6 Best High Performance Clutch For Harley Davidson

The clutches are one of the vital components of your Harley Davidson. They are essential for controlling the engine and wheel engagement on the road. Good clutches make your ride smooth and responsive. Meanwhile, bad clutches mean a sluggish ride. 

But how do you find the best high performance clutch for harley davidson? There are so many companies that claim to make the best product. And all of them come with an overwhelming number of specifications. 

So, personal and extensive testing is the only way to rise above this confusion. And I have gone through that to save you the trouble. Find an authentic and unbiased recommendation for your next HD clutches. 

When & Why Do You Need New Clutches For Harley Davidson?

Your Harley Davidson clutches let you control the connection between the engine and tires. You disengage the wheels from the engine when you pull the lever. Likewise, the engine connects to the wheels again when you release it. 

Old or worn-out clutches compromise this function. As a result, the engagement between your engine and wheels becomes unpredictable. 

There isn’t a fixed time limit for when this would happen. Some HD riders experience bad clutches only after 5000 miles. 

Meanwhile, some riders don’t have to worry about their clutches until they have driven 100,000 miles. 

Nothing’s more risky than hitting the road with bad clutches. So, watch for warning signs that tell you the clutches will soon malfunction. 

For instance, you will hear abnormal noises when you drive your bike. There will be unexplained fuel losses. 

You might also find the clutch lever harder to move than usual. And since the engine and wheels lack engagement, it will be difficult to change speeds. 

There are a lot of reasons why you don’t want to drive with bad clutch levers. 

Firstly, you will be at risk of accidents. Plus, driving with bad clutches will put undue stress on the engine and transmission. As a result, your Harley Davidson’s lifespan will shorten.

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6 Best High Performance Clutch For Harley Davidson

Wondering what will be the best replacement for your old Harley clutches? Here are the six best clutch levers. 

I have compiled the list based on my personal experience. They are affordable, easily installable and perform better than stock clutches. 

1. Kuryakyn 1983 Zombie Levers 

Kuryakyn 1983 Zombie Levers
Kuryakyn 1983 Zombie Levers

I have always wanted to change the clutch levers of my 2017 HD Road King. It wasn’t like they were not nice. 

But I wanted something more comfortable and flexible. And, of course, I wondered how my bike’s clutch could speak more about me than its manufacturer. 

That’s when the Kuryakyn 1983 Zombie levers came to my attention. Another fellow Harley rider had fitted them on his 2017 Street Gilde. 

Immediately I knew this was the clutch my bike deserved. So, I ordered it on Amazon. 

Well, the Kuryakyn zombie levers didn’t disappoint me. Installation was easy. All I needed was a Phillips screwdriver, pliers and some grease. 

The package included one brake lever, one clutch lever and four emblems. There was also an alcohol pad for cleaning.  

I couldn’t wait to take the bike out for a ride. And the first thing I noticed about the clutch was the comfort. 

The lever’s design matched the normal curvature of the human grip. Therefore, you don’t feel that strain on your hands during long rides.

The Zombie levers also made me feel more in control of the bike. The credit for this goes to the dished back of the lever. 

This design lets you engage the clutch or brake with minimal effort and finger extension. 

Besides superior functionality, these clutch levers are pretty too. The glossy black finish of the lever and emblems easily catches the eye. 

And the interchangeable Grooved and Zombie medallions can make quite a statement.


  • Easy installation 
  • Designed to reduce strain and give the rider more control
  • Attractive glossy finishing 
  • Multiple options for medallions
  • Wide range of compatibility.


  • Delivery wasn’t on-time 
  • The instructions on the package are not adequate for the novice rider.

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2. Kuryakyn 1047 Zombie Clutch Levers

Shortly after the first one, I got these clutch levers for my older Harley Davidson (‘96 Road King). 

My experience with the Kuryakyn 1983 drove me to buy from the same manufacturer again. And like the former product, this too impressed me. 

The number of items in the packaging was the same as before. Installation wasn’t tough, but slightly different. I used a hex wrench instead of a Phillips driver this time. 

The main difference between these levers and the former ones is the vehicles they fit. 

The Kuryakyn 1983 zombie levers are compatible with Harley Davidsons made between 2017 and 2019. 

Meanwhile, the 1047 zombie levers are made for bikes between 1996-2017. In other words, these are the ideal levers for Harley-Davidsons with cable-operated clutches. 

