Harley Davidson Fluid Capacity Chart: A Must-Read Resource

Depending on the model and type of fluid, the fluid capacity varies. In the case of engine oil, it is 1-4 quarts. Knowing the Harley Davidson fluid capacity chart makes too much sense as an owner or as a potential buyer.

Sometimes you need to estimate how many miles you can go with a full tank before needing to stop for refueling. More the capacity the further you go. Let’s find out more about it!

Types of Fluid Needed for Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Similar to any other high-performing motorbike, Harley Davidson needs different types of fluids. And not only engine fluid but others play a decent role in running Harley Davidson motorbikes smoothly. 

Engine Fluid 

This is one of the important types of fluids for Harley Davidson. As you know, Harley Davidson motorbikes come with powerful engines. 

And in order to run the engine superficially, synthetic engine oil comes into play. Harley Davidson does sell engine fluid of its brand, which you will find on its website

Brake Fluid

The duty of brake fluid is to deliver force to the brake pads in the hydraulic braking system. And due to this, you can break your motorbike easily. 

So, brake fluid is another important component of Harley Davidson. The manufacturer offers Platinum Label Dot 4 brake fluid.

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Transmission Fluid

Transmission of the Harley Davidson motorbikes comes with several important parts like gear, clutch, bearing and more. 

And to lubricate the parts and operate the transmission smoothly, transmission fluid is required. Harley Davidson recommends using heavy synthetic gear oil for transmission. 

Here you can check this video to learn Harley Davidson transmission fluid change. 

Fork Fluid

Sounds good? Although fork oil is quite unfamiliar to many, it plays a prominent role in lubricating the motorbike’s fork comprehensively. 

And Harley Davidson has recommended fork oil as well, which are H-D Type B, D, E.

However, you are always welcome to use other fork oils from renowned brands as well. For example, Castrol Power 1, Maxima fork oil, and more.

Primary Chaincase Lubricant 

Harley Davidson’s primary chaincase lubricant ensures smooth and decent operation of the primary drive system. 

There is a chain in the primary drive system that needs proper lubrication so that your Harley Davidson motorcycle can run properly as it directs power from the engine to the wheels of the motorcycle.

Due to extreme friction, the chain and other components can be corroded, damaged, or feel hesitation while moving. So, primary chaincase lubricant is a proper solution to that. 

You can check out this YouTube video to learn how you can change the primary chaincase lubricant on your Harley Davidson.

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Harley Davidson Fluid Capacity Chart

Harley Davidson, the American motorcycle manufacturer, has introduced a wide range of motorcycles over the years. 

And, for valid reasons, the fluid capacities of motorcycles are different. Now, you are going to look at the most popular Harley Davidson fluid capacity chart. 

Harley Davidson MotorbikesEngine Fluid CapacityTransmission Fluid CapacityFork Fluid Capacity
Harley Davidson Sportster3.5 Quarts1 Quart9-12 Ounces
Harley Davidson Road King3.5-4 Quarts24 Ounces9-12 Ounces
Harley Davidson Softail 1 Quart20-28 Ounces9-10 Ounces
Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide3 Quarts24-28 Ounces9-10 Ounces
Harley Davidson Fat Boy3.5 Quarts24-28 Ounces12-19 Ounces

Disclaimer: Above, we showed you an estimated fluid capacity of the common Harley Davidson motorcycle. This will help you have some sort of idea about Harley Davidson’s fluid capacity. All the models mentioned have a few variants.

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How Often Should You Change the Fluid on Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

Changing the fluid in your Harley Davidson motorcycle should not be too difficult for you. Other than that, the fluid might become contaminated and cause poor performance. 

An oil change for Harley Davidson also varies depending on what type of oil you use and the specs of your motorbikes. Let’s have a glimpse at the table below!

Types of FluidsChanging Periods
Engine fluid Every 5000 miles
Transmission fluidEvery 10,000 miles
Fork FluidEvery 3,000-5,000 miles
Brake FluidEvery 2 Years
Primary fluidEvery 5000 miles

You need to be concerned enough when it comes to following the fluid-changing period of your Harley Davidson. 

Sometimes, motorbike owners have to deal with costly repairs due to fluid that has remained unchanged for a long time. In addition, you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in such a case.

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Motorbike enthusiasts often share their queries regarding Harley Davidson’s fluid capacity. Here, we will let you know some of the questions with brief answers!  

Can I Use Fluids With Capacities Different From The Chart? 

It is not recommended by the manufacturer to use fluids with capacities different from the actual fluid capacity chart. If you do so, you will experience major performance issues with your motorbikes. 

How Many Liters Is A Harley 114?

Depending on the model of Harley Davidson, the liters of Harley 114 vary. For example, the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 comes with 16.7 liters. Like most other Harley Davidson engines, the range is 11-22.

What Is The Difference Between Primary And Transmission Fluid In A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

Transmission fluid is used on the Harley Davidson to lubricate the transmission’s parts and help it work properly. On the other hand, the primary fluid becomes essential when it comes to ensuring the proper functioning of the chain of the primary drive system.

Can I Use 20w40 Instead Of 20w50?

Yes, you can use the 20w40 synthetic fluid instead of the 20w50, as there are some slight differences between the two. But the first one can provide more efficiency in cold weather, and the second one in high temperatures. Although, the 20W50 is recommended by Harley Davidson.

How Do You Check Harley Fluids?

You can do so by using the fluid dipstick. Pull out the dipstick from the left side of the engine and wipe it with a clean cloth. Then, re-insert it all the way back in. Back it out to determine the fluid level. 

Final Words

It is always better to check the owner’s manual of your Harley Davidson motorbike or contact dealers with fluid-related information and keep a note. 

Besides, don’t procrastinate when it comes to refueling and fluid changes when they are required. 

The fluid capacity of Haley Davidson is up to par when compared with other brands. And if you are a potential buyer, this can be an important fact to consider.

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