Harley Super Glide Vs Wide Glide- Core Differences Unveiled

The core difference between these two models lies in their design. The Super Glide has a classic design and a smaller front wheel than the Wide Glide. The Wide Glide, on the other hand, has more of a muscular look. 

When it comes to control and stability, you will get better road control from the Super Glide, whereas the Wide Glide ensures better ride stability. Apart from these similarities, these two have many things in common. 

If you want to select one that suits your needs and preferences, read further to learn about them in detail.

Harley Davidson Super Glide Specs

Harley-Davidson Super Glide is one of the most popular models of the Harley-Davidson FX series, which was introduced in 1971.  

Since then, the line-up introduced different variations and customizations of the model. The Super Glide is a classic design that captures the attention of youngsters who love roady styles. 

Even though, due to several updates and reconstructions, the model has faded out a bit, it still offers a powerful performance on the roads, especially in urban areas. 

You will get superior performance with the powerful engine and exceptional control system. Navigating in rough conditions will never be a problem with this one. 

Engine Displacement 1585 CC
Engine TypeTwin Cam 88
Torque130 NM
Mileage15 KMPL
Tyre TypeTubeless

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Harley Davidson Wide Glide Specs

The first production of the Wide Glide was in  1992 as a part of the Harley-Davidson Dyna series. Since then, it passed 19 generations until it was discontinued. 

The masculine design of the Harley-Davidson Wide Glide embodies power the minute you look at it. 

Everyone’s attention goes right to the wide front end, including a more extensive front wheel. In addition, the iconic profile with a low-slung stance brings you confidence every time you ride. 

Not only the head-turning design but the extraordinary handling capacity is also mentionable. 

This offers outstanding navigation on the highways with better stability. Your adrenaline rush will boost up the moment you hear the engine rumbling. 

Engine Displacement1584 CC
Engine TypeTwin Cam 96
Torque127 NM
BrakesFront Brake: Single 300mm DiscRear Brake: Single 292mm
Fuel Capacity17.8 L
Tyre TypeTubeless 

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What Are the Similarities Between Harley’s Super Glide and Wide Glide?

The Harley-Davidson Super Glide and Wide Glide belong to the same Dyna family. So, it’s inevitable that they bear some resemblance. Here are the top similarities that we found: 

  • Engine: The first similarity that matters the most is that both of these models feature twin-cam engines. Thus, you will get a classic Harley rumble and performance from both of them. 
  • Suspension: You will notice a telescopic fork front suspension in both of the models. They also have twin shocks at the rear.
  • Transmission: Both models come with a 6-speed transmission. As a result, you will get a smooth gear shift every time. The power delivery is also a catch for both. 
  • Fuel System: You will get extended fuel efficiency through both due to the usage of electronic sequential port fuel injection (ESPFI).
  • Brakes: Both models have disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. You can stop the vehicle anywhere, which is highly reliable and responsive. 
  • Frame and Chassis: Both of the models have a similar frame and chassis layout if you pay attention. Thus, stability and control are almost identical.

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Harley Davidson Super Glide Vs Wide Glide: Quick Comparison Table

As we intend to look into the details, here comes a quick glimpse of highlighting the significant dissimilarities:

SpecificationsWide GlideSuper Glide
Front End WideNarrow
ControlsGood forward controlsGood mid controls
Good For Longer ridesShorter rides 
Ride Quality Better Average 
Cost Expensive Reasonable 

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What are the Differences Between Harley Super Glide and Wide Glide?

The differences between these two models are quite insignificant, except for the designs. 

However, the differences may vary depending on the model variation you get. As you already know the differences, let’s look more closely at them:

Front end

The Wide Glide has a wider front end, as the name suggests. The design gives it a masculine and bolder appearance. Moreover, the broader stance makes a presence on the road that is noticed by all. 

But you will get a narrower front end from the Super Glide. It looks more streamlined and classic. This leaves less space for the rider’s comfort. 


Riders mention that the Wide Glide gives off slightly more vibration than the Super Glide. 

But this depends on the ride and other attributes as well. As you will get more accommodation, the vibration in the Wide Glide doesn’t make a big issue.


In terms of noise, the Super Glide is a bit louder than the Wide Glide. The overall design and exhaust system impact noise production. 

Also, the ride influences it to an extent. When the motorcycles are speedy, the throttle input may cause loud noises in both. 


You will get better forward controls from the wide glide. As a result, you can ride with comfort as the foot positioning is slightly further forward. 

However, the Super Glide features mid controls, so your foot will remain closer to you. 

Ride Quality

The wider front end offers better ride quality in the Wide Glide. As you gain more space, you can ride comfortably. Therefore, you will have better stability and control. 

On the contrary, the Super Glide may fall a bit behind due to the narrower design.

That’s why riders suggest taking the Wide Glide when opting for a long ride. For shorter rides, Super Glide is good to go. 


The unique attributes and ride quality of the Wide Glide increase the cost a bit. But the price difference between the Wide Glide and the Super Glide is trivial. 

The pricing may vary depending on the customizations and additional features based on the model.

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Harley Super Glide or Wide Glide: Which One to Choose?

Both of them are perfect when it comes to their performances. So, the choice depends on your preference. 

If you prefer a wider appearance and more space, the Wide Glide should be your choice. But, if you like a narrower front end, then the Super Glide can be a better choice.

Another thing is that the Wide Glide’s forward controls may be preferable for longer rides or touring. 

However, if you prefer a sportier riding position, the Super Glide will be a good choice for you in this case, even on longer rides. 


Now that you know almost everything about these two models, let’s find additional information to help you make your choice. 

What Makes A Wide Glide Different?

The Harley-Davidson Wide Glide stands out due to its classic style and design. The masculine appearance of the wider front end makes it more appealing. Besides, it is equipped with forward controls, providing riders with a comfortable position.

How Wide Is A Super Glide?

The width of a Harley-Davidson Super Glide can vary depending on the specific model. It is narrower than the Wide Glide. The width usually remains within the range of 34 to 37 inches.

Why Is It Called A Wide Glide?

The name Harley-Davidson Wide Glide comes from the wide front-end design. It has a wide fork, wider handlebars, and a larger front wheel, making it look like a beast on the road. 

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