Voyager Trike Kit Problem And Solution – Exclusive From Real Users

In Voyager Trike kits, problems like heavy weight and weak shock absorber can generate vibration while riding. Preloading issues can be the reason for loss of traction or imbalanced riding. There are some other problems that you may not find elsewhere except from the real riders’ experience. 

We’ve come up with an exclusive list of problems and their solutions related to the Voyager Trike kit. So, let’s see how these problems can take place, how they affect the vehicle, and how to solve them quickly.

Voyager Trike Kit Problem And Solution

Troubleshooting And Fixing Voyager Trike Kit  Problems

Using a trike kit is really safe and functional if it works properly. However, different riders have reported seeing a number of issues with Voyager Trike kits. Let’s see what these are and, more importantly, how to solve them.

Traction problem

A very common problem with voyager trike kits is loose traction on the rear wheel. When it comes into contact with stone, gravel, or dips in the road, the performance drops extensively. 

In such cases, you may have to push your bike heavily to get an adequate amount of traction. And definitely, it’ll be frustrating.

This problem mainly occurs with pre-loading issues. The setup of the Voyager trike kit on the bike is crucial and requires skills to accomplish. 

That’s why, while setting up, the pre-load must be adjusted as needed. Thus, the traction issues can be mitigated.

However, if you don’t know how to adjust the preload, don’t worry. We’re going to discuss it in detail later.

The bike leans or pushes Right/Left

Just like we’ve already discussed, the setup of the kit on your bike is really important. If it’s not well fitted, and not in the exact center, the bike will be unstable, especially in the corner.

While driving, you can easily feel if the bike leans or pushes to either side. The leaning of the bike can be solved by placing shims between the belly bracket and frame.

On the other hand, pushing off the bike may occur when the Voyager kit is not aligned properly. You may need to loosen the bracket and re-align it perfectly.

To reduce the extra cost of solving this, make sure the setup is done perfectly the first time. Always choose a skilled and experienced person for servicing. 

Making noise

Sometimes riders have noticed irritating noises coming from the Voyager trike kit. During a ride, especially on off-roads, the kit starts making noises. That’s nothing but a problem of loose fitting. 

To make sure that the problem is with the bolts, check all the nuts and bolts that are included with the kit. 

Make them tight and rigid. Furthermore, applying grease to the rear bearing and tightening jam nuts can be helpful.

However, for new bearings, neither applying grease nor tightening jam nuts is necessary since the new bearing performs well and doesn’t have jam nuts either.

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Shake and vibration

The Voyager trike kit is not perfectly designed. So, sometimes riders have experienced shaking and vibration while driving. Moreover, the front end shock and spring can be worn, and the tire can be out of balance.

Due to the problem with the shock absorber and imperfect tire pressure, this problem can be seen. 

The tire pressure of the Voyager trike kit should be 20 lbs., whereas the motorcycle tire pressure can be normal. 

The front tire should maintain 5-10 lbs., whereas the back tire should be at maximum air pressure. Thus, the problem can be mostly solved. 

This problem is very minor and can be fixed by proper calibration of air pressure and maintaining the tire and wheel. Thus, it may not cost you a lot of money.

Pre-loading issue

This is the most common problem with the Voyager Trike Kit. The pre-loading issue can cause many other problems like imbalance, loss of traction, malfunction of the shock absorber, etc.

Many users recommended increasing the preload by ¾ inches to get the best result. However, the company behind Voyager Kit has provided an official guide to setting up the preload. You can find it here on their official website.

The method includes loosening the ½” U bolt on the suspension lock bar and rolling the bike tire on the ¼, ½, or ¾” preload plate. The bike should be in first gear while doing this. Now tighten the bolt again. 

However, remember that the more preload you fix, the less lean will be possible to do with the motorcycle. 

Wrong setup

On social media and online groups the most commonly arising problem you may see is the improper setup of the Voyager Trike Kit. 

What happens in most cases is, the kit is not aligned perfectly. As a result, the bike tends to move in either direction. 

In contrast, you can see a plethora of examples where people have ridden over 5000 miles with no issues just because the kit setup was perfect.

So, how do you solve this issue? The only solution is to find an experienced mechanic. One who has previous experience setting Voyager kits. 

Also, make sure to discuss how those previous setups are currently working. Then, if you’re convinced, you can go with him.

Otherwise, with an improper setup, you can face issues like shock absorber failure, less traction of the wheel, etc. However, the cost of setup may depend on various parameters, and you shouldn’t compromise on this.

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What Are The Differences Among The Standard, Custom, And Classic Voyager Trike Kits?

The Voyager trike kit has three different models. They call them standard, custom, and classic, respectively. 

The overall performance and look are almost the same, except for some changes in cosmetic options. Below, let’s see the differences between them.

  • The standard version comes with a metal guard on the rear side.
  • The custom version also has a metal rear guard. But in addition, it also has premium fiberglass fenders.
  • And the last, the classic version, includes a fender tail light, wiring harness, and fiberglass rear assembly.

So, as you can see, all of them will serve equally since there are no major differences except the outlook of these three versions. So, you can choose whichever you want.

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Tips To Prevent Problems On Voyager Trike Kit

Though Voyager Trike kits are capable of serving for a long time, there are some methods to prolong their lifespan. So, here are some tips to prevent Voyager kits from having any problems. 

  • Check and tune the kit motor regularly. By uncovering the battery, you also adjust the motor and gear to get the optimum output.
  • Adjust the handlebars and seats according to your comfort. 
  • Replace any faulty parts as soon as possible. You can check Voyager Cycle’s website for the best deal.
  • Always maintain the full charging and discharging cycles of the battery to ensure longer battery life.


Voyager trike kits are extremely popular due to their flexible functionality. That’s why a lot of people are always asking different questions. Let’s explore some of the most popular ones.

What Is The Weight Limit For A Trike Kit Motorcycle?

Though there’s no hard and fast rule to determine a universal weight limit for all the Trike kits since each of the adult kits has different specifications and materials. However, the average weight limit for a trike kit is 275 lbs.

Does The Voyager Trike Kit Have Independent Suspension?

Yes. The Voyager Trike kit will come with independent suspensions from the motorcycle. With the help of a leaf spring and shock absorber, the front-end shake can be minimized.

What Is The Warranty On A Voyager Kit?

The warranty policy will cover all costs of maintenance and repair for one year from the purchase date. However, if any issues occur during the installation process by the installer, then they won’t be covered by the warranty. Moreover, damages due to abuse, and accidents are also not covered.

Final Words

Voyager trike kit comes in three models named Standard, Custom, and Classic, and each has its own unique look and functions. However, since such kits are completely different from bikes, installing them properly has always been a challenging task. 

So, we would suggest finding a skilled mechanic for the job and making sure to maintain the alignment of the bike and kits. Otherwise, the overall experience of the kit will be affected.

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