3 Common Harley Davidson Kickstand Problems [Solutions Included!] 

The most common problems with the Harley Davidson kickstand include, but are obviously not limited to, the fact that the kickstand does not swing up tight against the motorcycle frame, the kickstand folds in when the Harley bike is parked downhill, and some of the users of the Harley bikes often complain about stuck or unstable kickstands. 

Is only knowing the problems enough? Of course not! You may also need effective and easy solutions to resolve the raised issues. That is why to save you from the frustration of searching for the solution to the kickstand problems, we are here to assist you. Keep on reading to learn more.

Troubleshooting And Fix For Harley Davidson Kickstand Problems  

It is no denying that there are a few substitutes for the Harley Davidson bikes for an aggressive ride on the road. 

But like any other bike, the kickstand often runs into issues. Obviously, the kickstand is not fool-proof and you have to deal with some problems. What are they, and how do we resolve them? Let us get into the details.

1- The kickstand does not swing up tight against the motorcycle frame

 The kickstand does not swing up tight against the motorcycle frame

One of the most common problems that Harley Davidson bikers face with their kickstand is that it becomes loose. It means, the kickstand does not swing up tight against the motorcycle frame. 

The problem is somehow self-explanatory of what can be the faults behind it! It is the faulty springs. 

Occasionally, the springs can become lower than any other frame parts and can be damaged by a speed bump. 

To solve the issue, you must now swap out the kickstand’s springs. In the replacement process, the part itself can cost you as little as $5 to as much as $16 only.

You can also check out the below video tutorial for details. 

2- kickstand folds in when the Harley bike is parked downhill

While surfing on the different Harley Davidson forums, we see many of the users’ complaints about unstable kickstands. According to them, the kickstand folds in when the Harley bike is parked downhill and not in gear. 

Due to the deteriorating pivot bushings of the kickstand, the bike finds difficulty standing in its position. It can also happen because of the faulty locking tab. 

The best bet to resolve the problem is to check the locking tab and the bushings of the kickstand. 

If the bushings are worn out, replace them with new ones. Tighten up the welded locking tab of the kickstand to make it more secure.

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3- Kickstand Becomes Stuck

The issue seems to be quite common for Harley Davison users. The bikers of the Davidson often complain that sometimes the kickstand gets stuck and they have to give the kickstand a heel kick to make it back up. 

Actually, what happens is that the kickstand becomes a little stiff due to the gunk or grease and requires some lubrication. 

So hopefully a little lubrication on the kickstand can do all. If still, the issue persists, check for the bushing or springs.

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Tips To Avoid Harley Kickstand Problems

As you can see, kickstands, like any other Harley Davidson motorcycles, occasionally have problems. 

But thankfully, certain things can provide 360º care for the Harley Davidson kickstand minimizing its issues. For instance-

  • Clean the kickstand in a regular interval to keep it functional. 

You can use cleaning products like lithium soap base grease for this purpose. 

  • Avoid using any brake cleaner for cleaning the kickstand as it would really destroy any wiring or any sensitive parts of it. 
  • Whenever you are about to go on a ride with your Harley Davidson, ensure the kickstand is secured before taking off. 
  • Check the kickstand for bent or damages. 

If it is, repair or replacement is recommended. 

  • If you see the kickstand is loose, check for the springs or bushings. 
  • Be extra cautious when riding on asphalt.

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Is It Safe To Drive Harley With Kickstand Problems?

On Harley Davidson bikes, a kickstand or jiffy stand is an important feature as it prevents the bike from tipping over when it is parked. Moreover, the kickstand helps to keep the bike in its position. 

But is it safe to drive with a faulty kickstand, like when it is loose or when it is down due to the faults? 

Then, let me tell you, it is not recommended to drive a bike with a kickstand down or a loose one. 

It is because if you drive your Harley Davidson bike with a down or loose kickstand, it can make the bike tip over at any time. 

So, of course, it can be a risk to your road safety. That is why, according to the experts, it is best to make sure that the bike’s kickstand is up and the bike is on a level surface before you even start the engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know some more queries have popped up in your mind after reading this write-up. So here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to know.

Does Harley Davidson Have A Warranty For The Kickstand? 

You can expect to have a warranty on the kickstand as Harley Davidson covers one year or 12-month warranty for parts and accessories. But you should keep in mind that the warranty does not cover the changes caused by normal wear/ tear or improper maintenance and cleaning. 

Can You Turn A Harley On Its Kickstand?

Yes, you can turn a Harley Davidson bike on its kickstand. You just need to keep your bike in full first gear and lift the bike from the rear tire. But it is recommended not to do so because if you do it wrong, you can hurt yourself or break down the kickstand of the Harley Davidson. 

Is A Kickstand Necessary For A Harley Davidson Bike?

A Harley Davidson bike needs a kickstand to keep the bike in its upright position. It allows the motorcycle in its position without leaning on any other subject. Without a kickstand, the bike cannot do so on its own. 

Why Does Harley Call A Kickstand A Jiffy Stand?

On the older HD models of Harley Davidson bikes, it has center stands inside the rear fender. It requires the operator to lift the whole back of the bike to swing it. A Jiffy Stand is the easiest solution, as it can stand up the bike without getting any hernia. It distinguishes the center stand from the kickstand.

Final Words

Well, we think it is a leave-taking time! Resolving the Harley Davidson kickstand problems is not a frustrating matter anymore and we hope so. 

With regular maintenance and upkeep of the kickstand of your Harley Davidson, you can expect a well-working kickstand for a long time. 

Unfortunately, whenever it shows any issues, resolving them is the best bet over replacing. Hope our guide will be enough to help you with that!

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