How To Troubleshoot & Fix P1511 Harley Code? 5 Easy 

P1511 Harley Code indicates a malfunction in the throttle actuator control unit or the throttle grip sensor. Throttle actuator control is an indispensable part of Harley Davidson. And, when ECM detects an issue with its control motor unit, it then triggers this P1511 error code.

There are several possible causes for this error code. This includes: malfunctioning throttle actuator control motor, a corroded/damaged wiring harness, or an issue with the ECM itself. 

So, continue reading to learn why this error code appears and how to troubleshoot and fix it. 

What Does P1511 Harley Code Mean?

The P1511 error code on Harley-Davidson motorcycles denotes a problem with the Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) system, possibly due to a malfunctioning throttle grip sensor, which regulates throttle opening. 

The TAC module, using data from several sensors, controls the throttle plate’s opening and closing in the engine’s intake system. 

Faults in this module or its parts can trigger the P1511 code, leading to issues like poor acceleration, rough idling, and reduced fuel efficiency, even affecting the cruise control system. 

In case of a detected issue, the motorcycle enters “limp home” mode, limiting RPM and power to protect the engine.

If we break down the code, we get the following:

  • P – Indicates that it’s a powertrain-related error code
  • 1 – Manufacturer-specific code
  • 3 – It indicates idle and vehicle speed
  • 11 – Specific fault index. In this case, it indicates Throttle actuator control system/performance issue

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P1511 Code: What Causes Throttle Actuator Control Issue On Harley Davidson?

The throttle actuator control system in Harley Davidson is made of several parts which work together to maintain the airflow and fuel to the engine. 

This control system continuously detects the position of the throttle valve and sends this data to ECM. Later, using this data ECM adjusts the air/fuel mixture and ignition timing.

As it’s made with several tiny metal parts, if any of these malfunctions, it can’t work as it should. Basically, behind their malfunctions, there are several possible causes. They are:

  • Throttle Actuator Control Motor Failure
  • Wiring Issues
  • Throttle Grip Issues
  • Throttle Grip Sensor Issues
  • Malfunctioning Throttle Body 
  • Faulty ECM

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How To Troubleshoot & Fix P1511 Harley Davidson Error Code?

As, P1511 error code in Harley indicates a serious issue, troubleshooting and fixing this might cost you a significant amount of money. But, if you know why this code appears, solving it will be easier for you.

In the previous section, we discussed the root causes of this issue, and in this section, we’ll cover every possible troubleshooting and fixing method. If you follow these carefully, you will be able to solve it on your own. 

1-Check the Throttle Grip

Throttle Grip
Throttle Grip

In the troubleshooting process, first inspect the throttle grip for any physical issues. Look closely for any kind of damage, cracked, frayed, or other issues. 

Here, a faulty throttle grip will feel hard to turn, shakey, sticky, or loose. Sometimes it won’t return to its default position.

Here, if you find any physical damage, try to fix it. This might solve the P1511 code. If not, replace the throttle grip. This might cost you around $80 to $100.

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2-Check Throttle Grip sensor

If your throttle grip looks perfect or you replace it, but still get the P1511 code, it could be possible that the throttle grip sensor is malfunctioning.

To identify any issue with this sensor, first check its wiring and connections. If all the connections look fine and secure, use a multimeter to test the sensor’s components resistance.

Here, if the resistance value matches the manufacturer’s specifications, it means that it’s working perfectly.

But if it doesn’t match, it means that the sensor has become faulty and needs to be replaced. Which might cost you around $100 to $150.

3-Check the Throttle Body And It’s Motor 

If the above mentioned two methods don’t solve the P1511 code, there could be an issue with the Throttle Body or its motor. To identify any issues with them, first look for any kind of damage. 

If they physically look perfect, take a multimeter to measure the sensor and its motor resistance value individually. Now check if the reading/value matches the manufacturer’s standard value. 

If this doesn’t match, it means that the specific unit is malfunctioning and needs immediate replacement or repair. 

Here, it’ll be better to take your Harley to the nearest mechanic. This might cost you around $70 to $1,000.

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4-Check The Engine Control Module (ECM)

If you are still getting the P1511 code, there is a huge possibility that your Harley’s ECM is malfunctioning. To find any problems, first inspect the ECM visually. 

If this looks perfect and there aren’t any damage marks, use a multimeter to check for any kind of short circuit. Also, measure its resistance value. This reading should be around 1 to 1.2 amps.

If the measuring value doesn’t match, it means that the ECM is faulty. In this situation, you have to repair or replace it. To replace it, you might need to spend between $900 and $1,100.

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Even after reading this article, you might have some unanswered questions in your mind. So to get all those answers, read this FAQ section. Here, we tried our best to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Can You Drive A Harley Davidson With P1511 Code?

Yes, you can. But it’s not recommended to do it. Because it can cause several performance issues and leave you in an unsafe condition. So it is best to have the issue solved by a qualified mechanic. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Harley Davidson’s P1511 Code?

Basically, it is difficult to say exactly how much money will be needed to solve this. This P1511 code appears for several reasons, and fixing those requires different amounts of money. But, depending on the issues, this might cost you from $100 to $1000. 

How Long Does It Take To Resolve Harley Davidson’s P1511 Error Code?

Mainly, the time required to solve the P1511 Harley Code depends on the problems. If this error appears because of any minor issues, it’ll take 1 to 2 hours to solve. But any major issue could take days to solve. 


In order to prevent the P1511 code on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, it requires proper maintenance. 

Which includes regular inspection of the throttle actuator control module, throttle grip, identifying and fixing any minor issues as soon as possible. 

With proper care, a Harley Davidson motorcycle can provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

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