Harley Davidson Drive Belt Replacement Cost : Unveiling The Price Tag

The replacement cost of a Harley drive belt depends on factors like size and brand. Generally, the cost of replacing a belt, including labor and other costs, is anywhere between $400-$600. 

Over time, your Harley Davidson drive belt can wear out due to natural aging. The belt can also get damaged when it is subjected to more stress due to excessive load on the bike. 

So if you have to replace the belt, you need to know how. To find out, keep reading!

When Do You Need To Change Harley Davidson Drive Belt

The drive belt is one of the most important components in your bike. It helps to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheels. 

So, when it starts to malfunction you won’t be able to drive your Harley properly.


Harley Davidson drive belts have a fixed lifespan, under proper maintenance and care they can last between 50,000-100,000 miles. Once they pass that time, replacement becomes necessary.

Signs of Physical damage on the belt

It may be time to replace the belt if the teeth on the inner side start to wear out or tear off since the belt will eventually lose additional teeth and cogs. You should also change the belt if you notice any cracks or fraying on the belt.

Tension problems

If your Harley Davidson drive belt is becoming too loose or too tight more often, that means it has gone bad. 

So frequently examine the drive belt’s tension; if it can’t be adjusted to get it back to the right tension, you will need to replace the belt.

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Harley Davidson Drive Belt Replacement Cost

The cost of drive belt replacement in your Harley will depend on whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a mechanic for the work. 

Harley Davidson Drive Belt
Harley Davidson Drive Belt


We will talk about the DIY method first; this is the cheapest method you can apply for drive belt replacement. 

In the DIY method, the only cost you need to think of is the price of the new belt and there are no additional costs whatsoever. 

You can expect to find a good quality Harley Davidson replacement belt for between $150-$200

However do keep in mind, if you decide to do the replacement by yourself you must have a proper idea about the parts in your bike and you must have the necessary tools.

If you know how to get the replacement done it will only take you between 30 mins to 1 hour to get this done.

Professional Mechanic

If you do not want to take the pain of replacing the drive belt by yourself and you have no problem in spending some extra bucks, then you can go for a professional mechanic.

A professional mechanic will charge between $300-$400 for service charges along with the price of a drive belt which in total comes around $400-$600. 

The process will take very less time to finish, it will take approximately 30 mins to finish the replacement.

Getting the work done by a professional mechanic will save you the trouble of doing it yourself. 

Moreover, if you do not have a proper idea about the internals of the bike, you can end up causing damage to it. Hence, it’s better to seek help from a professional.

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How To Replace The Harley Davidson Drive Belt

If you want to follow the DIY method we are here to help you, we will discuss a step by step process for you to get the job done easily. 

Make sure to follow the steps correctly to avoid causing any damage to your Harley.

Step 1: Park your bike 

The first step is to prepare your Harley, so you will need to position the bike properly in a flat position to have the best access to the internals. 

Have the motorbike mounted on a motorcycle stand so that the back wheel is elevated off the ground.

Step 2: Remove the rear wheel

Once you have jacked up your bike you will need to remove the rear wheel. You will need a socket wrench to remove nuts and washers. 

Then to make the drive belt removal process easier, slide the back wheel forward.

Step 3: Remove the drive belt

After pushing the rear wheel, it is time to remove the old drive belt. Find the belt tensioner and the adjustment screws, then remove the tensioner plate to reduce the tension.

You need to change the location of the rear wheel to release the tension on the drive belt using an Allen wrench. Gently take the old belt off the front pulley after the belt gets loose.

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Step 4: Install the new drive belt

new drive belt
new drive belt

You have successfully removed the old drive belt, and now you will need to install the new belt. Ensure that the replacement drive belt follows the same path as the old belt. 

Fix the new belt by carefully aligning it with the front pulley and gently threading it over the rear wheel pulley. 

In order for the replacement belt to be snug, pull back the rear wheel toward Harley’s rear end. 

Once the belt is tightened enough, attach back the tensioner plates and axles and nuts and you should be done replacing the drive belt.

Maintenance Tips For Harley Davidson Drive Belt

Harley Davidson drive belts can last for a very long time under proper maintenance and care. Additionally, this can also save you money which you would need for changing the belt.

  • Check the drive belt tension regularly and make sure it is either not too tight or too loose.
  • Always check the drive belt after every 5000 miles and look for any damages on the belt.
  • Properly lubricate the belt and only use recommended oil from Harley Davidson.
  • Avoid overloading your bike as this can put extra stress on the belt.

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In this section we will address some of the FAQs which are related to our today’s discussion about the drive belt replacement cost.  

How Often Should I Replace My Drive Belt On A Harley Davidson Bike?

Harley Davidson drive belts can easily last up to 100,000 miles under proper maintenance. However, it also depends on factors like how you ride your bike, how much load you put on your bike and model of the bike. 

Does The Drive Belt Affect Speed On Harley Davidson?

The drive belt does affect the speed of any bike, not just Harleys. It is responsible for transferring power from the engine to your rear wheels. So, when it gets damaged, it can result in significant power loss, which in turn will affect speed.

Are All Harley Davidson Drive Belts The Same?

Different models of Harley Davidson bikes come with different drive belts; they can vary in size, width, tooth and configuration. Thus, to guarantee perfect fit, it’s important to use the suitable drive belt that is particularly made for your model of Harley Davidson. 


Drive belts are an important part for your Harley Davidson bikes, they ensure proper power delivery from the engine. But, when they wear out you will need to replace it.

Now you can either follow DIY methods or hire a professional for the work. If you do the replacement yourself make sure to get a new belt with the same specification as the old one.

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