What Are The Common Harley Davidson Switchback Problems?

In most cases, troubleshooting Harley Davidson requires you to identify and resolve problems that include electrical issues, malfunctioning twin cams, oil leakage, a rattled floorboard, and a few other minor issues.

It is essential to be knowledgeable about them to handle Harley Davidson Switchback problems in the future. Alternatively, you could use this information to your advantage when buying a used one. 

So without wasting your valuable time, let’s start with the details.

5 Common Harley Davidson Switchback Problems? 

The Harley Davidson Switches are one of the most popular touring bike series from Harley Davidson. 

Introduced in 2012, the Switchback is considered one of the easiest-to-maintain touring bikes, suitable for almost all classes of riders.

But users have experienced major and minor issues with the Harley Davidson Switchback over the years. 

Alarming news: a large group of people addresses the same problems; for example, the issue of excessive vibration has been a pain in the neck for many. 

Now, let’s know some of the common issues with the Harley Davidson switchback we’ve encountered after getting in touch with many users.

  • Excessive vibration.
  • Engine starting difficulties. 
  • Strange rattles of the floorboard. 
  • Excessive oil leakage. 
  • Malfunctioning Twin Cam engine.

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How To Deal With Harley Davidson Switchback Problems? 

You are now getting wind of the problems associated with the Harley Davidson Switchback. 

And based on the issues you face, you should perform the troubleshooting steps to get rid of the irritating problems. 

In some cases, you should seek assistance from the mechanic, but often you can fix the issues on your own.  

Check and Fix the Issues Behind Excessive Vibration

The issue of excessive vibration can take place in certain RPMs. Moreover, the excessive vibration may not bother you if you ride your Harley Switch at an average speed. 

However, due to a malfunctioning exhaust system or loose chain, you can experience excessive vibration when you ride your Harley Switchback at higher RPMs (2800 RPM). 

Even though the issue of vibration is one of the common problems of Harley Davidson Switchback, the solution to this problem is simple. 

First, you need to check the exhaust system of your Harley Switch. And then, if there is any issue with it, replace it with an aftermarket one. 

In addition, look at whether the chain went down to loose. You need to put the chain in the right place if it becomes misplaced.

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Check and Fix the Components Responsible for Engine Starting

You are supposed to start the engine of your Harley Switchback whenever you want, with ease. But, alas! 

According to many users, they often go through engine hard-to-start issues with their Harley Switchback. 

There can be something wrong with the fuel system, meaning the fuel pump may become faulty or the fuel filter or fuel line may become clogged. 

Besides, the spark plugs can go bad as well. A defective starter can often cause the issue too. 

Therefore, we recommend checking your Harley Switchback with a professional mechanic. This is because a deep inspection is needed to replace any components and fix the problem.

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Check and Fix Strange Rattles on the Floorboard

Rattles on the floorboard are one of the most noticed problems with the Harley Davidson Switchback. 

The floorboard of the particular motorbike may start to rattle for several reasons. The frame of the floorboard might become loose. In such a case, you need to tighten it. 

Sometimes, the rubber bushing of the floorboard might be damaged, causing the floorboard to rattle. 

Therefore, you should check the rubber bushing and replace it. Besides, don’t feel shy to check whether the floor pad is aligned. If not, then you have to align it. 

You can check this video to learn how to fix the floorboard of your Harley Davidson Switchback. 

Check and Fix Oil Leakage Issues

This is another common issue and there can be several reasons that are responsible for the oil leakage issue of the Harley Switchback. First, you have to identify the sources of the oil leakage. 

Some owners have experienced this issue due to low tire pressure.

In most cases, the faulty fuel filter can be the possible culprit of oil leakage issues. 

So, you need to check this particular component carefully and replace it if needed. In addition, problems with the head gasket, A/C, and derby cover can often cause the issue of oil leakage in the Harley Switchback. 

Therefore, check these components and replace them if they have become faulty. Plus, ensure you always clean the motor and keep the oil at the right level to avoid oil leakage.

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Check and Fix Twin Cam Engine Issue

Although a masterpiece in modern engineering, the switchback engine suffers from modern engineering. 

And you can’t avoid any engine-related issues, do you? In the majority of cases, the cam chain tensioners may become damaged. And you need to replace it then.

The manual cam chain tensioner is also recommended to avoid the issue. In addition, due to a lack of proper lubrication, many engine-related problems can occur, especially the bearings. 

Besides, check the cam lobes, as they are often damaged. You should use high-performing engine oil and lubricant to protect the Twin Cam engine from excessive wear and tear.

Sometimes, if the problems with the Twin Cam become too extreme, you should replace the entire engine unit.

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Owners and many who tend to buy Harley Davidson Switchbacks often ask some questions online about its problems. We’ve picked up some of the most asked questions and will share them here. 

Is Harley Switchback Reliable?

Yes, there is no doubt about the reliability of Harley Davidson Switchback. The motorbike is suitable for whether you are an old rider or a beginner. Besides, this is one of the fuel-efficient motorbikes of Harley Davidson. 

Is A Harley Switchback A Dyna?

Yes, the Harley Davidson Switchback is a Dyna. In other words, it can be said that the Harley Davidson Switchback is associated with the Dyna family.

Can You Fix Issues With The Harley Davidson Switchback On Your Own?

You can fix most of the problems related to your Harley Davidson Switchback on your own. But, if you don’t have basic technical skills, it is better to leave the job for a professional mechanic or technician. 

How Much Does A Harley Switchback Weight?

Depending on the model year of the Harley Switchback, the weight of the motorbike can vary. However, in the case of most Harley Switch motorbikes, the weight is 315.7 kg when in dry condition, and 325.7 kg in weight condition. 

Final Words

Now you’re acquainted with the possible problems with the Harley Switchback. However, the more careful you can be concerning maintaining the motorcycle, the better performance you can ensure. 

And don’t even steer clear of any of the slightest issues with the Harley Switchback. Whenever you notice Harley Davidson Switchback problems, quickly try to figure them out.

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