Triumph America Problems: 5 Potential Issues And Their Fixes

Triumph America is a classic British cruiser bike that ran from 2002 to 2015. Even today, the bike is equally popular thanks to its ergonomics and power. 

But being a considerably old model, the Triumph America brings its share of woes. Common issues include critical electrical system failures, failing to start, worn out clutch or uncomfortable seating. 

In any case, none of these issues are unsolvable. Here’s how to go about fixing them. 

Triumph America Problems
Triumph America Problems

Troubleshooting Triumph America Problems 

We already mentioned that the Triumph America has some notable issues. Now let’s deep dive on the specific issues, diagnostics and potential cost of repairment. 

1 – Electrical Issues

One of the common problems with the Triumph American is that it might suffer from electrical issues. 

The internal electrical system, wiring harness, ignition system, or other electrical components may malfunction over time. 

The cause of the issue is pretty simple – either loose wiring due to riding without maintenance for a long time or general wear and tear. 

In any case, the issue will require professional intervention for the internal wiring. 

For external electrical components, you can check the fittings yourself if you know where they are. Another thing to consider is the CDI. 

Many Triumph America owners reported that their CDI was one of the electrical components that failed first. 

Replacing simple problems like switches and fuses may cost between 50 and 200 USD, depending on the model. 

For more complex components like the wiring module, it might cost upwards of 500 USD. 

2 – Starting Problem

You might also notice a starting problem on your Triumph America. The issue might include jolting or jittery starts, taking more than 10 seconds to start, or clicking sounds when attempting to start the engine. 

The issue may be related to a weak or dead battery on your Triumph. In addition to that, the starting issue may also be due to the solenoid coil or pickup coil. 

In case of the solenoid coil, the coil attempts to operate at a lower voltage than the suggested 12 volts due to low battery. This in turn causes the clicking sound. 

In case of the pickup coil, the ideal distance between the coils has been updated to 0.8 mm for optimum firing. Make sure the coils are properly distanced to avoid engine misfires. 

The cost of repairing the battery may cost around 50 USD. But the cost of starting the motor or the electrical system may range over 500 USD.

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3 – Fuel System Issues

The problem with the fuel system on Triumph America is related to the delivery and combustion process of the bike. 

The telltale signs of the problem include fuel leaks, engine misfires, poor fuel efficiency, and difficulty starting the bike. You will also notice that the acceleration of the bike has significantly dropped. 

The fuel system problem is usually caused by a problematic fuel pump, carburetor, or issues with the fuel line itself. In America, you might want to check the fuel filter as well. 

The estimated cost of repairing should range between 100 USD for basic cleaning of the fuel pump to several hundred dollars in case of replacements.

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4 – Clutch Issues

Triumph America also suffers from clutch issues. It becomes most evident while shifting gears at higher speeds. The clutch doesn’t disengage at times leading to risky maneuvers. 

The most common signs of clutch problems include slipping clutch, hard-to-shift gears, clutch drag as well as excessive clutch wear. 

The problem in this case lies with either the clutch plates, clutch springs, or the clutch cables. 

But the most common clutch issue on the Triumph America is the clutch slipping and difficulty in shifting gears. 

If it is the clutch cables and the springs, then you are in for a stroke of luck as they do not cost much to repair or replace. But replacing the clutch plates will set you back around 300 USD. 

Clutch Issues
Clutch Issues

5 – Uncomfortable Seats and Windshield Buffeting

Another notable issue with the Triumph America is uncomfortable seats and windshield buffeting. 

Many riders have complained that the seats on the Triumph America aren’t really suited for long riding. 

The possible solution to this problem would be to get an OEM seat with more padding. If that also doesn’t work, consider getting an aftermarket seat that works best for you. 

The windshield buffeting problem is mostly faced by tall riders of America. 

Try adjusting the windshield but considering the fact that the stock polycarbonate windshield is the main issue, it won’t really be of much help. 

Just like the seats, try aftermarket options. But the best course of action would be to switch to alternatives like wind deflecting clothes and helmets.

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Tips to Prevent Triumph America Problems 

If you take care of things, they will last. The same applies to Triumph America. Here’s what you can do to care for your bike so that it doesn’t face any of the above problems easily. 

  • Regular maintenance 
  • Storing in a dry and covered place 
  • Taking care of the battery 
  • Using high-quality fuel 
  • Be gentle in riding 
  • Address any issue ASAP

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Should You Buy Used a Triumph America 

There isn’t any direct answer to this question. Typically for a running model, it is easier to recommend based on the preferences of the rider. 

But in addition to preferences, there is also the fact that Triumph America is not a running model. 

The bike was last released in 2015 and hasn’t been updated since. That means the closest model that you can get your hands on is still 8 years old. There is always the concern of wearability over time with scant OEM parts availability. 

Needless to say, you will be paying more than the standard for any kind of repair or maintenance on your bike. 

So that makes us pessimistic to recommend this bike, especially for anyone on a tight budget considering the long-run expenses. 

If the extra cost or wearability doesn’t bother you and you’re in the market for an authentic British cruiser, then yes, the Triumph America is an easy recommendation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, that covers almost everything there is about Triumph America-related issues. But there are some other common queries that we came across from our readers. Here are some of them. 

Does Triumph America Have ABS? 

Not all models of the Triumph America have. Some newer models may have them as an upgraded option or upgradeable option. It depends on the trim that you might choose. 

What Is The Mileage On The Triumph America? 

The mileage mostly depends on the riding style and location of the ride. But as a general estimate, expect around 40 to 50 miles per gallon on the bike. 

What Are The Main Competitors Of Triumph America? 

The main competitors of Triumph America include Harley Davidson Sportster, Indian Scout, Yamaha Bolt, and the Honda Shadow. 

Is Triumph America Suitable For Long-Distance Touring? 

Yes, the Triumph America is a through-and-through cruiser bike. It has been designed with long-distance touring in mind. 

Final Words

The Triumph America is a great cruising bike considering its generational appeal and incredible value for money. But like all motorcycles, America also has its share of maintenance woes. 

While most of these are easy fixes, it would still require a trip to the garage to get it professionally serviced. 

In any case, we suggest that you do not stall the repair process for long. Because the faster you fix the bike, the longer it will stay running for you.

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