Another difference is the appearance and finishing. These are not black but chrome and shiny. This contributes to the classic silver-era look these levers went for. 

The chrome finish makes it easy to clean the clutches. Plus, they are resistant to rust and other environmental stress. 

These levers are also designed to be superior grip-friendly. You will get more control over your bike and ride longer miles without straining your hands. 

It is one of the best high performance clutch for harley davidson made between 1996-2017. 


  • Fits a wide range of old Harley bikes 
  • Ideal clutch lever for long rides 
  • Attractive chrome finishing 
  • Suitable for cable-clutch systems
  • Easy maintenance.


  • Poor packaging
  • Shipping fees were inconsiderably high.

3. HTTMT Brake Clutch Skull Zombie Lever

HTTMT Brake Clutch Skull Zombie Lever
HTTMT Brake Clutch Skull Zombie Lever

I have an HTTMT skull zombie lever but not for the right reasons. First of all, I don’t drive a Harley Sportster or Softail. These are the models for which they made the lever. 

Secondly, this clutch seems exclusive for bikers who ride with motorcycle gangs. And me being a 9-5 job holder, I didn’t fit the profile. 

However, I have a friend like that. It was on his Sportster I first saw the piece. 

What immediately demands your attention is the CNC Aluminum Skull. It doesn’t just sit there looking sinister and scary. Rather it also supports the rider’s grip. Thus, providing more confidence and control.  

My friend showed me how easy the installation is. They have designed it for direct replacement of the original levers. 

So, your old pivot will work fine. Just use some grease on the bolt, and don’t make it too tight. 

I later discovered that the HTTMT Skull Jombie lever works with most Softails, Touring Models, and Dynas made between ‘96 and ‘014. However, these levers don’t fit the hydraulic clutch systems. 

When I saw that it only cost 21$ on Amazon, I ordered it. I just couldn’t get that CNC Aluminum skull out of my mind. 

So, I own it as a collector’s item now. It is one of the boldest and most aesthetic Harley-Davidson clutch levers. 


  • Low price 
  • Long-lasting billet aluminum body
  • Impressive chrome finishing 
  • Bold rebellion design 
  • Designed for direct replacement


  • Doesn’t fit hydraulic systems
  • Not suitable for all lifestyles. 

4. NTHREEAUTO Chrome Brake Clutch Lever 

This is one of the best brake clutch levers for older Harley Davidsons. It particularly fits bikes with classic cable clutch systems. 

I got it for my 96 Road King. It is also compatible with 96-03 XL and 11-14 Softail models. 

Its length sets it apart from the other clutch levers on this list. It is a short lever. So, it requires fewer fingers and less leverage to operate. Therefore, the rider has more precise and easy control over the clutch. 

This allows increased responsiveness and smooth shifts. The agility this short lever permits can be a great advantage for bikers during fast maneuvers. 

In addition to a comfortable length, the lever has a wide handlebar grip. The edges are smoothened. All these combine to make the NTHREEAUTO clutch lever one of the most ergonomic. 

The material of the lever is high-quality aluminum alloy. It has a beautiful chrome finish that perfectly matches old bikes. 

This anodized clutch can hold its own against corrosion and oxidation. I got mine a long time ago, and it’s still shiny and scratch-free. 

It has one of the easiest installation processes. No need to change or modify the old mounting points. The levers directly fit into your Harley Davidson. 


  • Short, comfortable length. 
  • Retains a fresh look for a long time.
  • No need to modify old mounting points 
  • Artful finishing 
  • Ergonomic design for long rides. 


  • Only works with cable clutch systems. 
  • The packaging lacks proper instruction material.

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5. JUNJUMOTO Clutch Levers 

I first used the JUNJUMOTO clutch on a friend’s bike. He drove a 2016 Touring Model and had offered me to try the ride out. 

The first thing I noticed was the exceptional smoothness of the clutch levers. Later I found that this clutch works well with Road Kings and many other HD models. 

The engineers behind this product designed it for a wide range of compatibility. 

The main focus was 14-16 Touring models. This is why the JUNJUMOTO clutch levers are directly installed on those bikes. However, the lever is also suitable for many other HDs with Hydraulic Clutches. 

The material is premium-grade aluminum with a chrome finish. In other words, they are durable and look good. 

Plus, the curvature is grip friendly with smoothed edges. So you can maintain a firm grip on the levers for longer miles without pain or fatigue. 


