Harley Chopped Vs Razor Tour Pack: Face-To-Face Battle!

The Chopped and Razor tour packs are from the same manufacturer, yet they have differences in space, size, comfort levels, and ideal usability. The core difference lies in storage capacity, which ranges from 4500 to 5800 CI, respectively.

From their comparison posted on forums, we have figured out that their sleek look is a luring feature for many riders. 

While their various load and comfort levels fuel the passion of motorcycle enthusiasts. How so? Let’s explore now!

Overview of Harley Davidson Chopped Tour Pack

The Chopped tour pack from Harley is a tad bit different from their other tour packs. 

This series is modified for riders that want minimal storage space in the back of their seat. 

Therefore, Harley has decreased 3 inches from this luggage to provide a carrier that looks sporty yet sleek. 

Just because the manufacturers have cut down its height and size, does not mean that it cannot store the necessary gear and tools! 

In fact, they’ve drilled the luggage with holes so that you can install passenger backrest pads. 

And guess what? The pad can provide comfort to the passenger sitting behind. 

Overview of Harley Davidson Razor Tour Pack

Harley’s Razor tour packs maintain the features of contemporary motorcycle tour packs. 

It is not smaller in size. Rather, it has spacious storage to accommodate different gear and stuff you prefer. Speaking of the loading capacity, it is around 4.5 KG.

It doesn’t only come with durable material that lasts a long time but also features all the components needed to install the pack on your motorcycle. 

We applaud Harley’s move to make it easy to install. You do not need to rush to the market to buy the kits and units to install on it. As it comes ready with these!

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Similarities between Harley Davidson Chopped and Razor Tour Pack

As both Razor and Chopped tour packs are from the same manufacturer, they share some similar characteristics, especially in terms of build quality and design. Let’s check out what makes them almost the same: 

  • Both Chopped and Razor are available in vivid colors.
  • The external case of the luggage seems shiny and sleek on both.
  • The manufacturers have used ABS plastic and durable materials on each of these tour packs to make them long-lasting.
  • Razor and Chopped tour packs are both compatible with Harley’s Road King, Street Glide, and Road Glide motorcycles. 
  • They both require 9×9’’ luggage racks so that they sit stable after their installation.

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Chopped vs. Razor Tour Pack: Quick Comparison Chart

Harley has always added variations in their engine, motorcycle specifications, and design. 

Following their legacy, they have launched tour packs that offer different specs and features. Hence, riders with numerous preferences can rely on them. 

We guess this quick comparison might clear your doubts about their configurations and purpose:

CriteriaChopped Tour PackRazor Tour Pack
Storage capacity4500 cubic inches5800 cubic inches
Ideal UsabilityShort tripsDaily use
Height20 inches21.5 inches
Arm SupportAvailableRequires aftermarket installation

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Difference between Harley Davidson Chopped and Razor Tour Packs

The manufacturers have kept the materials quality of the Chopped and Razor the same, yet they have modified their performance benefits and features. 

So it will not be a smart move to use both of these carriers for the same purpose. Here, we have discussed their differences below so that you can understand what separates them:

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity varies in these two packs as they are not the same in size. The Chopped pack has a space of 4500 cubic inches. 

And the Razor carrier has a 5800 cubic inches (CI) space and 21.5 inches of height. 

More CI and height refer to better storage capacity. Therefore, you can store laptops, clothes, helmets, and other gear in the Razor pack easily.

As the Chopped carries is smaller in height, it cannot accommodate the regular size helmets. 

Also, if you want to store anything that is bigger than 20 inches, it will not fit properly inside the luggage. Even if it does, you will have a hard time closing the upper case of the pack!

Having said that, the Chopped carrier is wider than the Razor packs. So, you can smoothly carry some of the customized helmets and tools that need wide space.

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These carriers differ in terms of their use frequency. For example, the Chopped pack is only suitable for short trips. 

Because it is not big enough to use for day-long trips. As a result, it cannot hold all the essentials you will need for traveling long distances. 

On the contrary, we have seen riders claim that they feel comfortable using the Razor luggage daily. 

Plus, it is suitable to load the helmets of the passengers too; its height is better. Overall, its compatibility and load capacity make it easier to carry it every day while riding.


Some riders prefer holding the carriers as they ride. And holding it for a long time might hurt their arms if there is no cushioning around the packs. 

Luckily, this won’t happen with the Chopped Carrier, thanks to the cushioning pads on top and side of the pack for better comfort!

But it is not the case with Razor tour packs. Because you will need to install spare or aftermarket pads to get arm support on the pack.

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Which One Is Better: Chopped or Razor Tour Pack?

As Harley configures the durable material and varieties of features in their Razor and Chopped tour packs, it gets confusing to choose between them. 

We’d say there is no absolute winner between these two because each serves different characteristics, pros, and cons.

For instance, to store the daily gear of the riders and passengers, the Razor is a great choice. 

Because it is more spacious. But if you prefer comfort over space, go with the Chopped pack being added comfy pads. 

Additionally, Razor makes a better choice for those who want a pack for daily usage. On the flip side, Chopped is a go-to for short excursions.


Investing in a motorcycle tour pack should not be done in a hurry! Because it needs to be handy enough to meet your needs. So, to help you decide your best bet, go through these answers: 

How Long Do The Chopped And Razor Packs Last?

It depends on the use frequency of the packs and how you maintain them. Generally, well-maintained Chopped and Razor tour packs should last as long as your motorcycle. But if they build rust, they will wear out in a few years.

Is It Safe To Use Harley Tour Packs?

Yes, they are safe to use as long as you mount them properly. If you have not installed them in a secure way, they might affect the balance of the vehicle. Also, use the packs with compatible vehicles to ensure utmost safety.

Are The Chopped And Razor Tour Packs Expensive?

The Chopped tour pack is a bit steep because of its high finishing and customized size. It starts from approximately $1000. However, the Razor series is way cheaper as you can buy it for $500, including the shipping charge.

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