Harley Davidson Road King Vs Road Glide: Which On is Better?

The key difference between Road King and Road Glide motorcycles lies in their pricing. Road Glide motorcycles are a bit more expensive than the Road Kings. Apart from pricing, there are other differences that lie in their performance, color options, displacement, and other aspects. 

Both the Road King and Road Glide are two of the best touring models from Harley Davidson.  They are big, comfortable, diversified, and designed with vast customization options. You need to ride both before choosing one. Keep reading to learn more!

An Overview Of Harley-Davidson Road King Motorcycle

The Harley Davidson Road King is the foundation of the company’s touring models. 

It is mostly popular for its classic look and comfortable riding. Additionally, Road King motorcycles have bigger cruising frames. They are also renowned for their long-distance touring capabilities. 

The key features of this Harley family will include a detachable fairing, one-touch opening saddlebags, LED tail lights and headlights, floorboards, and standard ABS control. 

Each year of Road King also comes with a 6-gallon fuel tank and a V-Twin engine for longer rides. Overall, it is more lightweight compared to other touring models from the company and the best option for comfy rides. 

Good Sides 

  • Simple and comfortable 
  • Better choice for long-distance riding 
  • Classic design 
  • Soft ride with responsive suspension 


  • Not a suitable choice for short cruisers or riders

An Overview of Harley-Davidson Road Glide Motorcycle

Put simply, the Road Glide is the ideal touring bike of all Harley Davidson two-wheelers. With a luxurious look, the Road King motorcycles are full of modern features and facilities. 

It features dual speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, a GPS system, a full-color TFT display, and a USB port for charging. 

It also has other Harley Davidson basic features like saddlebags, LED headlights, crash bars, floorboards, standard cruise control, etc. 

Additionally, the shark-nose fairing is a unique feature of the Road Glide. It provides optimal safety against dust and debris. 

Also, this batwing fairing gives ideal wind resistance. With a seat height of 695 mm, it is also suitable for relatively short riders. 

Good Sides 

  • Stylish and sleek look
  • Great for short riders 
  • Shark-nose fairing for dust protection and wind resistance 
  • Comfortable riding seat 
  • Speakers with Bluetooth connectivity 


  • Heavy weight

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Similarities In Road King And Road Glide Motorcycles

Apart from being two different models, there are a few similarities between the Road King and Road Glide motorcycles that lie in their specifications and dimensions. The following table will show you that:

Criteria Road King Road Glide 
Category Touring Touring 
Ignition  Electric Electric 
Transmission 6-speed manual 6-speed manual 
Cylinders 22
Cooling system Air Cooled Air Cooled 
Fuel Tank Capacity 6-gallon 6-gallon
Fuel TypePetrol Petrol 
Tyre Type Tubeless Tubeless 
Wheelbase 64 inches 64 inches 
Rake 2626

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Road King Vs Road Glide: Comparison Table 

It is fair to say that the Road King and Road Glide are, for most, considered to be the leaders in touring motorcycles. 

However, while making a choice between these two, it becomes crucial to compare their features with each other to see which matches your preferences. So, here’s a comparison table to help you with that: 

Criteria Road King Road Glide 
Capacity 1746 cc1868 cc
Mileage 1816
Mobile App Connectivity No Yes 
GPS and Navigation No Yes 
USB PortNo Yes 
Weight 828 lbs 855 lbs
Seat Height 705 mm695 mm
Ground Clearance 135 mm140 mm
Displacement 107 cu inches 114 cu inches

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What are the Differences Between Harley Davidson’s Road King and Road Glide? 

For being two individual models, there are some significant differences between Harley Davidson’s Road Glide and Road King. 

The terms that make differences between them will include design and look, engine and performance, comfort, technology and features, and lastly, color and cost. 

Design and Style  

Harley-Davidson is always known for making their two wheelers more attractive and stylish. The Road Glide and Road King families are no exception. 

But naturally, there are a few differences in their styles too. For example, the Road King motorcycles have Impeller Cast Aluminum wheels, while the Road Glide family has a wheel set of Enforcer Cast Aluminum. 

You will also notice that The Road Glide gets a shark nose fairing. Alternatively, the Road King features a fork-mounted fairing.  

Engine and Performance

Another important difference between Harley Davidson’s Road King and Road Glide is their engines. 

Road King gets the Milwaukee-Eight® 107 V-twin engine, while Road Glide is equipped with the Milwaukee-Eight®  114 V-twin engine. 

Undoubtedly, both engines are powerful enough to perform at a high level. They are stable enough to run for a very long distance without getting extra heat and vibration. 

But the Road Glide family can be superior in terms of easy starting. Due to having a touring chassis, Road Glide motorcycles are super fast to get started. 

Even in cold weather, they don’t require any extra time to warm-up  like other motorcycles. But the Road King might be easier to drive and control.

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When it comes to comfort, the Road King and Road Glide are both superior. Still, in a few terms, we may define their comfort zones. 

In terms of height, the Road Glide versions have lower seats than the Road Kings. It helps shorter riders ride easily and sit comfortably for a long time. 

But when it comes to weight, the Road Glide is bulkier than the Road King. Because they are more lightweight, the Road King motorcycles are easier to handle than most touring bikes.

Technology and Features 

This is one of the major differences between Road King and Road Glide. Road Glide uses more modern technologies than Road King. But the Road King also has the basic features that are needed for long tours. 

Road KingCriteria Road Glide
GPS and Navigation 
USB charging port
Mobile App connectivity 
Fuel Gauge 

Color and Cost

This might be the main difference between Road King and Road Glide motorcycles. Road Glide in Vivid Black comes with a starting price of $21, 199, while Road King in Vivid Black starts at $18, 750. 

After pricing, when it comes to colors, both of them have three color options. But there are some differences too. Harley Davidson Road Glide comes in Vivid Black, Reef Blue, and White Sand Pearl. 

The Road King, on the other hand, offers Vivid Black, Midnight Crimson, and Gauntlet Gray Metallic colors. You will also get a Hard Candy Custom option only for the Road Glide.

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Road Glide Vs Road King: Which Bike to Choose? 

Road King is a great option for those who want to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle at an affordable price. 

Instead, if you have enough budget to enjoy more features and technologies, then go for Road Glide. 

Furthermore, when it comes to choosing a Road King or a Road Glide, it also depends on whether you want to buy a heavy-weight or a lightweight bike. 


Hopefully, now you have a better idea about Road King vs Road Glide. Still, if you have more queries regarding the matter, the following answers to the most frequently asked questions may help you: 

Which Is More Comfortable: The Harley Davidson Road King Or Road Glide? 

Road Glide is relatively more comfortable than Road King. The reasons will include its mid-mounted riding seat, swept-back handlebars, front-mounted floorboards, and low seat height. It is more suitable for long-distance rides due to its comfortable riding seat. 

Is A Road Glide Heavier Than A Road King? 

Yes, a Harley Road Glide is heavier than a Road King. With a weight of 855 lbs, the Road Glide is approximately 27 lbs heavier compared to the Road King. 

Why Is The Road Glide So Special? 

The Road Glide is considered so special because of its high standard features, including its touring chassis, standard Brembo ABS, and Boom!™ Box GTS Infotainment System. It also has features like Bluetooth connectivity, mobile app connectivity, GPS, speakers, etc. 

Is Road King A Touring Motorcycle? 

Yes, the Road King is definitely a touring motorcycle. Its removable fairing, floorboards, saddlebags, and cruise control make it better for touring. It is also officially a part of the Harley Davidson touring lineup. 

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