What Are The Best And Worst Years For Harley Sportsters?

Since the first production in 1957, we’ve seen some mind-blowing Harley Sportster models. Among them, 1957, 1969, 2005, 2010, and 2014 are the best years to buy. However, you should avoid 2001, 2004, and 2019. 

Whether you want to buy a used or brand-new one, you need to be aware of the best and worst years for Sportster. As you tend to spend a lot of money, avoiding bad ones and choosing the high-performing Harley Sporster makes too much sense. 

What Are The Best And Worst Years For Sportsters

What Are the Best Years for Sportster? (List of Years)

Harley Sportster is one of the most special editions of the Harley motorbike. Even though the first model was introduced in the long past, the series hasn’t lost popularity. 

But, yes, not all the models can meet users’ expectations. So, here are the models to go with. 

  • 1957 model
  • 1969 model
  • 2005 model
  • 2010 model
  • 2014 model

What Makes Harley Sportster Years Worth Buying?

Once you know some of the worth buying model years for Harley Sportster, you might want to understand why the years are so special. 

Well, in the case of all the best years. Harley Davidson has made some improvements. 

1- Harley Sportster 1957 Model

As you know, this was the very first model of the Harley Sportster that’s worth buying. 

This versatile model of Sportster has been able to amaze bike enthusiasts due to its impressive V2, four-stroke engine with a top speed of 162.0 km/h (100.7 mph). 

In addition, it is lightweight and pretty classic, allowing beginner riders to find greater ease! 

People who didn’t buy any automobiles due to the Second World War found this model fascinating. The Harley 1957 looks more like a British motorbike.

2- Harley Sportster 1969 Model

The most exciting fact about Harley Sportster 1969 is that the National Motorcycle Museum displays this particular motorbike. 

The Harley Sportster 1969 is entirely up to mark from design to performance thanks to the 45° V-Twin engine.

Motorbike enthusiasts at that time preferred motorcycles built with aluminum bodies. 

And the 1969 Harley Sportster just meets the demand. The motorcycle is lightweight, decent in speed, stylish, and more.

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3- Harley Sportster 2005 Model

The Harley Sportster 2005 is one of the most popular motorcycles ever made by Harley Davidson. The best part is that it is affordable. 

The Harley Sportster 2005 comes with XL Evolution 883, which is bare enough regarding the touring bike.

According to Harley Davidson, the 2005 Sportster model year is way more improved than the 2004 model year.

4- Harley Sportster 2010 Model

If you want to go with the latest version of the Harley Sportster, you can find the 2010 model year to meet your demands. 

This particular model is way more unique than any other Harley Davidson motorbike. 

Along with the charming design, the Harley Sportster 2010 is also impressive regarding performance and maintenance. 

In a nutshell, the Harley Sportster 2010 is one of the most reliable motorcycles. 

5- Harley Sportster 2014 Model

Users have seen some significant upgrades take place regarding the 2014 model, even compared with the 2010 model. 

The braking system is more modified and advanced than the Harley Sportster 2010 model. 

In addition, the upgraded hand control feature makes the motorbike even more satisfying.

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What Are the Worst Years for Sportster?

Harley Sportster is well known for some of its impressive models. At the same time, the motorbike has some worse models regarding performance, speed, durability, and more. Some of the worst Harley Sportster years are; 

  • 2001 Model
  • 2004 Model
  • 2019 Model

What Makes Harley Sportster Years Worth Avoiding?

Experts recommend avoiding the worst Harley Sportster due to many recalls. Users haven’t been satisfied after riding the motorbike for a long time.

Harley Sportster 2001 Model

Rough starting is one of the core reasons most users are unsatisfied with this particular Harley Davidson. 

And in most cases, the issue is with the head gasket. Besides, some owners face random hesitation while accelerating the motorcycle. 

Harley Sportster 2004 Model

Random stalling is among the most common issues users experience with the Harley Sportster 2004 model. Harsh engine noise and vibration are the other two most frequent problems of the particular motorbike. 

Besides, the Harley Sporster 2004 has other engine-related problems, like seizing. You can check this video to explore the Harley Sportster engine won’t start issues.

Harley Sportster 2019 Model

Oil leakage is the most common problem with the Harley Sportster 2019 (1200). Though this is a common problem for almost all motorcycles, in the case of the Harley Sportster 2019, this is insane. Besides, users have experienced many electronic and battery-related issues as well. 

We have also seen a recall take place for the Harley Sportster 2019 for headlight failure. And around 31,000 motorcycles were under the recall.

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Tips for Buying a Used Harley Sportster

You shouldn’t randomly buy any used Harley Sporster. And yes, there are a few things you need to consider. These are; 

  • Make sure you are well aware of the model years. (regarding performance)
  • Don’t feel shy to have a test ride. 
  • Know the fuel mileage of the used Harley Sporster. 
  • Prioritize your purpose behind buying the used one.

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Most people want to go with brands when they plan to buy motorbikes. Regarding purchasing the Harley Sportster, the facts remain the same. And so, we find many questions online related to Sportster. Let’s know the answers to them. 

Which Is Better Sportster 883 Or 1200?

One of the most noticeable differences between the Sportster 883 and 1200 is torque. 1200 is more potent than the 883 if torque is a fact of concern. But the 883 is easy to maintain.

What Is High Mileage For A Sportster? 

The high mileage of Sportsters varies depending on what model you are mentioning. However, on average, you can expect to get mileage of 20,000-40,000 miles from your Sportster. If you maintain the motorcycle properly, you can get more mileage. 

Are Sportsters Reliable?

Yes, the Harley Sportster is a reliable motorbike. Over the years, users have shared their positive views about the motorbike’s performance. Well, there are years to avoid, but overall, there are years you choose to get impressive performance. 

Is A Sportster 1200 Too Much For A Beginner?

No. As a beginner rider, you can have impressive comfort while riding the Sportster 1200. You don’t need to worry about its maintenance a lot. Many beginners have found the Sportster 1200 suitable. 

What Is The Rarest Sportster?

There are many rarest Sportster out there all around the world. The first Sportster, manufactured in 1957, is the rarest Sportster ever. We have only seen around 20,000 units produced of the Sportster 1957.

Final Words

Whenever you tend to buy a Harley Sportster, you mightn’t have any confusion as you’ve already known the best and worst years for a Sportster. You can pick used or new ones according to your affordability and choice. 

When purchasing the used one, remain careful to determine significant issues with the motorbike. Then again, do enough research before having one!

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