Harley Davidson Crotch Rocket: Truth Or Just Hype?

Someone who has a deep interest in Harley Motorbikes often wants to know whether the manufacturer has produced any Crotch Rocket yet. Well, there is nothing called a Harley Davidson Crotch Rocket on the market. 

We haven’t seen any statement from the company so far. Instead, Harley Davidson has introduced some exceptional motorbikes so far. 

There are some high-performance Harley Davidson motorbikes like Livewire that might be called Crotch Rocket for their agility, but mostly Harley-made cruiser-style bikes that are not known as crotch rockets. Let’s find out the details!

A Brief Overview of the Crotch Rocket

Let’s face it! The Crotch Rocket is neither a brand nor the name of any motorbike, nor is it the name of any motorbike’s model. 

The Crotch Rocket refers to a motorbike that comes with high speed, aerodynamic design, lightweight construction, agility, and stunt characteristics. Harley, on the other hand, made a cruiser-style bike that offers a more comfortable riding position than speed.

The first motorcycle that followed the Crotch Rocket idea came to light in the 1980s. At that time, the world saw some significant introductions of sports bikes. 

According to motorcycle enthusiasts, the Kawasaki GPZ900R was the first Crotch Rocket motorcycle released in 1984.

Now, the 2023 Honda CBR600RR and 2023 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R can be a burning example of the Crotch Rocket motorbike. 

In addition, some of the powerful sports bikes that come with aerodynamic body shapes are also a case in point. Sounds good?

You can check this video to learn more about a Crotch Rocket superfast motorbike. 

But, the Crotch Rocket motorbikes are prone to severe accidents. It might hit like a ton of bricks but yes. 

According to Michigan Auto Law, the riders of the Crotch Rocket are 4 times more prone to die than any other motorbike riders due to fatal accidents on the road.

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Crotch Rocket vs. Harley Davidson (Comparison Table)

There are often some differences between the Crotch Rocket motorcycles and the motorcycles manufactured by Harley Davidson. 

Once you know the key differences, you can’t mess up Harley Davidson motorcycles with the Crotch Rocket ones.

Differentiate FactsCrotch RocketHarley Davidson
BasicSlang for high-performance motorbikesRenowned motorbikes manufacturer
TypeSupersportCruiser, touring 
EspeciallySpeedTorque and power
WeightLightweight Heavy
Horsepower70-160 hp50-120 hp
Price Less expensive More expensive
Engine600-1000 CC1000-1600 CC

What Is the History of Harley-Davidson’s Involvement in the Crotch Rocket Market?

Look, Harley Davidson hasn’t officially launched any exact type of Crotch Rocket so far. But there are motorbike enthusiasts and experts who claim Harley Davidson does have Crotch Rockets. Can this be really true? 

Nope. But, there are some Harley Davidson motorcycles like Harley Davidson V-Rod, which look like the traditional Crotch Rocket in some angles. 

But the characteristics and features of this particular model of motorbike can’t exactly match with the Crotch Rocket. 

Moreover, we can say without any confusion that the Harley Davidson Crotch Rocket is still hype. But who knows? 

Considering the demands for Crotch Rockets, Harley Davidson might rethink their strategies regarding launching this particular type of motorcycle. And isn’t that what you want?

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Harley Davidson That Looks Like a Crotch Rocket

Here is where the confusion comes in. Even though, as stated above, Harley Davidson doesn’t have any Crotch Rockets, some of their motorbikes look like it. 

But can you replace them with the Crotch Rocket? So let’s get down to business!

Harley Davidson V-Rod

Harley Davidson V-Rod
Harley Davidson V-Rod

Disclaimer: Harley Davidson has nothing to do if you purchase it thinking it is a Crotch Rocket. Why? 

Because that’s how people treat the motorbike, knowing it comes with a liquid-cooled engine. Besides, the Harley Davidson V-Rod is fast and stylish at the same time.

Plus, the V-Rod is one of the most powerful muscle cars ever made by Harley Davidson, with a torque of 87 lb-ft.

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Harley Davidson Iron 1200

Harley Davidson Iron 1200
Harley Davidson Iron 1200

If you want to have a more sportbike type of vibe from Harley Davidson motorbikes, then the Harley-Davidson 1200 can be a solution. 

The motorbike looks stylish and the power it can generate creates the feeling of riding a Crotch Rocket. 

But you don’t need to get in an aerodynamic position to ride this motorbike. The price of the Harley Davidson Iron is around $10,000. 

Here you can watch this video to learn more about Harley-Davidson 1200. 

Harley Davidson Livewire

The electric motorcycle is widely known in Europe due to its minimalistic design and features. 

The key fact is you can ride the motorbike up to 110-115 miles per hour. But the 105-hp engine is not quite comparable with most Crotch Rockets out there. 

This Harley Davidson motorcycle is frivolous, and it looks so similar to most Crotch Rockets. 

On top of that, you need to get yourself into an aerodynamic position by leaning your body forward in order to ride the Harley Davidson Livewire.

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We would like to let you know here some of the common questions related to Harley Davidson Crotch Rockets. It seems people have so many queries about this fact. 

What Is Another Name For A Crotch Rocket Motorcycle?

Basically, the Crotch Rocket refers to high-performance motorbikes which are suitable for racing. Besides, the name also represents the motorcycle, which is decent in terms of speed, lightweight, and agility. So, another name for the Crotch Rocket can be “High Performing Sportbike.”

Are Crotch Rockets Fun?

The Crotch Rocket motorbikes are a combination of fun and speed. If you love racing or boast up the speed of your motorbike often on roads, you will find it interesting. The Crotch Rocket motorbikes are lightweight, allowing you to ride comfortably. 

How Many CC Is A Harley V-Rod?

The engine size of the Harley Davidson V-Rod depends on the specific model. For example, the 2005 Harley Davidson V-Rod comes with an engine of 1130 CC. On the other hand, the latest model of the Harley Davidson V-Rod comes with the 1247 CC engine. 

How Much Is A Crotch Rocket Motorcycle?

Well, the price of the Crotch Rocket motorcycle depends on the manufacturer, make, and model. However, usually, the Crotch Rocket motorbikes can cost you $2000-$20,000. Crotch Rocket motorbikes made by Honda are often more expensive. 

Is Harley Davidson Livewire Reliable?

Yes, the Harley Davidson Livewire can be reliable. This particular motorbike is lightweight, impressive regarding speed, and comes with exciting features. Keep in mind; this is an electronic bike. The charging period is so fast (25kw), which is good enough. 

Final Words

In the future, we might see a Harley Davidson Crotch Rocket, which is made to meet the purpose of actual Crotch Rockets. 

Till then, there is no reason to feel confused about the Harley Davidson specialized motorcycles available. 

Crotch rockets are not suitable for all classes of riders. There are safety issues and stuff, but we hope Harley Davidson will consider this fact when they go on to manufacture some.

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