Milwaukee Eight 107 Vs 114: Head-To-Head Comparison!

After hours of research, we’ve found a few dissimilarities between the Milwaukee Eight 107 and 114, including performance, acceleration, power delivery, and more. Several similarities were also noticeable in their torque and engine type.

Note that these engines are made for meeting the needs and preferences of different riders. So there is no chance of prioritizing one over the other in every aspect, getting confused? Well, let’s jump into the detailed comparison! 

Overview of Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight 107

CriteriaMilwaukee Eight 107 Engine Specs
Engine typeTwin-cooled
Extra torque10% more than the previous engines
Idle speedlow
Charging output50% faster

Harley Davidson has launched a new Milwaukee Eight 107 engine for their touring motorcycles. As touring vehicles require powerful and massive torque, the 107 powertrain features these specs. 

Specifically, it has 10% more added torque than the older models. The extra torque aids in supplying more horsepower and faster acceleration.

This engine runs low on idle speed. And it maximizes the safety feature, as a low-speed idle engine provides more control while riding a motorcycle. Also, such optimal idle prevents wear and tear from forming on the engine earlier than expected. 

What amazes us about the Milwaukee 107 engine is that it provides 50% faster charging output for the accessories of the bike! This increased charging speed meets the need for increased touring.

Overview of Milwaukee Eight 114

CriteriaMilwaukee Eight Engine 114 Specs
Engine typeTwin-cooled
Extra torque10% extended
Idle speedHigher
Charging output50% faster

The Milwaukee Eight 114 belongs to the touring line of Harley Davidson motorcycles. It was launched in 2017 with more torque, better displacement, and a higher compression ratio. 

Its higher compression makes the engine more powerful. Because superior compression increases thermal efficiency, which utilizes the heat energy at most to provide more power. 

We really appreciate the manufacturer’s move to make the engine larger to increase its power efficiency. The larger 114 powertrain provides better displacement. In other words, the engine moves more air and fuel. As a result, it produces relatively more power.

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Similarities between Milwaukee Eight 107 and 114

As the Milwaukee 107 and 144 engines belong to the same family of touring line V-twin engines, they do share some similar features. And here, we have listed some common features between them: 

  • They both produce 10% more torque than their older-generation engine models
  • Their low profile shape provides easy access to the ground and improved legroom
  • During the idle, both of them vibrate less. Therefore, bikers experience a smoother ride
  • These engines have an improved heat management system. Therefore, the bike units absorb less heat and deliver passenger comfort.

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Milwaukee Eight 107 Vs 114: Quick Comparison Chart

Harley Davidson has maintained its iconic look and improved fit in its 107 and 114 models of the Milwaukee-Eight series. And both of these powerhouses are configured with more torque for better acceleration and performance. 

Let us give a quick comparison chart to highlight their similarities and dissimilarities: 

CriteriaMilwaukee 107Milwaukee 114
Displacement107 cu inches or 1750cc114 cu inches or 1870cc
Torque111.4 ft–lb3250 rpm124 ft-lb3250 rpm
Fuel economy45 mpg43 mpg

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What Are the Differences Between Milwaukee Eight 107 and 114

Just because both engines deliver the same amount of massive extra torque does not mean that they do not provide different performance and features. So let us help you out with their noticeable differences, from power to temperature control: 


The Milwaukee 114 has slightly better displacement than the 107 models. The former has an 1870cc engine capacity, whereas the latter is 1750cc. So, the 114 powertrain gets more space to move more air and burn more fuel, which results in increased power. 

Although the 107 model does provide more power than the previous 103 and 110, the Milwaukee 107 lags slightly in comparison to the 114’s power output. The improved displacement rate assists in achieving higher speed while riding the 114-configured bike. 


The 114 accelerates a tad bit faster than the 107. Specifically, during 0–60 mph acceleration, the Milwaukee-Eight 114 shows an almost 8% faster acceleration rate. 

Compared to the previous models, the 107 powertrain shows 11% faster acceleration. But it does not outperform the acceleration rate of 114 units.

Temperature Control

Both engines absorb less heat, so riders can ride comfortably. However, the lower compression rate of the 107 Milwaukee makes it a cool-burning unit. Consequently, it does not overheat often, which lowers the maintenance frequency of the combustion chamber. 

However, the 114 engine specs raise the engine temperature. So, temperature control is better with the 107 Milwaukee.

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Which One Is Better: 107 Vs. 114?

Indeed, there is no definite winner between the 107 and 117 Milwaukee engines, because both of them serve multiple purposes according to different preferences and contexts. 

For instance, bikers that go on long-distance trips need to save on fuel economy. And as the 107 has a smaller displacement, it consumes less fuel than the Milwaukee 114. As a result, there is no need to add fuel often, and it saves bucks on expensive fuel. 

Also, those who are conscious of the environment prefer less carbon and Nitrogen emission. In that case, only the 107 engine can provide a low emission rate, thanks to the lower compression and displacement rates!

On the contrary, if smoother performance and consistent power delivery are your prime concerns, we’d recommend the 114 engine. With this engine, riding a touring bike feels steadier and more instantaneous.

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The Milwaukee 107 and 114 comparisons might confuse you over which one can match your needs and preferences. So, we have listed down some common queries that may help you a bit in your decision-making:

What is the price range of Milwaukee Eight 107 and 114 engines?

The Milwaukee 107 Eight powertrains are relatively cheaper than the 114 unit. The 107 can cost approximately $22335, and the latter costs $24600. As the 114-power unit has more advanced engine capacity and performance benefits, it is pricier. 

Is Milwaukee 107 better than the 114 series?

It depends on the preferences of the biker and the needs of the motorcycle specs. For saving fuel and maintenance costs of the engine and bike accessories, the 107 is the ideal choice. Whereas the 114 is a good fit if you talk from a riding perspective.

Do Milwaukee 107 and 114 engines produce noise pollution?

No, the Milwaukee Eight series, including the 107 and 114 models, stay quiet enough while performing. Their design and specs block the loud intake sound. Also, their lightweight valves and units lower the mechanical sound to make the engines quiet by nature.


The detailed comparison of Milwaukee eight 107 vs 114 draws a line between how they can be a bit similar yet different as well. Their manufacturer has integrated them with the basic features of touring engines. 

Additionally, they have made sure to configure different specs so that they meet numerous requirements. If you are considering buying one, always buy from the manufacturer or authorized dealers to avoid getting a defective unit!

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