Harley Davidson Power Vision Tuner Problems [Solved]

The power vision tuner in your Harley Davidson often runs into problems like display blacking out, difficulty connecting the tuner, performance lags, and power vision freezing completely. 

The primary job of the power vision tuner is to ensure proper tuning of the bike to enhance performance and increase fuel efficiency. But instead, some mistakes and internal issues can deter its usual functions.

In the sections below, let us look at those problems and their probable solutions!

Troubleshooting And Fix For Harley Davidson Power Vision Tuner Problems 

Tuning your bike to enhance its performance is the job of the power tuner. But this advantage of tuning multiple things gets corrupted due to some external and internal issues. 

As a result, you don’t get the outcome you expected from the power vision tuner. 

We have figured out some of the common issues relevant to the tuner. Let’s discuss them and learn the troubleshooting techniques in the sections below.

1- Faulty Connections

Faulty Connections
Faulty Connections

The faults or difficulties in connecting the power vision tuner and your bike are prevalent. 

Incompatibility with the model or damaged adapter are mainly the reasons for connection failure with your Harley Davidson. 

There will be scenarios where the tuner gets connected but loses immediately. It will eventually deter the functions of tuning in the midway. 

This thing is harmful to the bike as it would reduce the performance efficiency of the bike instead of increasing it. 

The first step in solving the problem is determining whether your Harley is compatible with the tuner. If there’s no issue with the compatibility, it must be a thing with faulty adapter cables.

In this regard, the solution is to change the adapter cable to a new one. It will cost you about $34 for the replacement.

2- Freezing

While auto-tuning the Harley Davidson, there are often instances of Power Vision completely freezing. 

Several possible reasons can be behind this problem, but sometimes the exact reason remains unknown. 

The Power Vision tuner will likely freeze, especially when the adapter cable is closer to the spark plugs or ignition coils. 

But when you tape the adapter on the upper of your fuel tank, chances are low for cable being the issue. Whatever the reasons, the fix for this problem is resetting the tuner. 

A simple reset will revert everything to the factory settings. Let us have a look at the steps to carry out the resetting process:

  • Download the recovery file from the Dynojet website and save that file in your local drive
  • Hold the power button of the Power Vision and use USB to plug in the power vision in your computer 
  • Check whether “Recovery Mode” appears in the Power Vision screen
  • Choose the option for launching ”Power Vision Update Client “
  • Focus on the “PV Firmware”
  • Choose “Update from local file “
  • Now, select “PV Recovery “
  • Point to the downloaded file
  • End the installation and then update the firmware

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3- Performance Lags

The power vision tuner not giving the output as expected might be a concern for you. It hampers the motorcycle’s performance and prevents it from maximum efficiency

The reasons behind the issues with performance are several. It could be due to the improper installation of the tuner or the already malfunctioning engine in the motorcycle. 

In addition, your Harley Davidson model incompatible with the power vision can be another issue.

That said, fixing the below-average performance is fixable through some rigorous processing. Let’s look at the steps mentioned below:

  • Crosscheck the tuner settings 
  • Inspect whether correct values are input in the tuner for your bike model
  • Adjust the values for input accordingly as per motorcycle needs
  • Carry out the tuning in phases rather than overdoing it
  • Take a test ride, and after that, retune 
  • Inspect whether there are any noticeable improvements in the performance 

4- Faulty Power Supply Issue

A malfunctioning power supply would disregard the map settings. It would deter the auto-tuning due to an open-loop situation. 

The band sensors required for auto-tuning would require a closed loop in the tuner. 

It is always due to some existing map settings that prevent such functions. You can prevent this problem by fixing or replacing the power sensor.

We suggest a mechanic consultation regarding this problem as this requires complex fixing. It would cost around $500-1500 for the regulator and $140-180 for labor.

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Tips To Prevent Power Vision Tuner Issues On Harley Davidson

The power vision tuner’s primary job is to fine-tune your bike and enhance performance. 

Issues in the tuner itself are a significant obstacle to meeting its core objective. 

That’s why we are sharing a few tips below that will help you to avoid these issues:

  • Always keep your power vision tuner updated with the latest version of software and firmware
  • Take proper measures so that the tuner doesn’t have any corrosion or rusting on the internal components 
  • Prevent dust and debris accumulation by regularly cleaning the tuner with a soaked or damp cloth
  • Ensure that the wires or cables are appropriately secured and aren’t susceptible to any damage 
  • Protect the tuner against all types of electromagnetic radiation
  • Don’t try to customize or manipulate the default settings of the tuner

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Is It Safe To Drive Harley With Power Vision Tuner Problems?

The problematic Power Vision tuner hinders a lot of tuning and performance-enhancing functions of your Harley. 

Since the tuner is an aftermarket product, we don’t recommend riding your Harley with issues.

There are issues with the engine that can be affected by the already affected tuner. The faulty tuner will end up reducing the engine and also the fuel efficiency. 

Moreover, the better approach for you would be immediately replacing or fixing the tuner. 

Riding your Harley Davidson with the existing issues would hamper bike performance drastically.

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Tuning constantly focuses on improving what you seek from the bike. But the faulty tuner would do the opposite, and there are a lot of queries regarding it. Let us have a look at those.

Does The Power Vision Tuner Come With Harley Davidson?

Power Vision tuner is an aftermarket component that doesn’t come with Harley Davidson. It would cost you at least $700, irrespective of your version.

How Does The Power Vision Work?

The working procedure of Power Vision is setting up the tuning in a temporary state and maximizing the data collection. After that, it involves its mechanism in the correction generation. 

What Is A Power Vision License?

It is a license that enables motorcycles to be added to the Power Vision for tuning. Each motorcycle added has its own tune code.

Final Thoughts

For a smooth bike tuning experience, Power Vision should remain free from every complication. 

You should avoid tampering or poor maintenance involving the Power Vision module.

Because an improper module means faulty tuning, which will eventually decrease the efficiency of your Harley. We hope that serves your case, and if you have anything else you want to know, reach out.

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