6 Common Screamin Eagle 110 Engine Problems & Fixes

While the powerful, screamin Eagle 110 V-twin engine garnered a lot of fame and praise, it also received several complaints. Some common screamin Eagle 110 engine problems are – engine overheating, rear cylinder head gasket failure, excessive noise, and oil leaks. 

Fortunately most of these problems were taken care of by Harley Davidson as they introduced many upgrades. 

Nonetheless, you may still face some issues over time. Tag along as we discuss how to troubleshoot the screamin Eagle 110 engine.

Troubleshooting Screamin Eagle 110 Engine

Although the screamin eagle 110 engine is undoubtedly one of the most famous creations by Harley Davidson, it comes with some problems that can overwhelm the user. 

But no worries, we have your back. Check out how you can quickly troubleshoot your screamin Eagle 110 engine below.

1- Engine Overheating

Overheating is a serious problem that can affect the motorcycle’s engine and overall performance.

It usually stems from insufficient airflow and low coolant levels. You should pay attention to the issue, as it can cause long-lasting damage to the engine’s components and even lead to engine failure. 

Regular maintenance is the key to stopping your screamin Eagle 110 engine from overheating. You should always ensure that the coolant level is optimal. 

Moreover, always keep the air filter clean to ensure sufficient airflow over the cylinders so they do not overheat.

2- Rear Cylinder Head Gasket Failure

Rear Cylinder Head Gasket Failure
Rear Cylinder Head Gasket Failure

A common problem with older screamin eagle models is the rear cylinder head gasket failure. It is an essential component that acts as a seal, and any issue with it can lead to oil and coolant leakage, combustion problems, and reduced engine compression.

Common causes of head gasket failure include engine overheating, excessive cylinder pressure, age, poor maintenance, and production defects.

If the head gasket fails, the best solution is to replace it. The steps include removing the cylinder head, cleaning the surface, and installing the new head gasket. 

It would be best to consult an expert or Harley Davidson dealership to find the best solution and cost estimation.

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3- Defective and Noisy Lifter

Issues with defective and noisy lifters were more prevalent in the older models of screamin eagle engines. You will notice a loud banging noise that can increase as you speed up the vehicle. 

Some of the fundamental reasons behind this are – inadequate lubrication, leaky exhaust, a malfunctioning hydraulic tappet, and an overly stiff pushrod. 

First, you must ensure the oil level is accurate, and the engine is adequately lubricated. You may require to repair or replace the exhaust system in case of a leaky exhaust. 

If the hydraulic tappet is not working correctly, you may have to replace it. You need an expert to check and adjust an overly stiff pushrod to solve the issue.

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4- Excessive Oil Consumption and Oil Leaks

The screamin eagle 110 engine also suffered from problems regarding excessive oil consumption and leaks. Oil leaks mostly happen because of detached oil plugs or worn seals. It can happen due to aging. 

Overheating can also cause the seals to deteriorate. Oil leaks require prompt actions as they can lead to inadequate lubrication, causing the components to wear out faster due to friction. 

Detecting a leak should be an easy task. As soon as you confirm the leak, you should take help from a professional to seal or repair it. You may also have to replace any damaged seals.

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5- Cam Chain Tensioner Issues

Cam Chain Tensioner Issues
Cam Chain Tensioner Issues

One of the most common and frequent problems with the screamin eagle 110 engine involves the cam chain tensioner. The cam chain tensioner is associated with maintaining the tension of the timing chain. 

Premature wear, long-term use, and poor maintenance can cause the cam chain tensioner to fail. Any issue with it can disrupt the function of the timing chain, leading to excessive noise, poor performance, and engine damage. 

Primarily, adjusting the cam chain tensioner may solve the issue. However, if the problem recurs, you may have to replace it. 

Replacing the cam chain tensioner in a Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle 110 engine can cost you anywhere from $800 to $1500.

6- Engine Misfiring

Some riders faced screamin eagle engine misfiring issues. It can happen due to clogged fuel injectors, faulty spark plugs, or a defective fuel system.

Over time, the fuel system of your screamin eagle engine can get jammed, causing it to struggle. Some common signs of fuel system issues are – rough idling, stalling, or irregular throttle response. 

You need a professional to check on the spark plugs and the fuel injectors for signs of damage. You may need to replace any failed component. Also, the fuel system needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

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Tip To Prevent Future Screamin Eagle 110 Engine Problems

We understand how frustrating engine problems can be. The following tips can help prevent future problems with your screamin Eagle 110 engine. 

  • Follow the manufacturer-approved maintenance schedule for oil changes, coolant, and air filter replacements. 
  • Use high-grade oils for better lubrication and maintain the oil levels. 
  • Check on the fluid levels regularly and top off as required. 
  • Periodically inspect the fuel injectors, spark plugs, and air filters. Clean and replace as needed.
  • Limit prolonged periods of intense riding to reduce the chances of engine overheating. 
  • Inspect the engine religiously to detect leaks, loose connections, or other signs of damage and ensure prompt actions.
  • Regularly monitor the tire pressure and wheel alignment.
  • Stay informed about the engine’s capabilities.
  • Perform routine maintenance under the supervision of a qualified technician.

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We discussed the common problems and fixes for the screamin Eagle 110 engine. Now let’s look at some common questions users have regarding this engine. 

What Should You Do If You Experience Clutch Issues With The Screamin Eagle 110 Engine?

If you experience clutch issues, like difficulty in engaging gears or clutch slipping, the best course of action is to have an expert inspect and suggest the required fixes. In severe cases, you may require to replace the damaged clutch component.

When Should You Seek Professional Assistance To Fix Screamin Eagle 110 Engine Issues?

If you encounter performance issues and unusual signs regarding the screamin Eagle 110 engine, you should immediately seek professional assistance or consult experienced mechanics to detect and solve the problem. 

What Is The Best Oil Type For The Screamin Eagle 110 Engine?

The best oil type for the Screamin Eagle 110 engine is a high-quality, fully synthetic motor oil, as it offers better performance and shielding than regular oils. However, you must follow the recommended viscosity grade by the manufacturer.

Final Words

Even the best type of engine, like the Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle 110, can encounter sudden breakdowns and problems that can overwhelm the riders. 

Routine inspections, regular maintenance, and professional guidance can help mitigate these problems effectively and prolong engine life.

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