Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Other than being an awesome commuter bike, the Harley Davidson Street 750 also has its shortcomings. Some common Problems like low mileage, overheating, brake issues, a basic speedometer, and stalling are major issues you may encounter. 

Although taken as a whole, these problems may appear to be significant, they are not. There are fixes for virtually every problem on the Street 750. And it won’t quite break your bank either. Here’s how. 

Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems
Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems

Troubleshooting and Fix Harley Davidson Street 750 problems

Some of the problems faced by Harley Davidson are quite trivial. In fact, it’s hard to argue why such a reputed brand as Harley wouldn’t address these in their QC tests. 

Whatever the reason, here are some of the common issues faced by the users and what you can potentially do to solve them.

1- Issues with the Start Sequence 

One of the most common issues with the Street 750 is that it doesn’t start easily. For the majority of users, this issue intensifies during the winter. 

There are three possible reasons why you might face starting issues – condensed carburetor, drained battery, or faulty ignition switch. 

The carburetor may condense if the bike is left out in the cold, especially in places that get snow. 

The cold temperature may also reduce the charge retention capacity of the battery. 

The solution to this problem is to store the bike indoors and use a trickle battery charger to keep the battery primed. 

As for the faulty ignition switch, it’s better to get it checked by a mechanic and get it replaced as soon as possible. The cost of an ignition switch is around 150 USD.

2- Basic Speedometer 

Many users have reported this problem. While it doesn’t impact the riding in any way, it is still an issue that has more to do with the design and accessibility of the bike. 

Modern bikes have completely digital dash displays which can show all sorts of information from the speedometer, trips, gauge clusters and fuel levels all at the same time. 

However, Street 750 has an analog speedometer with a small TFT screen at the bottom. 

The information is available but you’ll have to manually navigate each time which might get frustrating for many. 

You can get a custom speedometer for your Street 750 from after-market mods. But doing so will void the warranty.

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3- Low Mileage 

Harley Davidson has always been about raw power output on their bikes.  Their v rods and night rods are legendary for their power and performance. 

And this holds true for the Street 750 as well. The Street 750 comes with a 749 cc V-Twin turbo engine which will give you a mileage of around 20 to 25 KMP. 

While this mileage is nowhere near economic standards, it is still somewhat acceptable for city commutes. But it will definitely hurt the pockets for long-haul rides. 

There’s unfortunately no fix for the mileage. However, try riding in eco mode or use cruise control to maximize the mileage of the bike. 

4- Engine Stalling 

Some early models of the Street 750 have stalling issues with the engine. The early 2015 models have been plagued with a fuel pump issue that caused the stalling problem. Though Harley has recalled all the bikes from that lot and fixed the issue. 

However, if you still have engine stalling issues, it can be because of the fuel injector or a dirty air filter. Note that these issues should occur at least after 5000 km on the bike. 

Replacing the fuel injector may cost around 200 to 400 USD depending on the brand. And an air filter should cost about 50 USD.

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5- Brake Issues 

Street 750 users have also complained about the brakes. The most common complaint is that the bike makes squeaking and grinding noises. This might be due to general wear and tear on the brake parts. 

If you hear a squeaking or grinding noise in your bike, chances are either the brake pads or the rotor has been compromised. In any case, the solution is to get them replaced. 

Replacing the brake pad would cost about 150 USD whereas rotors are a bit more expensive at around 300 USD. 

6- Overheating issues

Street 750 is known to overheat, especially after an hour or two of continued biking. The heating is most prominent around the engine and the fuel tank area. 

Some users have complained that the heating becomes so severe that it becomes impossible to bike at times. 

A malfunctioning cooling fan or coolant leaks may be to blame for the heating problem. 

If it’s the cooling fan that’s the issue then you’re in luck as they are much cheaper to replace. You can get a replacement cooling fan for about 150 USD. 

But if it’s an issue with the internal coolant, you will have to take the bike to a dealership and assess the extent of the damage first.

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7- OEM Headlights issues

In these days where LED headlights are increasingly becoming the standard, the Street 750 still comes with a halogen bulb. 

This outdated technology isn’t really suited for a modern and powerful bike like the 750. 

Halogen bulbs can work well in moderately dark conditions like dusk or dawn. 

But if you plan on riding at night, which most of us eventually do, you will notice that the light exposure radius is much smaller. 

The only fix for this issue is to get third-party LED lights. It should cost around 50 USD to get them fitted. 

8- Electrical issues

The final mentionable problem with Street 750 is the electrical line issues. Some users have reported that their battery doesn’t charge or the lights don’t work properly. 

While it may be an individual issue, the most common cause has been a faulty electrical system. 

Unfortunately, there is no established quote on the electrical system fix. You will have to take the bike to a dealership and get it checked for the extent of damage and then get a quote.

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Tips To Prevent Harley Davidson Street 750 Problems

Let’s be honest, none of us wants our precious Harley to break down on us. So, to make sure the bike stays in pristine condition, here are some pro tips. 

  • Stick to the maintenance schedule and guideline 
  • Keep the fuel level in check
  • Make sure to use high-quality fuel 
  • Properly store the bike 
  • Clean the bike regularly 
  • Be safe while riding the bike 

Should You Buy Used Harley Davidson Street 750?

If you’re into naked sports bikes and if your budget allows you to afford one, then yes, you should buy the Harley Davidson Street 750. Here’s why. 

  • It has the reminiscing style of the classic Harley V rod. 
  • The 749 cc twin v engine will give you all the power and performance you need.
  • The straight-back riding position allows for a comfortable riding experience, even in long commutes. 
  • It has a lot of customizable options. 
  • This is your value for money Harley Davidson. So if you’re planning to get into the brand, this is one of the cheaper options.

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Now that you know everything there is about the Street 750, here are some common queries regarding the bike. 

What Is The Fuel Tank Capacity On The Street 750? 

Given the low mileage on Street 750, the fuel tank capacity is everyone’s concern. The bike can hold up to 13.1 liters of fuel at max capacity.

Is It A Beginner-Friendly Bike? 

Being a naked sports bike, the Street 750 is perfect for beginners. Riders can easily manage the power and handling since it’s a pretty lightweight bike. 

Does Harley Street 750 Have ABS? 

Even though there are some complaints about the brakes on Street 750, it has dual ABS for a safe braking system. 

Can The Street 750 Be A Tourer Bike?

Touring is a subjective matter. The Street 750 is primarily designed for city commutes. But if you can afford the fuel economy for touring, then yes, the Street 750 can be a touring bike. 

Final Words 

The Harley Davidson Street 750 is Harley’s rendition of a city commuter. Being a naked sports bike, it comes with a lot of common commuter bike problems. Thankfully, most of these are easily solvable.

Just make sure to take good care of the bike, and it should perform without a hiccup. And as for any unforeseen issues, head to a mechanic as soon as you notice them.

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