuel and air mixture for improved combustion.

This, in turn, will eventually increase the power and torque of your bike, resulting in a more enjoyable riding experience.

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How much does Harley-Davidson Stage 1 cost?

The cost of Harley Davidson Stage 1 upgrade depends on many factors like type of engine, bike model and the type of kit you are getting. 

There are many different types of stage 1 upgrade kits available and the cost also varies among them.

The price of the kit alone can range from $100 to $2,000 in most cases. You will also need to think of labor and service costs if you visit a service center for the upgrade.

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What are some other Harley-Davidson upgrades?

Stage 1 upgrade is not the only upgrade possible on your Harley, it is the basic foundation for other upgrades which includes; stage 2, 3 and 4. Before opting for all these upgrades you need to put stage 1 in place first.

Stage 2 Upgrade

After stage 1, comes the stage 2 upgrade; this is more focused on cam upgrade in your bike. 

In the stage 2, cam is upgraded which allows the valves to open faster to allow more air to enter for combustion. 

Additionally, stage 2 upgrade can increase up to 30% horsepower along with 10% torque.

Stage 3 Upgrade

After stage 2 upgrade you can go for the stage 3 upgrade which adds more improvement in your Harley Davidson. 

In stage 3 upgrade, your bike will get a big bore cylinder along with better cam which will even provide higher lift than stage 2.

The Stage 3 Performance Kit will increase your horsepower by up to 39% while increasing torque by up to 24% over the initial setup.

Stage 4 Upgrade

The Stage 4 upgrade includes adding a larger throttle body and an aluminum manifold which again increases air delivery to the engine at its max. 

However, do keep in mind stage 4 upgrade is highly associated with the Stage 3. Hence, it is important to do all these upgrades periodically in the correct order.

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Harley Davidson is among the most popular bikes around the world. Stage 1 upgrade can make your bike even more stronger, The FAQs below will help you to clear all your confusions related to this. 

Do Stage 1 Upgrade On Harley Davidson Void Warranty?

If you perform a stage 1 upgrade on your Harley Davidson, it doesn’t void the warranty unless the dealership can prove that the upgrade caused damage. It is still crucial to confirm this with your dealership, though, as they might have different rules.

Is It Possible To Install The Stage 1 Kit Myself?

Stage 1 upgrade on a Harley Davidson bike is an easy process and it’s a bolt-on installation which doesn’t require any specialized tools. Additionally, you do not even need to open the engine. So, you can easily do the installation by yourself.

Does Repairing Harleys On My Own Void The Warranty?

When you service your motorcycle yourself at home or have it serviced by a third party shop, neither Harley nor any other brand has the right to invalidate your warranty. However, do keep track of all the changes you make. 


Harley Davidson bikes offer a huge number of customizations to make your ride more comfortable and powerful. 

One such upgrade is Stage 1 which is the foundation of all other stage upgrades. 

It is quite easy to do this upgrade by yourself but if you are not confident you should consult a professional mechanic. 

This will ensure you don’t end up damaging the bike while going for the upgrade.

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