Harley Davidson Road King Vs Street Glide: Which One Is Better? 

One of the key differences between Harley Davidson Road King and Street Glide is their design and look. The Road King has a classical look and is designed for comfortable riding, whereas the Street Glide is more stylish and built with modern features. 

However, this is not their only distinction from one another. There are some other differences as well, and you should know them too. 

To aid you in choosing the best one, we will discuss their similarities, differences, and other criteria in detail. So, keep on reading. 

An Overview of Harley Davidson Road King 

Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle is one of the best touring motorcycles for comfortable, long-distance rides. It is a big, lean, and traditional touring motorcycle. 

Additionally, it has an upright riding space with a comfy seat for the rider and the passenger. Harley’s Road King motorcycle also offers enough torque for day-long cruising. 

It is also known for better linear performance and handling. Therefore, it features stock saddlebags, floorboards, standard cruise control, crash bars, and electronically linked braking. 

Good Sides 

  • Comfortable, affordable, and adequate riding space
  • Top-notch built and riding quality
  • Large windscreen
  • Massive visual appearance
  • Higher reliability score


  • Difficult to drive in slow traffic
  • Heavyweight 

An Overview of Harley Davidson Street Glide 

Street Glide is another popular two-wheeler from the Harley Davidson touring motorcycle series. 

It comes with more sleek and upright features. Apart from basic touring characteristics, it is known for its unique features. 

The most significant feature of this motorcycle is its batwing fairing. It gives protection against bugs and wind for more comfortable riding. 

Another signature feature of Harley’s Street Glide is the large TFT display and Boom Box infotainment system with speakers.

It allows riders to enjoy music while undergoing silence or avoiding the noise on the road. 

Good Sides 

  • Premium and sleek design
  • Powerful engine for higher speed 
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Advanced safety features 
  • Comfortable riding for all riders 


  • Higher price point and maintenance costs
  • Not a good choice for beginner Harley riders

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Similarities In Road King And Street Glide Motorcycles

Harley Davidson Road King and Street Glide share the same engine, transmission, and other features. 

Here are the most common features that these two Harley-Davidson motorcycles share: 

Criteria Road KingStreet Glide
Engine Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-Twin 
Transmission Six-speed Six-speed 
Cooling system Air-cooled Air-cooled 
Starter Electric Electric
Fuel Capacity 6 gallons 6 gallons 
Low Fuel Warning 
Fuel Gauge 
Electronic Linked Braking

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Harley Davidson Road King Vs Street Glide: Comparison Table 

We now know that Harley Davidson Road King and Street Glide share similar features. As a result, the choice between them can be confusing. 

So, here’s a comparison table to show you the most common differences between them so that you can make a choice: 

Criteria Road King Street Glide 
Construction Slicer II cast aluminum wheelsEnforcer II cast aluminum wheels
LookVintage Modern
Windscreen LargeSmall
GaugesFuel tank-mountedFairing-mounted
Passenger Seat More comfortable Least comfortable 
HeadlampsHiawatha One round 
Infotainment system NoYes
Side Mirror Handlebars-mountedFairing-mounted
PriceMore expensive Less expensive 

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What are the Differences Between Harley Davidson’s Road King and Street Glide? 

Harley Davidson’s Road King and Street Glide have unique features and technologies. So, it might be tricky to choose any one from these two. 

Thus, the following differences will help you to figure out the comparison between Road King and Street Glide. 

Design and Look 

Despite having similar base structures and engine, overall look and design is the most distinctive difference between Harley Davidson Road King and Street Glide. The Road King is aesthetically more pleasing than the Street Glide. 

It has a more classical look with a chrome finish, while the Street Glide has a clearer, bagger-style look. 

Moreover, the Road King motorcycles feature traditional chrome Hiawatha headlamps, headlights, and taillights. They are also LED-lit. 

The Street Glide, on the other hand, features a halogen-lit headlight and LED-lit taillight. It also gets a smaller windscreen compared to the Road King. 


The fairing is another primary difference between Harley Davidson Road King and Street Glide. 

Harley’s Road King has a front fork-mounted fairing, whereas the Street Glide includes a front-end-mounted fairing. 

The large front-end-mounted or batwing fairing gives you a more comfortable ride even in cold weather conditions.

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This is one of the most crucial things to consider when choosing between a Road King and a Street Glide motorcycle. 

Though both of them are comfortable enough as touring bikes, each of them has some unique comfort zones that you must consider before making a purchase. 

Harley Davidson’s Road King motorcycles have more comfortable touring seats with enough room for riders and passengers. 

It also has an upright riding position with mid-mounted handlebars and front-mounted floorboards. Additionally, it gives lumbar support to the rider for more comfortable touring. 

In contrast, the passenger seat of Street Glide needs to be upgraded for a more commanding and comfortable ride. 

But the unique ergonomics will give the vehicle a natural upright riding space. 

Forward-set floorboards, foot controls, and a lower seat height of 26.1 inches also make the bike suitable for taller and shorter cruisers.

Engine and Performance 

Both the Street Glide and Road King motorcycles from Harley Davidson get the Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin engine aided by a six-speed transmission. The engine can produce 93 hp and a torque of 150.5 Nm. 

However, there isn’t much to compare between Road King and Street Glide; the Street Glide has a slightly larger V-twin engine than the Road King. 

The 1868cc Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine on Street Glide motorcycles allows you to run up to 150 mph in the top gear easily. 

On the other hand, the 1746cc engine on Road King will make it slightly harder to get 150+ mph speed. But it can also be possible with an optional windscreen. 

Technology and Features 

When it comes to technology and features, both the Road King and Street Glide have unique features and technologies to be the best touring bikes. 

But the Street Glide might have a unique feature, the Boom Box 4.3 infotainment system; for other differences in features and technology, see the table below.

Criteria Road King Street Glide 
Category Touring Touring 
Capacity 1746 cc1868 cc
ABSOptional Optional 
Launch Control 
Cruise Control StandardStandard 
Infotainment Boom Box
Speakers Two


The price is another crucial difference between Harley’s Street Glide and Road King vehicles. The Harley Davidson Street Glide comes at a higher price than the Road King. 

Variant Road King Street Glide 
Vivid Black$19,110$21,430
Two-tone paint $19,799——
Hard Candy Custom $21,399$23,999
Color $19,449$21,499

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Road King or Street Glide: Which Bike to Choose? 

Harley Davidson Road King and Street Glide are comfortable, valuable, and offer efficient riding. 

So, which Harley motorcycle is right for you, will completely depend on your personal preference and choices. 

However, the Road King might be better if you prefer a more upright riding position and a vintage look. 

On the other hand, if you want a more modern and luxurious one, you can simply go for the Street Glide. 


Are you still confused about making a choice between Harley Davidson Road King and Harley Davidson Street Glide? Then, the following FAQs will help you to do it more easily: 

Road King Vs. Street Glide: Which Is More Comfortable? 

Harley Davidson Road King is seemingly more comfortable due to its upright sitting position, large windscreen, and front-mounted floorboards. 

Which Is Shorter, Road King And Street Glide? 

The Harley Davidson Street Glide may seem slightly shorter than Harley’s Road King vehicles. It also has a lower seat height of 26.1 inches and a lower chassis. 

Are The Road King And Street Glide Both Easy To Handle?  

Harley’s Road King and Street Glide are both easy to handle. They have great maneuverability, comfort, and handling.

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