  • Superior aluminum levers 
  • Compatible with hydraulic clutch systems 
  • Ergonomic design for long rides 
  • They can directly replace stock levers 
  • Attractive chrome finish.


  • No installation instructions are available. 
  • Doesn’t come with emblems 

6. GIDIBII Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever

I am on a closed group on Facebook for Harley Davidson enthusiasts. They meet twice a year. During one such convention, a good number of the members highly recommended the GIDIBII clutch lever. 

What first catches the eye is the material and finish. You can easily tell it is premium-grade aluminum. This ensures longevity and sturdiness.

Meanwhile, the finish is a polished, glossy black. So it’s resistant to dust and moisture. Many of the users claim to have used the levers for years. Still, they were shiny. 

The lever is ideal for those who don’t fit the typical gangster Harley Rider stereotype. 

These clutches have a delicate appearance. There are no skulls or zombies. Yet the metal texture is quite strong. 

Giving it an overall civilized and professional look. They definitely add more maturity to your style.

The surface is smooth and comfortable. Therefore, riders can hold on to the brake and clutch for extended hours without fatigue. 


  • High-quality material for durability.
  • A polished finish makes it rust-resistant. 
  • Smooth, comfortable grip. 
  • Mature and professional look. 
  • Easy installation.


  • Not for riders seeking the iconic skull design.
  • No instruction manual for novice riders.

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Buying Guide For Best High Performance Clutch For Harley Davidson

You know about the best Harley Davidson clutch levers now. So, it’s time to go shopping. But wait. Quickly look at these factors to ensure you buy the best for your bike.

Comfortable Grip 

If your clutch lever isn’t ergonomic, it’s not ideal for long rides. Buy a clutch that respects the normal curvature of your grip. 

The surface and edges of the lever should be smooth. Otherwise, you will experience pain and fatigue in your hands. 

Material and Finishing 

You will constantly pull on the clutches throughout the ride. So, their material needs to be of premium grade. 

Otherwise, the levers can lose shape and function only after a few thousand miles. Premium-grade aluminum clutch levers are, therefore, your best option. 

Your clutch lever should also have a high-quality finish. This ensures your levers will be shiny and rust-free for a long time. Plus, it increases the overall aesthetic appeal of your bike. 


The variations in Harley Davidson models are huge. There are significant technological differences between old and new bikes. 

So, ensure the clutch levers you are buying are explicitly compatible with your Harley Davidson model. 

One of the most significant considerations here is your bike’s clutch type. Cable-operated and hydraulic systems usually require different clutch levers. 


Buy clutch levers that are a direct fit for your bike. Otherwise, you will have to go through the trouble of modifying the mounting points. 

Also, direct replacement clutch levers are easier to install. So you wouldn’t require any professional help or an instruction manual.  


New clutch levers are a good opportunity to personalize your bike. So, consider the style of the lever carefully. 

Will skulls and zombies be an idea for the job and lifestyle you are in? Similarly, consider if the clutches are too delicate for someone riding with a gang.

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Hopefully, you will have less trouble finding the best clutches for Harley Davidson after this. There might still be some queries on your mind. Don’t hesitate to ask us. 

How Do I Best Maintain My Harley Davidson Clutches?

You can best maintain your clutches by routinely adjusting them. Ensure they are not too tight or loose. There should be adequate space between the levers and the handles. Also, use high-quality clutch fluid and change it regularly. 

What Makes The Harley Davidson Clutches To Wear Out Quickly?

Improper use of the clutch system shortens its lifespan. For instance, some riders use the clutch to control speed instead of the throttle. Abusive practices like drag racing also destroy the clutches.

How Do I Install New Clutches On My Harley Davidson?

First, park the bike on a level surface. Locate the clutch lever assembly under the left handlebar. Use a wrench or screw to separate the two halves of the housing. Gently wiggle, pull out the old clutches, and put in the new one. Reassemble the housing and adjust it according to your needs. 

Final Words  

The list of best high performance clutch for harley davidson is not exhaustive. I have based it on my own experience and provided an unbiased review. 

I urge everyone to do their research and weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase. 

However, if I had to pick only one from the list, it would be the Kuryakyn 1983 Zombie Levers. I liked these levers for their superior ergonomic design and aesthetic appeal. 

Plus, you change the emblems and modify the style according to the occasion. Feel free to make your own choice.

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