Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries? (Leader in Quality)

East Penn Manufacturing (Deka) has been the primary manufacturer of Harley-Davidson batteries. This brand manufactures lead-acid, lithium -ion and absorbed glass matt batteries for different Harley motorcycles. 

But, is East penn the only provider? Or who else produces these batteries? If you’re a Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, and want to know more, Let’s get straight to the answers. 

Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries?

Battery is one of those important parts of Harley Davidson motorcycles that the company outsources. 

So, from the very beginning, Harley-Davidson has been collaborating with numerous motorcycle manufacturers to make batteries for their different motorcycle models. 

Currently, East Penn Manufacturing Company aka Deka is the official supplier for Harley’s OEM batteries. Before Deka, Yuasa manufactured the batteries for Harley Davidson with a great reputation. 

Unfortunately, in the early 2000s, the company lost their right to produce Harley batteries and Deka got that opportunity.  

East Penn Manufacturing is one of the most demanding battery suppliers in today’s world. 

It manufactures standard and high-quality batteries for both automobiles and motorcycles. Furthermore, their company makes almost all the types of batteries that Harley Davidson uses.

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Where Are Harley Davidson Batteries Manufactured? 

Harley-Davidson batteries are manufactured in Pennsylvania, United States. East Penn’s 520-acre battery manufacturing complex is in Berks County, and the company produces the batteries there. 

The company has chosen PA (Pennsylvania) for their business as it is the fourth-most populous business state in the US. 

There is availability of all necessary resources and the best ways for international trading. 

But the most important reason why Harley batteries are made there is that one of the biggest Harley-Davidson motorcycle manufacturer complexes is located in York, Pennsylvania.   

So, there is a great demand for the Deka batteries in PA. It is also easier to export these batteries to other states of the USA and outside the country as well.

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Types of Harley Davidson Batteries

Due to different motorcycle models and features, Harley Davidson needs to use different batteries for their motorcycles. The types of battery that most Harley motorcycle models use are the following: 

Lithium-ion Battery 

Lithium-ion Battery 
Lithium-ion Battery 

Lithium-ion battery is the best type of battery Deka made for Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

These batteries are super durable. They also require least maintenance but provide the best performance. 

In addition, lithium-ion batteries are lightweight too. They also have higher amp-hour ratings than any other Harley Davidson battery. 

Deka makes this type of battery to increase Harley motorcycles’ performance and make riding more smooth and comfortable.    

Lead-acid Battery 

Lead-acid Battery 
Lead-acid Battery 

Lead-acid battery is the traditional type of battery used in previous models of Harley Davidson motorcycles. 

This type of battery needs regular maintenance and extra care as it is not split-proof. 

The battery should be refilled when it discharges. It also needs to be changed frequently. But lead-acid batteries are simple to manufacture and inexpensive. 

Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat Battery
Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries are more efficient and environment friendly than regular batteries. 

They also last longer and increase safety. Additionally, the glass mat batteries are super spill-proof and vibration resistant. 

However, it is assumed that the glass mat batteries are the developed version of traditional lead-acid batteries. 

Deka seals these batteries to ensure that they’re maintenance free. Thus, Harley motorcycles with AGM batteries are super cool and the best performers.

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Are Harley Davidson Batteries Any Good?  

Deka manufacturers use high-end materials and technologies to provide high performing Harley Davidson batteries. 

Harley assures the quality of their batteries and users also agree. Now let’s see what makes the Harley’s batteries so good: 


When it comes to durability, Harley batteries are better than any other batteries in the motorcycle industry. Deka maintains the highest standard and quality while making these batteries. 

As a result, these batteries are adjustable for almost all weather conditions. Whether the weather is too humid or too dry, or the temperature is too low or too high, Harley’s batteries will still work well. 

Additionally, most Harley batteries are resistant to wear and tear. Because of these high-end qualities, these batteries are super durable and long lasting. 


One of the most significant qualities of Harley Davidson batteries is their reliability. They are one of the most safe and prominent battery chemistries. 

Deka has been producing Harley batteries for almost two decades and hopefully will be. 

It’s because their batteries are trustworthy and consistently dependable. They provide excellent electrical reliability. 

Although the safety features and other features of these batteries can vary by their model, they are overall good and reliable.

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AGM Technology 

The latest versions of Harley Davidson batteries use the AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology. It makes the batteries safer than lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. 

Harley’s AGM batteries are also resistant to vibration and erosion. They also offer long service and make the Harley Davidson motorcycles lighter. 

Great Performers 

Now there must be no doubt that Harley’s batteries are  great performers. They are able to deliver high power on demand. 

These batteries also have better starting power as well as higher discharging and recharging capabilities. 

Money Saving 

We already know that Harley-Davidson batteries offer long lasting service. So, you don’t need to change the battery more often. 

They also require least maintenance and protect other parts of the bike. In this way, the Harley batteries are definitely a money saving option for Harley-Davidson bikers.

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Alternative Brands Who Make Harley Davidson Batteries 

When it comes to alternative brands for Harley Davidson batteries, there are numerous options. 

You can go for any one of those as your need and motorcycle’s requirements. Here are top 5 most dependable brands for Harley motorcycle batteries: 

  • GS Yuasa
  • Chrome Battery 
  • Shorai 
  • Weize 


As we told you before, there is not enough information on Harley Davidson batteries on forums, you may still have more queries about it. So, we’ve added more information in the following FAQ segment: 

How Much Do Harley Davidson Batteries Cost? 

A high-quality Harley Davidson OEM battery will cost around $150 to $300, while a decent-quality Harley Davidson aftermarket battery will cost between $60 and $150. The pricing will also vary depending on the model of your Harley and the type of battery it requires. 

Where Can I Get Harley Batteries? 

It may be difficult to get Harley-Davidson batteries in local shops. But you can search on online sales networks like Walmart, Amazon, or eBay. You can also inquire on Harley-Davidson forums for the best sellers. 

What Is The Lifespan Of Deka Harley-Davidson Batteries? 

An OEM Harley Davidson motorcycle’s battery will last about 4 to 5 years with proper maintenance. In some cases, the Harley batteries are also proven to run more than 7 years. 


Harley Davidson motorcycles are one of the best motorcycles in the world and their batteries too. 

With 300 CCA rating and AGM technology, Harley’s motorcycle batteries get extended lifespan and reliability. 

However, while choosing an OEM or aftermarket Harley Davidson battery, must check the compatibility and CCA of the battery. 

Also, make sure that you’ve chosen the right kind of battery for your Harley motorcycle.

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