Best Year Heritage Softail Classic [Exploring The Legacy]

From 1986 to now, there have been several yearly versions of Heritage Softail Classics released globally. Among them, 2015 is the best year overall. In addition, the 2007 is popular for longevity, 2008 for engine power, 2014 for efficient customization, and 2021 Heritage Softail Classics for sporting features.

Also, there are some release years that you must strictly avoid. Today, we will discuss the matter in detail so you can decide which years of HD Heritage Classic Softails you can buy and which you must avoid. 

A Quick Overview of Harley’s Heritage Softail Classic

There are very few modern-day cruiser bikes as good as the Heritage Softail classic series. 

This series features all the latest features including the ABS system, digital miter, hard-clicking shifters, powerful dual spark plugs, etc. Softail bikes became famous among highway riders back in the 1980s. 

After that, the series went through several customizations like less chrome outlook, changed throttle sound, hidden rear suspensions instead of traditional Twin shocks, and many more. 

Nowadays, the Softail classic bikes you see have most likely advanced Milwaukee engines (107 or 114 cubic centimeters) with smart sensors that help the rider swiftly go over any highway without having any trouble controlling the engine power. 

Why is It Called Softail?

The Harley Heritage Softail bikes have strong hardtail-like frames that cover up several sensors and suspensions underneath. 

The smooth riding experience that softail bikes feature is the real reason behind such a name. 

The rear suspension allows the rider to feel minimal shocks while riding on uneven roads. 

The longer handles feature coziness that allows the rider to move the arms for better angling at optimal speed. 

If you look closely, the Heritage Softail gives you the option to install an external backrest for a more comfortable ride. 

Although this can change the controlling angle of the rider, comfort is one of the primary objectives the model’s construction assures.

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What are the Best Years of Heritage Softail Classics?

As stated since the 1980s there have been several yearly releases of this series. Each one has some unique customization and features than before. 

Each model still has the fundamental infrastructure, such as outlook and cruising features. 

Now, let’s tell you the best years of Heritage Softail Classics that you should look for. 

2008 Heritage Softail Classic

Softail Classics from 2008 comes with a very elegant and classy look that can remind you of Euro designs from the 1950s. The engine sound is ear-soothing from any distance. 

Although the sound and vibration might feel like the engine is going to stall, in reality, no such thing would happen. 

2008 models come with upgraded gearboxes that help in easy shifting without forcing too much. 

Apart, the heaviness of the frame allows the whole construction to stay steady even when you’re going at 5 mph.

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2015 Heritage Softail Classic

Until 2013, Harley Davidson didn’t bring any significant changes in the Heritage Softail models. 

But in 2015, bike enthusiasts got to see some quality modifications in the performance and construction of the model. 

If you seek a Heritage Classic with all of the vintage vibes; but wish the bike to have some modern features for riding comfort, then the 2015 model is the right choice. 

This series year comes with a satisfactory braking system with larger and more effective pistons in the engine. Also, you can find some handy stuff like windbreakers, saddlebags, etc. 

The “six-speed cruise drive modes” is another strong feature that can make you feel the 2015 Heritage Softail Classic is the best budget option among several cruiser models. 

And we’re saying again, in this model year, the retro style is barely negotiated.

2021 Heritage Softail Classic

Want something with the latest features to compete with other sports bikes? Well, then you must eye for the 2021 Harley softail classic. 

This variant comes with the tremendous gear-shifting ability with the shifters and brakes right nearby your body. 

The front wheel is smaller than the rear one. For this reason, you have easy and simple cornering with the handle. 

Furthermore, the seat is also a bit lower than some previous models. Due to that, you can have less muscle stress riding this powerful engine. 

And surprisingly, you can reach a 300-mile distance by completely filling up the large fuel tank. Refueling is also easy here. 

All you have to do is do the proper maintenance and the bike ought to give you the deserving mileage.

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What Years of Heritage Softail Classics Should You Avoid?

Harley Davidson has come up with different required updates in every recent year of their Heritage softail classic. 

But not all of them have met the expectations of users. So, at this point, let’s talk about some of the years of softail classics that you need to avoid. 

2010 Heritage Softail Classic

Well, this variant is almost similar to the popular 2007 and 2008 lines. But the main issue here is the tires and wheels. 

Somehow, you can’t interchange factory-recommended tires with any other brands or types. If you do so, you might face flat tire issues pretty often.

Also, the seating can hurt your back if you take the 2010 Heritage as a touring bike.

If you don’t want to break the right posture of your back, you must change the seat of your 10’s Heritage Softail classic. 

All these issues together make us demotivate you to suggest any Softail 2010 model that’s still available on the market. 

2013 Heritage Softail Classic

The biggest drawback of 2013 Softail Heritage is the ABS. The sensors related to the ABS and braking are quite dull. 

That’s why you can’t stay too relaxed while riding this machine. Along with that, the cornering is not that much pleasing. 

Although the structure and dimensions are somewhat the same as previous ideal versions, the wheels, however, fail to corner perfectly.

Like the 2010 edition, we also discourage taking the 2013 model into your consideration. Because the flaws in the mechanism of this bike are nowhere negotiable.

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What is the Best Softail Model Till Now?

Without a doubt, the 2015 Harley-Davidson FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic is the best Softail classic model that has ever been released according to our riding experience and experiments. 

You can expect this model to come with all the necessary features for touring and riding during intercity trips. The standard ABS system is the first thing that catches bikers’ eyes. 

Also, the classical V-twin 4-stroke engine helps to generate enough torque and RPM every moment when you’re pulling up or pulling down the throttle. 

The front caliper with the cylinder handle is a comfy duo that allows you to feel the bike is like a part of your body that you can control easily at any moment. 

Together, the 2015 FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic is a gem that you can use for many purposes. 

Especially, if you want to modify your bike instantly after purchase, you can try out this model.

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You know which years of heritage classics you need to consider after the discussion. It’s time to discuss some questions that may come to mind when you look for the best Heritage Softail Classic. 

What Was The First Heritage Softail?

The 1984 Softail FXST is the first ever heritage Softail classic model released globally. The model is the true definition of how an actual retro Softail should be. 

Is A Softail Better Than A Dyna?

In the matter of comfort, Softail is definitely better than the Dyna series. But remember, Dyna is comparatively a performance cruiser if you need better top speed and torque. 

Is A Heritage Softail A Woman’s Bike?

No. Heritage Softail is a unisex bike model that people of any age can ride. Actually, the model is more popular among women than other models because of the sheer comfort provided by the mechanism and riding posture. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re having thoughts about buying a cruiser bike rather than any other trendy sports bike, don’t worry. You are definitely not wrong in this matter. Harley Davidson’s Heritage Softail Classic line is the perfect type for modern-day touring on highways. 

For the latest features, you can choose the 2021 edition Heritage Softail. Nonetheless, 2015 is the perfect stuff for both performance and modification. So, the decision’s up to you. You can decide which year of Harley you should have from today’s discussion.

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