Harley Davidson Rocker Problems with Troubleshooting!

Like any other top-notch motorcycle, Harley’s Rocker runs into issues that include engine noises, oil leakage, discomforting seats and others.  Fortunately By Taking simple steps like securing the neck bearings and gasket and using a motorcycle cushion, those issues can be fixed without much effort! 

You can not expect that your rocker will provide uninterrupted performance, especially when you are reluctant to follow a proper maintenance schedule. 

Issues are likely to knock on your door. Don’t worry, as it is not too late! Let’s start exploring problems and their solutions!

Quick Troubleshooting Chart for Harley Davidson Rocker Problems

Are you in a rush and do not have much time to get into the details? Well, the following troubleshooting chart will come in handy to highlight the quick potential fixes: 

ProblemsProbable Fixes
Front-wheel noiseSecure the neck bearings
Engine rattleReplace the mount or add lubricant
Oil leakSecure the gasket and screws
Lower seat and padUse motorcycle cushion

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Troubleshooting and Fix for Harley Davidson Rocker Problems

Harley has always launched motorcycle series with powerful engines. And they have made no exception to its Rocker models. 

But as we know, every good thing has its limitations. So, Harley Rocker users have reported these problems they have faced over time: 

1. Gasket Oil Leakage 

As Harley engines are powerful, they burn more fuel to supply more power. Additionally, when carrying heavy loads frequently, it causes the engine and consequently its gaskets to overheat.

Overheated gaskets can expand and wear out, which leads to oil leakage. The fluid will seep through the engine seals to other units or to the ground. 

It does not only make the surface messy but can cost you more fuel! We certainly do not want you to spend more. 

So, to fix the issue, we initially recommend tightening the bolts and screws around the powertrain and gaskets. If it does not work, head to the servicing center for a gasket replacement. 

If you use DIY tools to secure the seals and unit bolts, it will cost you nothing. However, in case you need to buy the tools, they can range from $8 to $100, depending on the features. 

And for the gasket replacement, the price may vary from $100 to more than $500 based on the labor rate, region, and service needed.

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2. Uncomfortable Seat  

Harley Rocker usually configures the seat lower, specifically for tall riders. And the seat placement causes discomfort or pain in your neck and back from time to time!

It happens because, from the low pad, you need to stretch your hands to access the handlebar. Gradually, it strains your back as you cannot sit upright for longer rides. 

Also, the pillow pad behind the rider’s seat can come off. We doubt that passengers will feel comfortable and stable on this pad. 

In order to increase the seat height, motorcycle cushions are available these days, ranging from $30 to $60 each. 

And to adjust the passenger’s unit, you need to replace the pillow or reupholster the seat, which can take around $100 to $300.

3. Noises

Different components of Harley Davidson Rocker produce rattles and noises. The most common source of clicking noise is the front wheel. 

Also, the engine is prone to rattle at times, which can be annoying to listen to!

In order to get rid of the sounds, secure the loosened neck bearings at the front. Then make sure the engine has enough lubricant. 

If the power unit and its exhaust, including the mounts, seem worn out, call a professional mechanic right away. 

The mount replacement, alongside the labor and parts, costs around $1000. And for a new engine, consider spending approximately $3000 to $4000.

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Tips To Prevent Harley Davidson Rocker Problems

Harley Davidson Rocker has some share of issues does not mean you should avoid using it from now on! 

Rather, if you go through the following tips listed below, we guess preventing those problems is quite easy. So, here they are:

  • Keep inspecting the fluid level and its condition after every ride. If there is any debris or burn, consider changing the lubricant.
  • Try to use oil that withstands high temperatures to prevent overheating and leaks. 
  • Avoid loading more than what the vehicle can hold. Follow the manual for the optimal load capacity. 
  • If you notice any wear in any unit, immediately get it repaired before it affects other components.
    After every ride, it is better to clean the debris around the components.

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Should You Buy a Used Harley Davidson Rocker?

We definitely stick up for the decision to buy a used Harley Davidson Rocker. Ask why? Well, here are some valid reasons:

  • Getting a properly maintained Harley Rocker will cost you lower than its original price.
  • Harley Rockers customized with aftermarket parts and mods can provide better performance.
  • Use motorcycles from this series that have a good resale value so you can make some quick bucks.
  • Materials and units configured in Harley bikes are durable. 
  • Properly-maintained engines provide powerful performance up to 150,000 miles.

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No matter how many quick fixes you explore, it always seems like something is missing. So let us get your back with the answers to the following “frequently asked questions”: 

What Happens If I Ride A Faulty Harley Rocker?

It is unsafe to ride the Rocker series or any other motorcycles with performance issues. Noises and rattles can distract you and lead to fatal accidents. Also, loose units can cause damage to the system if not repaired immediately. 

What Does An Empty Engine Do To Your Harley Rocker?

Without fluid in the engine, its components will collide with each other. And their friction will cause wear and tear. Also, it leads to overheating. And when the temperature rises, the engine can expand or develop tears and cracks!

Does The Harley Rocker Brake Light Act Up?

Yes, sometimes, if the brake lights reach their lifespan, they can stop functioning. Faulty wiring or electrical systems can trigger the issue as well. Once you replace the light and reprogram the system, it starts to function. 


The Harley Davidson Rocker problems have been a common discussion these days across the Motorcycle discussion forums. But luckily, users themselves share some of their tips to solve these bummers.

If you ever find yourself experiencing these, make sure you have enough technical know-how about bike maintenance. 

If not, we’d highly discourage you from taking up any DIY solution. You better contact a professional and follow their suggestions to prevent any further damage.

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